Hey Zan

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Message Me  - 23:54, July 5, 2013 (UTC)

Archiving it right now, and I just wanted to be your first message because I like being people's first owl after they archive and yeah, I'm weird. :P

First Expansion Event

Why was there no notification for the first Expansion event? I was never told about it, and I REALLY would've liked to be apart of it, but from what I could tell, there was no awareness put in of when it was that I can find? Please, let me know Colin687 15:24, July 6, 2013 (UTC)

Teachers' Carriage RP

Glory to Our Lord - God Bless!
Send Me an Owl! - 15:13, July 7, 2013 (UTC)
Hi, I was hoping Igor and Linch get in to a feud about the Ministry take over of the Russian Ministry in the RP at the Teachers' Carriage. Is that okay with you?

Russian Rep. in ICW

Can Igor be Russian rep. in ICW? Thanks! 
Cross God Bless! A PROUD CHRISTIAN 19:57, July 7, 2013 (UTC)


If I wanted to RP a conversation with Ebony Fenuku, how would I go about that? I couldn't find an office in the Egyptian Ministry. Should there be one? Bond_em7 (Owl Me) 14:21, July 8, 2013 (UTC)

I did post with Kinsel in the Egyptian Ministry/President of Egypt's Office, so if you'd like to do that RP or some someone from your department do it, that would be awesome. Bond_em7 (Owl Me) 23:18, July 10, 2013 (UTC)

Re. Meeting

I know I said yesterday I'd be able to make the beginning of the meeting, but I've been notified that mosque starts an hour and a half earlier today, so I won't be able to make it. I'm really sorry about this :/ Is this America's Next Top Model? Imageedit 3 5390623584 ~SoA

Activity Imp. Meeting

Sorry for popping in and out, I'm just trying to get ahold of some of the people who are on chat, and then making sure they'll respond to my owls. Sorry again, I'm done now, I think .. See ya :) Colin687 18:40, July 14, 2013 (UTC)

Abdhul Fazal

Glory to Our Lord - God Bless!
Send Me an Owl! - 15:54, July 15, 2013 (UTC)
Hi Zan! I signed Abdhul Fazal up for the Cult... If you still need a leader, he could do the job too. If it goes well with the storyline (I'm not aware of whether it is or isn't), I was thinking he could have been the one who started the Cult (IC) because of his rich hatred of magic and how he wanted revenge... Thanks!

Olden Hogwarts RP Wiki Days

Lately I've been looking at some of the oldest versions of pages- right after they came from HRP and I was wondering if you could answerer some of the questions I have about them? --The Ignorant But Curious Rabbitish Granddaughter 02:55, July 17, 2013 (UTC)

Memo from Brandon



Brandon Smith {{{title}}}

 – "To rebuild a nation, that is my goal."

All Heads of State are being asked to attend a Summit in the main conference room at The Black House. We would appreciate your attendance.

I'm Back.

Hi! I'm back! So, somebody told me that the expansion started and that you would be able to explain it to me better. So, would you please?

All day, every day's a holiday, Bea's alright 24Seven 19:37, July 25, 2013 (UTC)


Hey, Zanny, I'm new and I wanted to know more about the Umbras. I would like it if you come to chat maybe? The Umbras sound cool. Like to hear more.

ChryssieeSig 03:29, July 26, 2013 (UTC)

Perfect Model for Morgan

I was thinking I need a new model for Morgan, and as always, my first thought was Alexandra Daddario, the girl who plays Annabeth in Percy Jackson. I'm asking you and Red and Jisk, since Bond's always so busy. Lissy Goddess of Pie~ 23:30, July 28, 2013 (UTC)

Missing Departments and Offices

Hey Zan. I wanted to inform you on a matter of Ministry departments. You seem like the best person to come to on it. It seems we're missing at least six whole departments and offices. They departments we're missing are Department of Defense, Central Department , Department of Security, Department of Intoxicating Substances, Department of Magical Games and Sports, and Department of Magical Equipment Control. I believe these departments should be added. That add more management over things that aren't being overlooked by the Ministry. I've noticed it's becoming harder and harder to find a job in the Ministry. These will add more opportunity for career-seekers. Weirdo Guy (talk) 13:01, August 1, 2013 (UTC)


