I think that would be a great idea! I have 3 best friends and they're all completely different from so.... Ava and Linaeke should become friends. Yeah Totally! 14:15, January 1, 2013 (UTC)

'This Sage of the Sage, this rare hare of hope'

Nice to see your new secret identity, Rabbit. Hope you'll be boundin' around :D Alex Kirk-and-tribbles Jiskran 18:12, January 2, 2013 (UTC)

My assumption

I thought your Jackalope was a reference to this, Rabbit. It's probably my all-time favourite short cartoon (certainly modern) :D Alex Kirk-and-tribbles Jiskran 18:26, January 2, 2013 (UTC)


The percentage of Veela should be really small. To me it should be 1/32, or 1/64, we should consult Alex on that. In my eyes Veela are magical creatures which makes the girls Half-Breeds, the less Veela blood they have the more Pure-blood they are. We can go with Gaiane 1/8 and Evangelia 1/4, like Fleur, I like that too! Frejah owl me

Agreed. Frejah owl me
I believe so, they are Veela on their maternal side. Their Great Great Great Grandmother was (Pure) Veela? Frejah owl me
I wanted to clarify she was a Pure Veela, someone said Pure Veela can't do magic which I thought was ridiculous. I know the rule here is they can't learn powerful spells if they have active Veela characteristics, I don't think it matters for the twins though. Frejah owl me


Flitwick Award
The Flitwick Award is given to you by User:LittleRedCrazyHood, for having over 3000 edits on Dumbledore's Army Role-Play Wiki!

Congratulations and Keep up The Good Work!

-The Administration Team

You have one edit over three thousand, which means you absolutely deserve this award. :)


Durmstrang dining hall

As I said, Rabbit, I could (and did) Photoshop it for you File:Durmstrang dining hall modified.png. Alex Kirk-and-tribbles Jiskran 17:04, January 4, 2013 (UTC)


Just so you know, Rabbit, she hasn't edited on here for over two months, although she hasn't (as far as I know) said she has left. Alex Kirk-and-tribbles Jiskran 10:09, January 6, 2013 (UTC)


I started working on her page before she was officially mine, I guess I had a head start. Thank you. Nymi (talk) 04:40, January 7, 2013 (UTC)


Your character Nevaeh Papakonstantinou is on the quidditch team the first match is here,

The Slytherins (Especially this one) doesn't want a repeat of last year where everyone went AWOL, so please post.

~Lissy~ I do What I want, When I want, Where I want. ...As long as my parents say it's okay...

PieSig The Wiki's go-to for all your Pie needs! 00:46, January 10, 2013 (UTC)

Is it ok?

Why wouldn't it be? What you have is absolutely beautiful. This short, 2 Greek Girls, There is only one thing I would change. Nothing huge, because I really do love it, just that part you have in the beginning. "A pregnant woman" to "A woman with child" and "reading a baby-name book" to "reading a book of baby names." - Frejah owl me

Matters of spelling and language

As I don't correct other people's char pages without their explicit permission, Rabbit, I would really appreciate it if you didn't change mine either without prior consultation with me. I am moderately precise in my use of language, and often have reasons for my choices in grammar, spelling and syntax. Einar is my char, and the spell list a part of him. Alex Kirk-and-tribbles Jiskran 06:31, January 11, 2013 (UTC)

Any chance you could come on Chat for a couple of minutes? Alex Kirk-and-tribbles Jiskran 23:41, January 11, 2013 (UTC)


Sorry to hear that, Rabbit, and thanks. My concern was actually about Eievie, after her recent blog. Do you happen to know if she's OK? Alex Kirk-and-tribbles Jiskran 23:45, January 11, 2013 (UTC)

I like it

Any changes you want to make are perfectly okay with me. I love what you had, and what you have, I just didn't like "A pregnant woman" it felt too harsh as an opening to me. I like your change better, I don't think it even needs to be in parenthesis. Did you want to put that on their pages or is it just something you decided to write? Frejah owl me

RP on Alexandria :)

(I live on an island, I am ugly, I have no friends and I will never find love (talk) 02:43, January 15, 2013 (UTC))

Posted on Alexandria :)

(I live on an island, I am ugly, I have no friends and I will never find love (talk) 04:10, January 16, 2013 (UTC))

I love House of Anubis! Who's your favorite character?

