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Hi ~The Musician~, welcome to Dumbledore's Army Role-Play Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the File:Clarity1.jpg page. Before getting started, make sure you read and agree to our policies. After that, make sure you get all your supplies from Diagon Alley and create your character page.

Please check out the starting guide to get started, and please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! Ckohrs0221 (talk) 16:12, November 18, 2014 (UTC)

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Can you get on chat? x

- jayemalik'

Are you ooooon? x

- jayemalik'

Band RP

We need to get this thing going, we're posting in Hogsmeade Grounds. If you could post at your earliest convenience that would be great
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We need you on for this rp.

- jayemalik'

Emily Rudd

I unfortunately hadn't noticed that you were using Emily Rudd for Lyric as it wasn't on the model registration list and also, your last edit was back in march. XD I was wondering if we could share the model? I had already started making her in my sandbox.

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First, I would love to welcome you back to the wiki. There's no exact way to go about rejoining the wiki. I would suggest roleplaying, making new characters (if you want), and going with the flows of things.

All of your characters that you had previously can still be roleplayed. If you want to age them up to how old they would be, then I can help you figure that out, but I would say it would be about four or five years older. At the same time, you could just leave them at the age that they are. In the case of the models, you would have to ask the user to share, but they aren't obligated to share with you. If they end up not wanting to share, then you will have not find a new model, but I can hopefully help you with that if you need. Since you have three characters, your next character would be your fourth one. All "If your ___ character, then ____" would apply to you, as it does for all users.

Feel free to ask any other questions! I'm headed to bed in a little bit, but I'll answer them as soon as I can tomorrow! :)

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Yes ofc you can use any of my codings. Welcome back and I miss you, too! c:

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RE: Katherine

sorry bc i'm like ??? 90% sure i already have her shared to someone else (i THINK it was jaye but i'm not sure if she still is using her)

i'm no longer rlly updated on darp outside of my own things w/ ppl but if she isn't using her anymore then sure why not

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i used katherine first, took her off the registry, in that pretty long time frame QoA also used her then dropped her. i returned, put her back on my list, and if i iirc jaye used her for a character that she too probably dropped if you can't find her on the reg.

imo ig you're free to use her

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I don't think I'm making Lawrence's sister anymore. However, they are cousins to the Spencer Family, and I have two of those. I can still write the Avery family history, I'm just not sure I'm making her anymore. It's up to you if you still make Lawrence, but if you don't wanna, you can definitely make him for another family. (There's the Bostwick family... among others, I think.) So... let me know! :)

- jayemalik'

Muse b <3

Hi b <3 <3 I was just wondering if we could potentially share Diego Barrueco? I wont need him immediately since he'd be a future model for my upcoming firstie. If so thank you and if not I understand <3

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Attached to the invitation is scrawled instructions on the back on how to sneak around the castle and not be caught, including the spell to silence footsteps. Assurance has been made that the room of requirement is soundproof. Every student, fifth year and above, is welcome. The roleplay will begin immediately and end on Tuesday the 14th.

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In accordance to the reserve policy allowing a model to be reserved for four months total, your reserve of Bridget Satterlee and Cindy Kimberly has thus been expired for a total of 1 day and has officially been removed from the UMR - as well as Scott Gardner who is 10 days over the reserve timeframe.

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Hey so I was just wondering if you'd be up for doing a Rory/Cadmus roleplay at some point soon?

I posted here!

I am here , I am with you

Don't worry about it!

We're all guilty of slow posts at some point or another so don't worry about it I am here , I am with you


Hey muse! I'm sorry but I disabled my discord account :< But we can totally try and talk about our plans for the twins! I was assuming firstly that Ronan and Flynn would still get married, if that's alright with you? They would probably elope or have a small tiny wedding, and as for the twins if you want we could say that they moved to America or something happened? Perhaps because of Ambrose's job he got lost somewhere or ran into some shady people and has been under the Imperius curse? Whatever you wanna do is totally fine with me!

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Hi there! As it has been over four months since you reserved the following models, they have been removed. Please refrain from reserving them again for one month.

  • Phoebe Tonkins

Thank you!

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