Hey Zan. I'm going to be away for vacation for approx the next 3 weeks. I'll be on and off periodically but can't guarantee anything, so if I fail to inform you if I can or cannot attend any Age of the Mortals events in the near future, I give you the power to RP or hand out my two characters Mason Hayes (Cult) and Kiya Hassan (Egyptian Auror) at any of these events. Best of Luck and Thanks for understanding and feel free to Owl me at anytime. --Peislandgal 150px-Huff OWL ME! 03:12, August 5, 2013 (UTC)

Homepage Newspaper Pic

Hey Zan, I was hoping that in some way we could have affiliation between the Daily Prophet and those Expansion Newspaper pics you have on the Homepage ... The Prophet's been planning to write new stories, but of course we don't know the things that you would like in them for the expansion, so it's a bit difficult ... hence why I am asking if we could conjoin them somehow ... ... ... and if you say no, it's not fair :P Colin687 05:14, August 6, 2013 (UTC)

Almost forgot: I'd like to have a chat with you about some basic DARP OOC stuff ... hopefully around the time of your 4 o'clock? It's just a few issues, questions, and hopeful solutions that I'd like to discuss with you ... I'm coming to you because of the four Bcrats, you are one of the two most (chat) active at the time, we usually understand eachother's perspective's, and you're time zone was the easiest for me to figure out :P ... anyway, I hope this works for you, and if not, I'd still like to schedule a time to talk. Colin687 05:22, August 6, 2013 (UTC)

No "Just"

Remember what you were saying about "Can't people be just friends?" Well, I think I've come up with a suitable counterargument!! And Zan, no. People can't be "just friends". Because friends are just about more important that anyone. You hang around with then, not because you're in love with them and have a need to, not because you were born into their group, not because they're the people that pay you. Friends are just so freaking awesome that you actually just want to be around them. And that’s not “just” — it’s epic. --Rabbitty (talk) 04:49, August 14, 2013 (UTC)

I'm Back!

Hey Zan!! Im back!! :D ijust wanted to check in with you to see if there was anything you need from me for the expansion and if you could help me finally get some characters into it!! :D Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure. -Alyssa5582

23:04, August 16, 2013 (UTC)


Hi Zan! It's Gold ^.^ Im FINALLY rejoining the wiki, but could you please delete my old charries? Thanks~ It's Goldie! :D (talk) 19:23, August 18, 2013 (UTC)

Re - the 'Farlinch' furore

I suppose, if you want, we could always write up, as diary entries or such, some moments from their school days, or even the build-up to the Duxterran War.  Alex Kirk-and-tribbles Jiskran 09:36, August 27, 2013 (UTC)

Catching Up

Haloooo Zanzibar! I'm back and glad to be!!! :D I was hoping to talk to you sometime soon, like, if I catch you on chat. If you don't mind, I was hoping to ask you about what I missed, expansion-wise. So, If you see me, or I see you, I hope you don't mind! Be prepared for my questions!!! :)

Rvt205 (talk) 01:25, September 6, 2013 (UTC)


>< Hey Za-nay-nay. Jisk-ay told me that your American prez. would have an opinion about Sarah Grey . When I made the char i did not realize her history would be such a big deal, but...yeah. Sorry. Owl meh?

loyalty is everything (talk) 20:48, September 6, 2013 (UTC)


Zanzibar, I'm on chat at this moment, hope you are, too! Rvt205 (talk) 22:05, September 6, 2013 (UTC)

Just noticed

Sprout Award
The Sprout Award is given to you by Jiskran, for having over 1500 edits on Dumbledore's Army Role-Play Wiki!

Congratulations and Keep up The Good Work!