Ninaplusfabian (talk) 22:04, January 17, 2013 (UTC)NinaplusfabianNinaplusfabian (talk) 22:04, January 17, 2013 (UTC)

NF is fine too.

Frejah owl me

Alexandria is in Ramely's office

FrejaLeighton - MBWR2
Professor Merwyn Ramley - Potioneer - Head of Slytherin
Send Me an Owl! - ƒR£j₳h →(talk) • With regard to excellence, it is not enough to know, but we must try to have and use it.
She can write or gesture, or sign.

Hey Rabbit, up for an RP? {{{Lilly}}}

I reckon we should do another Lexi/Nevaeh one in, uh, Poltergeist Passage?

a girl roleplayer not so silently wishing for a future with Kate Mara

Yeah that's fine, go ahead :)

Dduffurg48/GruffFinnandFP 19:05, January 20, 2013 (UTC)


Sure. Frejah owl me

Distant Cousin(s)

I have no problems with Sascha still being related to Celesta and Candice. Ki (talk)

No bother

Honestly, I used a translator for their names and Ortygia came out as Ortygia. I am going to use what you gave me though, so thank you! Belle Linda

Black Letter, Marie C, 2013

2 Year and Comic MS Sans

Old homework

I've found Celesta's Third Year CoMC essay. Would you like Sarah to mark it? Alex Kirk-and-tribbles Jiskran 21:42, January 28, 2013 (UTC)

That's good, very good :D And I would ask Bond, or Jisk. If you need any more help

Dduffurg48/GruffFinnandFP 18:27, February 3, 2013 (UTC)

Relics and Trees

You asked to register two items as relics because of how they're being used. Could you link me to how they're being used? I'm ok with it, I would just like to see. I'll get the relics page updated in the next couple days.

Also, From what I know of the Blacks, that looks right. Bond_em7 (Owl Me) 14:27, February 4, 2013 (UTC)

Deverill relation

Originally I wanted a more distant relation until Lupa decided to use Deverill as a maiden name. In doing that it makes them blood related, Alicia Black would be a sister/cousin/niece/aunt to Dev's father or grandfather. The choice of which, I leave up to you. Frejah owl me 23:55, February 4, 2013 (UTC)

I don't mind

It always made sense to me, I made Laela and Dev blood-related. Both Laela and Celesta are metamorphmagi, I guess I figured she would be from the same disowned Deverill side as Laela seeing as they were super supremacists. It really doesn't matter to me how they are related though. Frejah owl me

3rd or 4th is great. Frejah owl me

Don't want to intrude

I don't know if you have an RP planned if so please ignore me. I've seen your posts as Travis, I was just wondering if he was looking for someone specific? Ki (talk) 21:16, February 7, 2013 (UTC)

Why did you undo my edit?

Jenner category. You do realize I own one of the Jenners right? You un did my edit and it made me mad. I have a Jenner Sister so i added it. Why did you undo it? I Miss You, I Miss Your Smile and I will shed A Tear Every Once and a While 02:37, February 8, 2013 (UTC)

Favor or Request

Depends on how you want to look at it. Basically, I need to ask two things of you.

1. I made a mistake in Potions and I don't want Linaeke to have to pay for that, I am going to change my post as Ramley and I encourage you to do the same. (I reposted the same instructions when I meant to leave new ones.)

2. If you are interested - RP with Heaven and Nevaeh? We could pick up where we left off at the Manor if you want, or some place new? Frejah owl me


LittleRed - Reader, Writer, Roleplayer

- "My only goal is just to be."
Message Me  - 09:30, February 10, 2013 (UTC)

Thanks, Rabbit. The internet died again right after I owled Liss. Hopefully, now, it's not going to fail me ever again. Thank you for the cookies, too!


Hai, I'm coding the home page of Beauxbaton's, so if you can get on chat here, we can talk about Beax.

Well, I was on my way to a gay gypsy bar mitzvah for the disabled, when I suddenly thought, "Gosh, the Third Reich's a bit rubbish — I think I'll kill the Führer." Who's with me? - River Song 17:15, February 10, 2013 (UTC)


I've put Heaven here. Frejah owl me

Bubble Fix

Thanks for fixing Kenzie's talk bubble. I was just taking a look, but you had already fixed it, so I appreciate you taking the initiative and fixing it. Great job! Bond_em7 (Owl Me) 04:20, February 13, 2013 (UTC)


That's ok, I don't mind at all! I'm just glad you fixed it. Thank you! :)

LoveLaughKenzie (talk) 04:40, February 13, 2013 (UTC)

Word Bubble Gradient

Uh, hey, may I know what's the code for a word bubble gradient? I don't know how to make one here.

