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Expect heartbreak, angst, and depressing storylines.

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Valentin Name Pic

Full Name Anferney Valentin Fernandez
Nickname Len-len, Fern, Val
Basic Info
Nationality Filipino
English (citizenship)
Home Fernandez Bungalow
Relationship Info
Status Trying to move on...
Sexuality Sapio-heterosexual; Sapio-heteroromantic
Best Friend Corrine Fernandez
Pets He owns an entire zoo. Go figure.
Family On The Wiki Corrine Fernandez (younger sister)

School/Career Info
House Hufflepuff
Year/Occupation Seventh
Titles "Badger Snake"
Optional Classes Taken Muggle Studies, Arithmancy, Alchemy
Magical Info
Species Human; Wizard
Blood Status Pureblood
Wand Core Kapre white stone
Wand Wood Mango tree
Wand Arm Right
Boggart Rina dying and it being his fault again
Patronus Honey badger

Model James Reid
Gender Male
Hair Colour Dark brown
Hair Length/Style Because Rina nags him about it so much, he tries to keep it normal-looking, but at times it's just "cutely" ruffled by his sister (which he complains about a lot.)
Eye Colour Hazel
Skin Colour Tanned
Clothing Style Understated and simple in that annoyingly endearing way.
Other Info About Looks
Flashy colors are definitely not his style. His clothing preferences reflect his constant mood - mild and casual. It kind of helps with his whole "calming presence" thing. Apparently he's drop dead gorgeous though, which isn't that much of a surprise. I mean, come on, why would the princess of ARMP used to be best friends with someone who's ugly?

Colour Shockingly? Green and silver.
Music Pop (though everyone but Rina thinks he likes Classic)
Food Adobong manok
Sweets Leche flan, inutak
Animal King cobra (no, I'm not joking.)
Class Astronomy
Season/Weather Spring, Cloudy
Dream Job
Happiest When...
He's with people he likes. For the most part though, he enjoys being with animals or stargazing.

Valentin Infobox Pic
clinging to the last shreds of the past

“Maybe people with special gifts show up when bad things are happening because that’s when they’re needed most.”

Valentin Gif 1

Everything about Valentin is mild at first glance or first impression. The vitality of youth pours off him, but the trail is very, very faint to most people. It's easy for anyone to mark him off as boring or insignificant. That's their first mistake.

Imposing or even intimidating if he wants to seem like that, Valentin's bad side is one you do not want to ever encounter. It's not common to make him twitch, but those who find a way to do so better stop before things take a turn for the worse. He's fiercely protective of those he truly cares about, and can explode into action without a moment's notice. Even then, if people made a point to examine him further, there's something a little dark and brooding around him - a facade that's unequivocally summoned up to its full extent when necessary.

Those who take their time to get to know Valentin will realize the simple truth - the guy likes his peace and quiet, but is willing to strike up a conversation at any time. Relentlessly patient even with the most obstreperous of people, his presence is reassuring and assertive to the naturally anxious.

Lust for power is one temptation he is absolutely immune to. However, this does not mean he has a natural dislike for authorities - he knows they can be trusted sometimes though he insists on paramount discretion. Despite being born into an authority family and the future ruler of the Central Luzon region of ARMP, his feelings on politics are implausibly neutral.

In contrast to his sister, Valentin pursues his ambitions with notably less fervor. His patience extends to his own life choices, and so he takes his time mulling things over. Don't anticipate his chess-like actions to be even remotely predictable - his decisions' seeming lack of versatility is a clever ploy that has been there for years.

Valentin Personality Tab 1

Val never used to be so...lacking in emotion. He used to be the archetypal troublesome kid who was always in detention. The one who gave all his teachers (including his favorite) hell. The one who never obeyed the rules and gave his parents the urge to childishly scream out of pure frustration. That was him.

Now you're wondering - what happened? What changed him? And as cliché as it is, the event that started it all was the fact that his best friend broke his heart into a million little pieces and scattered them across the galaxy. I'M LOOKING AT YOU HAZELLE DEL CASTILLO.

When Hazelle changed, he changed too. UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE EFFING CENTURY. HE SHATTERED INTO DUST. Gradually, he withdrew from his recalcitrant ways, turning into someone else. He wasn't Anferney anymore. Everyone could see it, but no one knew how to stop it. His demons were winning and it was all he could do to not lose himself to them.