-The Administration Team

Congratulations! Alex Kirk-and-tribbles Jiskran 18:46, September 8, 2013 (UTC)

Cult Request

Hey Zan, I had a question. As I have Lily doing lots of shadowy information gathering stuff, would it be possible for her to apply to The Cult of the Forgotten: Registration in disguise and possibly be accepted, and be an inside spy of sorts? If you give the OK I'll probably create another character to act as her disguise, and apply as that character. If not, that's fine. I just thought it would be interesting to finally have someone inside and getting some info about them back out to the wizarding world. Bond_em7 (Owl Me) 12:44, September 11, 2013 (UTC)

New Archive Guidelines?

Hey, I've made a new blog on Archive guidelines that I think we've needed for a while just so people know exactly how things will be done with archiving, a new way to benefit that most RP's will be saved, and so on so forth. I thought of the idea a while back, and it was one of the things I was going to mention in an upcoming OOC meeting. However, due to a long wait, I just decided to throw in the pitch and introduce it to all of the four Bcrats and see what you guys think. I've put a note at the bottom that it hasn't been approved as of yet, just to be safe, but I think you'll all like them? Anyway, give me your feedback, things to add, whether it should be gettin rid of, you know the drill :) ... Thanks! Colin687 03:37, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

Graduate Template for you!

Hey Zan! As I was talking about earlier on chat, how we should get "Year Graduate" templates, I've made a few, and here are yours :):

1st Year Graduate
Congratulations! You have been a member of Dumbledore's Army Role-Play Wiki for One Year! On behalf of the Administration, we'd like to thank you for all of your dedication and hard work to the wiki.

Keep up The Good Work!

-The Administration Team
2nd Year Graduate
Congratulations! You have been a member of Dumbledore's Army Role-Play Wiki for Two Years! On behalf of the Administration, we'd like to thank you for all of your dedication and hard work to the wiki.

Keep up The Good Work!

-The Administration Team

Let me know what you think... Colin687 04:13, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

Rules for voting

Zan, I've just re-read the Minister Vote page, and the 'Maximum of two votes with two different characters' line is ambiguous, if you meant 'for two different characters'. 'With' sounds like you must use a different word bubble each time. At the moment there are two double votes for Jade, so without the second each time (people can't have both votes discounted if the rules aren't clear), the current tallies would be Jade 11, Estella 11, Regina 10. Alex Kirk-and-tribbles Jiskran 10:05, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

No, the original itention was that they have 2 votes total to place, but each must come from a different character and can be for whomever they choose. Currently votes are as stands:

Estella - 14, Jade 14, Regina 11. So, if you can figure out some sort of tyebreaker, great and if not, we can put the two that are tied up again next week and have people vote again, this time not including Regina. Since I know you're planing on announcing the winner today, I'm fine with whichever result, and I'll leave it to you to decide. Bond_em7 (Owl Me) 14:03, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

Two thousand edits (finally :) )

Yay! Alex Kirk-and-tribbles Jiskran 22:42, September 21, 2013 (UTC)

PS - Up to you, but I've left a Phoenix invite for Emile Hollande. :D A



Estella Tyrrell -Former Minister for Magic

 – 08:57, September 22, 2013 (UTC)

*An owl would arrive in Richards' office and drop a letter on his desk.*


Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad to be back in this position and look forward to working with you again. As for our meeting, I can come to you or you can come to me. I have no preference. Just give me some notice before just popping in.

Hope to hear from you in the near future, EstellaSig

Pride and President Log

Hi! I noticed you didn't clear the Chatzy room, so I was able to get a copy of the event and make a blog log of it, if that's fine with you. (I could delete it anyways if it bothers you.) LittleRedCrazyHood 11:54, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

Shrouded Meeting

Hey Zan. This chatzy meeting thing seems to be going pretty well. With this, if you're not using it on Saturday, I'd like to know if I'd be able to use it for a Shrouded meeting on Saturday. Please get back to me as soon as you can. Thanks. Weirdo Guy (talk) 01:56, September 24, 2013 (UTC)

As per the instructions

Feel better! Alex Kirk-and-tribbles Jiskran 21:50, September 29, 2013 (UTC)


Hey Zanny mind Owling me those names you gave me in pm? >.<

Respect my Authoritah ~ GruffFinnandFP 12:18, October 6, 2013 (UTC)


President Fenuku,

I would like to invite you to come to London, so we can have a meeting. I would love to finally meet you and have some matters I would like to discuss. 