LittleNephilimShadows 03:44, February 17, 2013 (UTC)

Oh, thank you so much! The thing is, I wanted to make a word bubble out of gradient and I don't know what kind of forms or things to fill in it! Again, thank you!

LittleNephilimShadows 03:59, February 17, 2013 (UTC)

Oh, okay. But what if I had another character? Will I just change the 'Artheniel' there but the code's still the same?

LittleNephilimShadows 04:08, February 17, 2013 (UTC)

Rabbity, there has been a problem with it. When I put the text it reveals only '{{{1}}}'. I made slight changes with it though. Look at her page.

LittleNephilimShadows 04:22, February 17, 2013 (UTC)

Yup! So what's wrong with it?

LittleNephilimShadows 04:26, February 17, 2013 (UTC)

Ah! Yes! Thank, thank you sooo much!

LittleNephilimShadows 04:31, February 17, 2013 (UTC)

Hey Rab, I was wondering if you would be ok with me making a Rawkes Char that would be your oldest son, William Rawkes, who is now currently 22 years old and living in the Rawkes' Family home? If this is ok with you, please Owl me back. Otherwise, I have asked Mel, and she was fine. I already ran him through the Sorting, but if you do not want him, then I'm totally kewl with that. Thanks Colin687 21:02, February 17, 2013 (UTC)

Bell Tower RP

It's too late for chat eastern time, so I'll ask here. How will Mindy find out that Alexandria's mute?

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, but Today is a Gift. That is why it is called the 'Present' 04:34, February 19, 2013 (UTC)

Well, it's midnight here, and I have school tomorrow, so our roleplay will continue then. G'Night!

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, but Today is a Gift. That is why it is called the 'Present' 04:42, February 19, 2013 (UTC)

The Apothecary

I was looking to run the front half of the Apothecary if that is okay with you. I know that Travis runs the Potions shop and I did not plan to interfere with that at all, I just wanted keep the other half of the shop running since User:ZRSFizzyBongs is AWOL. I was hoping to have Dev run it, Please let me know what you think.   Frejah    Owl Me     10:23, February 24, 2013 (UTC)

Witch Weekly and Ministry Banquet

Witch weekly
With ministry
Dear Mr Travis Rawkes and Family,

You are cordially invited to the Awards Banquet hosted by Witch Weekly, in co-ordination with the Ministry of Magic, on Saturday, the 16th of March. The event will be celebrating the winners of the "Witch Weekly's most Influential faces of 2015" Award and the "Witch/Wizard of The Year" Award. Witch Weekly request your attendance, and wish you an enjoyable evening, should you choose to come.

Yours Sincerely,


Note: Venue and Dress code will feature in a blog, to be put up soon.

Any questions, queries, concerns, just contact me!

Is this America's Next Top Model? Imageedit 3 5390623584 ~SoA


Colin687 – Rollback
OWL – {{{time}}}

RE: Celesta

You can post on the page show give Tania the note.

1478197217839 Evil isn't born. It's made. 1478197928048


If he isn't allowed to live with his Father after his Mother's death (I.e. His father refuses, His father claims he knows nothing of the child. etc.) Iris Berrin (I still don't have a page for her- I don't think I can approve my own characters) can take custody of him and become a professor so she can be at Hogwarts with him. I'm thinking they could have a semi Mother/Son and Brother/Sister relationship- although I would assume he would end up being her Nephew. Ideas? Idiosyncratic6

Jonathon new Child

Colin687 – Rollback
OWL – {{{time}}}

Talk Bubble

Can you fix this for me? I always seem to mess it up when adding new ones :/

Thanks, -LoveLaughKenzie


I just looked at it, and it did seem fine. Earlier, it wasn't, so maybe someone else fixed it :)



LittleRed - Reader, Writer, Roleplayer

- "My only goal is just to be."
Message Me  - 09:01, March 18, 2013 (UTC)

Hi! I noticed the Harrison Family tree, and you made Zephyrus Jeremy's son. He's my char, and I don't really mind that much about Zeph being his son (mostly because I really don't mind, but a tad bit because I see you already asked Colin and there aren't much other options aside from Jeremy :P). Maybe instead of them not knowing each other so well, when Zeph was sent to live with Jeremy (like it says in his char page), they could've formed a better father-son relationship? Maybe because Jeremy and Nerissa had a fall out, she wanted to raise Zeph on her own?