I hope to here from you soon,



I asked Ebony to come to London to discuss the events happening in Egypt. I would like you to be there. If she finally decides to ask for help, I would like her to feel that she is fully backed. I'll let you know as soon as a get a response from her.

All the best,



I changed the Community Corner to owl you if they have any livestream requests. The blog from before is archived, thus, no one can comment on it anymore. :P LittleRedCrazyHood 06:36, October 26, 2013 (UTC)


Hey Zan, how are you? 

I was dropping by to let you know my character just got an assignment and I would like to progress with it. This RP is when he recieved the assignment and I started out by posting here. Just for a start. I have tried to get someone to help me out by RP with me there but so far no one has. I asked Bond if he had a Anlobe member to RP it and he said no but he needed to bring up the inactivity on expansion locations in the next crat meeting and maybe community corner. Not sure what all he is going to do, but wanted to drop by and ask if you could RP the leader of the Anlobe here. 


    Toby-Wan-Kenobi (talk) 21:24, October 29, 2013 (UTC) Dmullins677


Hey Zan...the dates of things keep moving for events and such. ...and it does seem like it's been a while since we had an event and things with the overall expansion seem to be slowing down. So...if we get a chance to talk about this and figure out what's going on, I would appriciate it. Bond_em7 (Owl Me) 12:35, October 31, 2013 (UTC)

Daily Prophet

Hey Zan! You are probably tired of me by now! :P 

 I wanted to talk to you about The Daily Prophet. I think it is really cool and an amazing idea. I see that it hasen't been done for a while now. I wanted to know if I could pick it back up. I have a character that could be in charge. Now I understand if it is someone else's thing to do it, or you dont want me doing it. I am only trying to get into other things on the Wiki, and contribute a little more. There are so many things that I feel could be on there, and I would do it regularly.

Again, It is fine if its a no. I understand. Just trying to get into stuff why its still available. 

Thanks Zan

        Toby-Wan-Kenobi (talk) 00:46, November 2, 2013 (UTC) Dmullins677

So sorry to hear it

Obviously, you're the best judge of what's happening to and with you, but I'm really sorry to see you go, Zan. It's been such fun working together (98 3/4% guaranteed, to quote Dr. Seuss). I'm both hoping and expecting you'll still take some part in events here, and I assume we'll get a chance to talk on Chat at some point in the not too distant future. Look after yourself, Alex Alex Kirk-and-tribbles Jiskran 06:46, November 5, 2013 (UTC)


I'm having major connection issues today. It took me about 10 minutes just to send this. I'm hoping to figure it out by the time the event starts, but I don't know if I will. If I'm not there, just get started without me. I'll try my hardest to make things work. Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure. -Alyssa5582

19:44, November 17, 2013 (UTC)


First of all, happy new year! :3 It's like 12:17pm in the Philippines which means it's 12:17am for you. :)) Hope the New Year'll be a good one for you. I haven't seen you in the longest time, and I know you were on once when I was on but I was lagging and didn't get to see you and ugh. >.< Sorry 'bout the negativity, but yeah, I miss my crat sensei. And I get you're busy in RL with things, just thought of one of our conversations a while ago and thought I'd drop you an owl. I hope to catch you on chat one of these days and we can just talk about nothing again. So, point is, I miss you and happy new year and as you can probably tell by the weird flow of this message, I'm still as awkward as ever. :P Bye! (Oh! And Lyss is doing great as Activity Imp head, so there is no need at all to worry about your former department. She's doing an excellent job.) LittleRedCrazyHood 04:25, January 1, 2014 (UTC)

The place isn't the same without you

Hope you're having a great time, Zan, wherever you are and whatever you're doing. :D Take care, Alex Kirk-and-tribbles Jiskran 18:16, January 14, 2014 (UTC)

User Model Registration

Hey Zan! We're redoing the Taken Models List, so please sign up at User Model Registration. Thank you! Livia Shireen Schweinsteiger, Empress of Germany

Hey Zan

I had an IC question I wanted to ask, and I knew just who to go to. When I got to your userpage I remembered that you are no longer with us here on DARP. I hope everything is okay your way, and that wherever you are, you are enjoying it. We miss you here on DARP, and we hope to see you around again. You were great help to me when I first started, and I am very grateful.