Then again, he's your char, so I'm good with anything.


I'd say Viktor (her son) is about relevantly 36, and if we were to say that Amy had Viktor at around the age of 23 ...... she should be about (considering the current year to be 2016) ...... maybe around 59 ... if you ever want to change her ahe, go right ahead :) ... just make sure it's not a year within twenty of her son :P ...
  Colin687    (Owl me!)   10,482 edits     21:04, March 18, 2013 (UTC)


LittleRed - Reader, Writer, Roleplayer

- "My only goal is just to be."
Message Me  - 05:51, March 19, 2013 (UTC)

I like that idea, because I already know about him living with Iris, and it makes sense. Just going back to what I said up there, but maybe because Jeremy and Nerissa had a falling out, she wanted to raise Zeph on her own? That's why Zeph never knew Jeremy?


Is the character Apollo Cyrus Rawkes yours? If so, would you please specify that at the top of the page? The history didn't make the rper clear. Thanks! Echostar 12:03, March 23, 2013 (UTC)


If you would you like to keep your position on the Slytherin Quidditch Team? Please (Re) Tryout.   Frejah    Owl Me    


I like that idea, actually. It might be fun trying to find ways to make their experience there seem horrendous... Maybe Durmstrang doesn't like foreigners? Or they are just outright rude to everyone? Pranking? There are so many to choose from... Idiosyncratic6 13:55, March 31, 2013 (UTC)

Character Bubble

Hey Rabbit, I was wondering if you could do me a favor. I have tried adding new word bubbles to my template page countless times, and all I do is mess it up. So rather than asking someone fix it, could you just add this template?

{{Word Bubble Gradient
|image = gwenpic3.gif
|color = #FAEBD7
|color3 = #FAEBD7
|charpage = Gwen Hensley
|textcolor = Navy
|fonttype = Monotype Corsiva
|charname = Gwen F. Hensley
|title = Ravencaw • Fifth Year
|job = "A thinker sees his own actions as experiments and questions--as attempts to find out something. Success and failure are for him answers above all."
|time = {{{time}}}
|color2 = #89CFF0
|color4 = #89CFF0
|line = Navy
|textcolor2 = #841B2D
|text = <font face="Monotype Corsiva" size="3" color="#C32148" >{{{Gwen}}}</font> 



Did you still want to register Adie's crystal ball (Lissyboo) and Livie's tarot cards (Melody6) as Relics? I was going through my talk page and realised I never followed up on this. Bond_em7 (Owl Me) 13:20, April 2, 2013 (UTC)


LittleRed - Reader, Writer, Roleplayer

- "My only goal is just to be."
Message Me  - 03:54, April 10, 2013 (UTC)

First off, I'm flattered. Thank you, so much. It's great that you want to learn how to code! So, if you have any problems with code, you can always just owl me or reach me on chat and I'll show you how to do stuff and I promise I'll help you out. :)

PS: Oh, and personally, I think Sebs' page looks great. You're doing really good. :)

That would be awesome, thanks!

a girl roleplayer not so silently wishing for a future with Kate Mara


McGonagall Award
The McGonagall Award is given to you by Lilly Lovegood(2), for having over 5000 edits on Dumbledore's Army Role-Play Wiki!

Congratulations and Keep up The Good Work!

-The Administration Team


We really need to get the DA up and moving. If updating it is going to be an issue, let me know and we'll try to find someone else to lead it this year. Bond_em7 (Owl Me) 15:09, April 15, 2013 (UTC)


She needs to post on the Quidditch very soon, Rabbit, or Hufflepuff get the Snitch by default. :( Alex Kirk-and-tribbles Jiskran

13:09, April 21, 2013 (UTC)


Hmmm... possibly "Bryndís" meaning "Armored Goddess" in Icelandic, which could explain the family's (more speficically the girls') somewhat rebellious nature. If you want something simple there's Frida, meaning Peace, or Brynja meaning Armor. Any Icelandic name would fit, really. Idiosyncratic6 00:01, April 25, 2013 (UTC)


LittleRed - Reader, Writer, Roleplayer

- "My only goal is just to be."
Message Me  - 00:25, April 29, 2013 (UTC)

It looks great, Rabbit! I don't see anything wrong with it, what big brick of coding? And thanks for the Coding Queen compliment again. :)

Quidditch Match

Please post with your Slytherin Quidditch team member on the current match. ƒR£j₳h →(talk) 22:13, May 1, 2013 (UTC)

Thank you! ƒR£j₳h →(talk) 22:42, May 1, 2013 (UTC)

the pics

I like the second one. It just seems more like an apartment. Thanks:) Lissy Goddess of Pie~ 01:40, May 2, 2013 (UTC)

Audrey's (multiple) conundrum

This is where I do secret code test Byeeee


This is where I do secret code test Byeeee


Congrats, Rabbitt! You're now officially part of the administration team! I took care of all the little things that needed switched, and the last step is to pick a department. Congratulations!

Head of Ravenclaw   (Send me an Owl!)

Magus Diaetam

I made a tiny correction, 'sturdily build homes', should obviously be 'built' so I fixed that. I noticed under the rent section you have One bedroom listed twice,

One bedroom apartment: 25 Galleons per month
Two bedroom apartment: 30 Galleons per month
One bedroom apartment: 35 Galleons per month

Not being sure if you meant that last one to be three bedrooms or if it was just added as an over site I left it as is. Just wanted to let you know. Ki (talk) 10:33, May 6, 2013 (UTC)

Currently unused chars

This category is only for pictures of characters, Rabbit, not possessions, pets or anything else, please. Alex Kirk-and-tribbles Jiskran 14:07, May 6, 2013 (UTC)

For deletion

If you can put together a list, preferably with links, I'll delete whatever you'd like gone. :D Alex Kirk-and-tribbles Jiskran 14:15, May 6, 2013 (UTC)


I kept forgetting, you have a list of fonts attached to one of the talk (word) bubble templates you made. I added onto it your work here. If you wanted to you could inlcude the extras options. There are more fonts that are not on my list yet. ƒR£j₳h →(talk) 19:51, May 6, 2013 (UTC)

Thanx Rabbit! Schools just gone back for me, so I've been pressed for time. :D ~Shani~ "Look at you. Not afraid of anything, are you? Box fall out of the sky, man come out of the box, man eat fish custard...." - The Eleventh Doctor. 01:46, May 7, 2013 (UTC)

Okay, wow. Mainly I'm gonna leave stuff up to you, but as a color theme, a few dark greens, silvers, and sky blues. :D I may need you to explain quite a lot of things to me, so if ya want, you can email me at , K? Thanks, Shani

Harrison Family Character Sign-Up

Hey Rab! Got your owl. I commented on her page, replying to the comment you put on there. Also, I've now created a new Harrison Family Character Sign-Up page, making it easier for users to ask for the characters and have them approved. I also listed you as one of the people who are allowed to approve the characters because you've shown strong liking for the Harrison Family, and I think with your dedication to the Family, you should have a big role in it. I'd also see to it that sometime soon, we try and come up with a new side story line for the Harrisons, because at the moment, the Family's been a bit dull. My response to other people who have told me this is that "Well, we honestly need more Dark Wizards." So, what I'm about to do right now is owl Red and ask her if she would please put the new Harrison Family stuff up onto the Community Corner, because I'd really like it to get shared so we can do more with it. So let me know anything with questions or whatever, and hopefully we can talk on chat another time :D. Colin687 17:52, May 7, 2013 (UTC)

Hi Rabbit!

A) Dark Green (RGB color code: #0B3B0B)

B)Silver (#D8D8D8)

C) Blue (#0080FF)

D) Silver (#D8D8D8)

E) Silver (#D8D8D8)

F) Dark Green (#0B3B0B)

G) Green (#21610B)

H) Orange (#DF7401)

I) Dark Green (#0B3B0B)

J) Silver (#D8D8D8)

G) Light Blue (#A9E2F3)

D Bai!


Can you upload the media-cache instead? I would like that more than the painting!Fun3n (talk) 14:26, May 11, 2013 (UTC)

Little he knows... Little he sees...