"Not all who wander are lost!" -J.R.R. Tolkien Compass


Just for the record, I'm sorry about all the times I pestered you about Farlinch. I could've shipped it much more quietly. All the luck in the world to you, and if you ever need a job I'm sure an airline would hire you. You're a fabulous admin, grandpa, rper, and lamb. G'bye. -Rabbitty (Owl Me) 17:19, April 20, 2014 (UTC)


Zannyyy, on my wiki it asked about users who helped me when I was a newbie and then I started reminiscing about everyone's who's left and then I remembered HEY WAIT ZANNY'S BIRTHDAY IS ON THE FIRST OF MAY. So, even if it's only May 1 here, and it's still April 30 there for a few more hours, I just wanted to greet you before I forgot. Labshoo, misschu, and hopechu are having fun irl. Bai! LittleRedCrazyHood 01:31, May 1, 2014 (UTC)

Above expression of felicitations

I wish to append myself to Red's wonderfully worded idea. Many Happy Returns, my friend. :D 06:59, May 1, 2014 (UTC)


You're back!! Or are you just dropping in?

User:Jay Sea/sig14:06, May 28, 2014 (UTC)


LittleRed Hug

much-er love and thanks,
reddy, 13:30, May 31, 2014 (UTC)

Hello! My name is Elder Price. And I would like to share with you the most amazing book! It totally warms my heart that you replied to my owl. It totally does. Giggle.gif Seriously, though, I'm so, very, really happy you replied! I didn't want to believe it for a second until Ressy was like "GUESSWHATRED. ZAN VISITED." then I freaked out. I've missed you tons! I hope the busyness calms down soon for you. :)) You have to tell me all about what you've been doing if we ever catch each other on chat! My school year won't start for a couple more weeks, and it's almost summer for you, right? And we have opposite timezones, soooo if you want to catch me I'm normally on from my 7AM to 10PM (if I'm lucky, 11), which is your 7PM to 10AM. Anyways, miss you! Bye!

You're Gone??? D':

Hey Zan!

Sooo I'm backish for the summer... long explanation and all can be found here. But it sucks to know that you've 'retired' and are 'gone' and 'inactive' and no longer a b-crat or anything. Sooo giving you a shout-out, remembering the awesomesauce stuff we've done in rps like Frozon's death and the stuff we've planned and plotted together. *evil grin* Miss you!

EchostarThe most important thing in communicationis hearing what isn't said.CloudQuestion 01:26, June 13, 2014 (UTC)'

Now I have a gif to make this message awesome:

Come Back

  • cries*

EchostarThe most important thing in communicationis hearing what isn't said.CloudQuestion 04:20, June 27, 2014 (UTC)

Alright, Zan, now listen up! You're technically still considered an active user because you've made an edit sometime within the past 2 months. I'm doing a file deletion spree, and you don't want me to delete all your unused files, do you? Get your butt back here and save your files! I do NOT want to go through every single file of yours having to delete everything because you're not there, I don't want to post all the stuff I'm posting on everyone else's pages knowing that YOU WON'T READ IT, and I want you to COME BACK.

You heard me, Zan. Come. Back. NOW.

Okay, I'm done my rant. But seriously, I miss you.... :P

EchostarThe most important thing in communicationis hearing what isn't said. CloudQuestion 01:58, July 16, 2014 (UTC)

Just wanted to say...