Empty Classroom

New locations within Hogwarts (except Student Rooms) need pre-approval from Bond, Rabbit. Does he know about this? Alex Kirk-and-tribbles Jiskran 06:33, May 14, 2013 (UTC)

For now

My plan, Rabbit, was to leave it and consult with Bond, when he's available. I think it may well be approved - the difficulty is not with the page, more the precedent. If people start adding rooms to the Castle and then getting them authorised retroactively, it could be problematic. I say we leave it and see what Bond thinks. :D


Awww, thanks Rabbit :) I've decided for it to be a girl. As for names, I think I would for it to be unique but pretty. Not something outrageously unique to where it's weird, but a name that is not common. Something like that. Oh and also, one of the main things I wanted in the name is the meaning "hope." I know there is the actual name Hope, but I was hoping for a it to be different, you know what I mean. Like for example, hope translated into another language, if that makes sense. Thanks for helping me!


Thanks again, Rabbit! I really appreciate it :) I have to get offline now, but I will definitely be taking a look at them.


Alexandra's Pic

Hey Rabbitty! Just replying to your owl about Alex. I like number 7! Here is the link:

Rvt205 (talk) 20:48, May 18, 2013 (UTC)

Yes, please!

Rvt205 (talk) 22:44, May 18, 2013 (UTC)

User blog:LoveLaughKenzie/Names for Baby Quinn

Check out their names! :)


Shipping Songs

We'd better make a blog about this- how do you make a poll? :P Anyways, I found another song (more of scanned my music library) and found another unrequited love song- it could work for Amelie, but I think Piano Song works better for her. There needs to be more unrequited relationships :P I already told you the two contenders for Ferlesa: and I'm basing this off of Lyrics, so to me You Already Know is the winner- again, this could be solved with a poll. I actually think sums up Travis' and Ophelia's past relationship, how he showed up unexpectantly at the Rawkes Residence, how Ophelia took raised four kids by herself, and trying to overcome the emotional pain he gave her. For Jadovan there's, but that was the only suggestion, I might have to keep searching so there's an alternative. For Lilac, there might be "Goodnight and Go" by Imogen Heap;, because Draco had to leave town often because of his job, and Lilly had to end it because of this. Although there is a mention of stalking in there... it's actually kind of.. creepy; "and you think you're alone." *shudder* On a different note, there's or for Hardie. I know many aren't big on Ava/Alrick, since they only lasted... two weeks (and it was pretty shallow- although realistic)? Anyways, for them I found or and for the long forgotten Sera/Alrick there is, and one of my timeless favorites, ("born to die fools" = Alrick feeling like an idiot. "..but it's you I want to see" Him trying to get over her :P) and ("love is a game to you, let's not pretend" Self Explainitory. "I've got a lot that's on my mind" Frustration and Anger on Sera's part).

Dang, that is a LONG list... I know wayyyy too many love songs.. 0-o Good luck listening to those... 12 songs... Idiosyncratic6 03:48, May 19, 2013 (UTC)

I don't really know Lilac that well either, sadly enough, which is another reason why it's so hard for me to find a song for them :P I see that with Ava/Alrick *The trashy pop song* but I like suggesting classier possibilites first, anndd my knoweldge of pop songs is very limited because I don't listen to that. Nope. Maybe, similar to the "cute couple award", we could decide shipping songs for certain couples (I.E. Ameron - Piano Song), upload it to the wiki, and post it on their talk page in a fancy template? I dunno. Idiosyncratic6 13:46, May 19, 2013 (UTC)

OH! Found a song for Red; Radar Detector by Darwin Deez. I always imagine Becka to be the slightly more grounded one of the two. Idiosyncratic6 02:00, May 22, 2013 (UTC)


I did know ... but I didn't at the same time, when I put up the names I couldn't remeber if she was Roxana or Raluca or how to spell the last name so I left it blank. Thanks! ƒR£j₳h →(talk) 06:52, May 22, 2013 (UTC)


I only mention 2003 (from the fact that everybody told me it is in the year 2016) and late 1990's.

TheScottishGal (talk) 21:47, May 23, 2013 (UTC)


Whoah! Cool! Okay. I would like the current white part to be black, the current blue part to be bronze, and the text to be white. Her name can be Daffodil (colored), and can you give me a list of possible fonts please?