Zanny! I don't have any fancy Titanic gifs like Echo does up above, but something happened that made me think of you. You'll never guess who the new head of activity imp is. Also, I just found out that the last time you visited you went on chat on a fake account first then revealed who you are. You adorable, grand-entrance-loving dork. :P It's okay; I'm an adorable, grand-entrance-loving dork too. I hope life's treating you well. I know you most probs won't see this message what with your whole being busy thing and all, but if you do, just relax for a second (because seriously you seemed way too busy the last time I talked to you). Love chu. LittleRedCrazyHood 10:47, September 20, 2014 (UTC)

Missing you

I was thinking about you today, and I just wanted to say how much I miss you. I know you probably won't see this, but it's only way I could say it. :P I hope that everything is going well for you, and that you are still being your funny, joyful self. Come stop by and say hi sometime. We'd all love to see you! Hogwarts will always be here to welcome you home.

All the best, 

Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure. -Alyssa5582

04:34, October 31, 2014 (UTC)

Just a friendly reminder. :P

This is me poking you with a stick and reminding you about the whole "I'll try to visit this weekend" thing. It's like 5AM there, but a little reminder won't hurt. :P LittleRedCrazyHood 10:04, January 24, 2015 (UTC)


I was going through my old owls, and I saw all of the ones from you. It made me sad, but happy to think of all the great memories. I hope RL is going great, and that you see this and come say hi cause I miss you.

Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure. -Alyssa5582

08:05, February 5, 2015 (UTC)

You can't hide from me :P

ZANNY!!!! Sure you haven't edited in a while; but I've been stalking the userlist page and saw that you logged on today! So hopefully you'll see this soon. OMG Zan ///so much/// has happened and even though you were just on chat not too long ago I still miss you :P (and I hope you don't see me as a stalker... I swear I'm not, just randomly checking the userlist page....) Anyway, even if you don't see this for awhile, I hope your life is going swell and that you'll make an appearance on chat soon :) Echostar 15:35, March 15, 2015 (UTC)

Just dropping in!

I saw your name in the wiki activity, and it made me smile, even if that's the only time it'll appear for another few years. I hope all is well with you, and that we can maybe chat sometime in the near future and catch up. If not, then it's just great to see your name once again. :) You are, and always have been,my dream. I love you more than there are stars in the sky and fish in the sea. 08:21, June 1, 2017 (UTC)

Agreeing with Alyssa.

We never really rped, but my student was under Shane when he was in hogwarts, and even if you don't return, nice seeing you. -Lordi  My Wall 10:06, June 1, 2017 (UTC)

Agreeing with the above. Bond_em7 (Owl Me) 12:14, June 1, 2017 (UTC)

Just to reiterate what everyone else already said...

I kinda missed you, I guess. :P

JK, am very happy to see that you're alive and doing well! When your name appeared in Wiki Activity, it was such a blast from the past. Hopefully we'll get to catch up soon and stuff, so get on chat one day preferably while I am there!! but it's okay if we don't! Am mostly just happy to see you around. <3 PAINTEDRED 15:14, June 1, 2017 (UTC) (This is Red, BTW. After like my nth time of leaving and coming back, I thought a username change was in place.)

As ever, old bean

Fantastic to hear from you again, however brief the signal. Hope life's treating you well, at least within the confines of the possible. If you do ever decide to spend any protracted period hereabouts, let me know, and we'll see what other ideas of character that we've had might gel. Look after yourself, and thanks so much for the message, Alex Kirk-and-tribbles Jiskran 15:42, June 2, 2017 (UTC)

Nice timing. :P

Literally just opened wiki activity in the middle of watching Netflix and yelled "whAT THE HELL" and my parents think it's in reaction to the show, so I'm lucky, but like WHAT THE HELL I HAVEN'T EVEN FINISHED READING YOUR OWL. Will get back to that right now. :P (IT'S LIKE 3AM WHERE YOU ARE WHY ARE YOU AWAKE?) PAINTEDRED 07:23, June 3, 2017 (UTC)

On the chance you disappear again before we get to talk properly, so just stay safe and healthy and happy and all that. I think you've gone to bed now, which is good, because you shouldn't be sleeping at 4AM. :P (Even though I've done that multiple times... LOL.) Take care of yourself and hopefully we'll get to catch up one day. Again, I've missed you (gross) and it's nice knowing the feeling is mutual. I hope life is treating you well because you deserve nothing less. Much love, PAINTEDRED 07:43, June 3, 2017 (UTC)
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