Rvt205 (talk) 22:59, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

Harrington font, please. =D

Rvt205 (talk) 23:37, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

Charline LeClerc?

I lik Charline. Problem is I can't do much on a cellphone. You don't have to, but if you can, can you change her sorting forum to change her name to that? I'm sorry if it causes trouble Lissy Goddess of Pie~ 04:04, May 28, 2013 (UTC)


Yeah sure add who ever. But just keep to the Black Rules :P. Names with constalations and if they're not in Slytherin they're usually no longer in the family

09:07, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

Family Tree

I think...

I think AJ and Kenz are twins and I'm either their little sister or their big sister. I'm not really sure though.

Bea Can Be The Greatest. Bea Can Be The Best. Bea Can Be The King-Kong Banging on Her Chest 21:05, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

RE:DARP Family Tree

I'm pretty sure I'm Jisk's kid (since most of the wiki falls under that branch). Idiosyncratic6 21:27, May 29, 2013 (UTC)


Merlin's Chocolate Frog Card!
Merlin's Beard!! You have found the wonderful chocolate frog card of Merlin! This is to certify that you have been with us on Dumbledore's Army Role-Play Wiki for one whole year! Thanks for your time!

Congratulations and Keep up The Good Work!

-The Administration Team

Congrats Rabby :)

Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure. -Alyssa5582

Grecian Girls

Poros is beautiful. Did you plan on uploading pics or did you just want to narrow down the location? The question made me wonder would they be from Sphairia (Greek: Σφαιρία, pronounced [sfeˈria]), or Kalaureia (Greek: Καλαυρία, [kalavˈria])? ƒR£j₳h →(talk) 04:13, June 2, 2013 (UTC)

Sorry about the vague mystery. I don't really like to make decisions regarding them because I feel like I kind of hijacked Heaven. As for where they live. Either, honestly. Sphairia is apparently smaller and has volcanic origin, I thought that sounded cool. ƒR£j₳h →(talk) 05:14, June 2, 2013 (UTC)



Aj Ravenclaw
-Because you're beautiful, but you can't see it. Because you're smart, but you don't know it. You're the kind of girl guys don't get over & the girl that others get compared to. Be yourself, that's the only you.

I want the second Lara bubble, the one with turquoise and the first Twila, with it all black with the Light Blue letters.

Yup Hey welcome to crazyland 14:38, June 2, 2013 (UTC)

-Lil at school-


a girl roleplayer not so silently wishing for a future with Kate Mara


Seeing your edits to the family category I noticed the astronomy related names. If I wanted to change Ivy's mother and grandfather's names that fit the family tradition, would I tell you or do it myself? If telling you is better, Ethan = Atlas and Whitney = Electra. Please let me know if I it is okay to change it myself. Thank you! Nymi (talk) 16:09, June 6, 2013 (UTC)


Atilya Ahmed was sorted. You can go ahead and make her page and TB now. Idiosyncratic6 03:39, June 9, 2013 (UTC)



Aj Ravenclaw
-Because you're beautiful, but you can't see it. Because you're smart, but you don't know it. You're the kind of girl guys don't get over & the girl that others get compared to. Be yourself, that's the only you.

 – 20:21, June 11, 2013 (UTC)

Thanks! That makes it a lot easier for me to remember if it's with out the time= thingy.

Thanks! :)

Thanks so much Rabbit! I really appreciate your help, those facts will really help me for future Sebs rps.


== Rollback


Hey Rabbit,

I'm jsut doing a check-in with everyon on the admin team. Looks like you're doing a lot, and making lots of edits. Is there anything specifically you would like to work on here, or are you good with what you're doing? Any complants? If so, just let me know. Bond_em7 (Owl Me) 16:26, June 13, 2013 (UTC)


Thank you for the ideas. I'll look at them! :) I've been having trouble finding one that someone else isn't using. Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure. -Alyssa5582

17:22, June 18, 2013 (UTC)

Re: Talk-bubbles

Glory to Our Lord - God Bless!
Send Me an Owl! - 23:03, June 19, 2013 (UTC)
I appreciate your message and have left a response on my talk page.


Lillz here. At school. Try your best to still be on when I get home. :P

a girl roleplayer not so silently wishing for a future with Kate Mara

Cuyler-Knight Child

I think it's a great idea. Go right on ahead. Idiosyncratic6 18:23, June 30, 2013 (UTC)

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