One day his sister accidentally called him by his second name, and that was that. No arguments were raised. He was Valentin now. Anferney was...gone. Perhaps forever.
Valentin Personality Tab 2


Introvert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging

He has a slight preference of Introversion over Extraversion. (22%)

He has a moderate preference of Sensing over Intuition. (25%)

He has a moderate preference of Thinking over Feeling. (38%)

He has a moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving. (31%)
Valentin Personality Tab 3


Hufflepuff Crest (Gif)


Defying the stereotype that parents who were House Heads were strict with their eldest, Marcos Fernandez, or Ismael as he preferred, was rather lenient with his son. He allowed Val the privilege of making his own choices as soon as the boy was capable of thinking, but advised him all the same. The pressure of managing an entire region sadly did strain their father-son relationship, but it never really did break.

Being named after your mum usually took a toll on a guy, but not Anf. He was okay with "Valentin" being his second name, though he went by Anferney during the majority of his childhood. Valentina Fernandez was a busy woman, but somehow she managed to stomach all the kinds of shenanigans her son came up with. Which was a lot.

Loads of guidance counselors tried everything with Anf to make him stop. He pulled pranks on adults and kids alike, not differentiating by age or personality. Everyone got a dose of what was known as the Fern Folly. Trouble trailed after the boy like a squirrel going for a nut. Social events, national parties, noche buena, birthday parties, graduation, and all that? Promptly torn into disarray.

One would think that people would hate the kid for causing so much crap. Or at least get bad publicity for his family, seeing as they were nobles and all. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No. The commoners loved Anf, and nobody could help but warm up to his mischievous little exploits. The strictest lolas and the most grumpy lolos gave in to his innocence. Everyone was witness to his uhm...rather sui generis way of life.

Oh, but don't think this little boy was the only one who got around to making their version of fun real. Hazelle del Castillo was his partner in crime whenever his family visited the royal family. Whenever those two were in the same room, you could bet your bottom dollar (or peso, whatever) that sh*t was going to get real. Imagine exploding balloons, stink bombs, and owls dressed up to be unicorns pooping everywhere. (No owls were traumatized for life in this.) That was the sort of stuff that was well anticipated.

None of his antics were dropped upon receiving his acceptance to PIM. As a matter of fact, nobody else but him and his younger sister knew precisely what his first sign of magic was, but nobody was surprised anyway. "No one could be that annoying without some sort of supernatural assistance." But of course, every child has a secret.

What was Anferney Valentin Fernandez's?

He's a Parselmouth.

Animals in general he was already very talented with. For his seventh birthday, his parents even decided to buy him a private zoo of his own. A little extravagant, right? But Anf didn't care. He loved animals and the feeling was very much reciprocated. Reptiles, mammals, birds - you name it, he'll know it. But while he was gifted with them, Anf specialized in snakes.

You know that terrifying king cobra? That's his favorite animal. That's the one he tamed when he was seven years old by speaking to it. People talk to animals all the time. I'm pretty sure you'd talk to your dog or cat or hamster or whatever. The eldest Fernandez boy was the same with his animals, except the cobra actually talked back and he understood it. Utterly mystified, he continued to speak to the snake daily until his five year old sister Rina caught him at it. The two weren't dumb - despite Anf's boisterous behavior and Rina's constant rebuttal of society's views, they did know how to pay attention to their tutors sometimes. By the time Anf was nearing school age, they had managed to trace back their ancestry to the last known Parselmouth in their lineage. Least to say, it had been a very long time since a Fernandez had inherited the ability. And it certainly wasn't one that could be flaunted.



Yep, you read it right. Valentin's a Parselmouth - a wizard who can speak to snakes. And now you're probably screaming "WHAT. BUT. HOW. PARSELMOUTHS ARE EXTINCT BECAUSE SLYTHERIN'S LINE IS EXTINCT." Excuse me, fancy Europeans, but you folks aren't the only ones to spawn out Parselmouths. Why do you think there are snake charmers in Asia, hmmm? YEAH. I THOUGHT SO. So yeah, it runs in the family of Fernandez, but Valentin's been the first one in generations to inherit the skill. But it isn't like his parents know. Literally only Rina knows, and she found out by pure accident.

O.W.L. ResultsN.E.W.T. Results
Astronomy — O / Astronomy —
Charms — A / Charms —
Defense Against the Dark Arts — EE / Defense Against the Dark Arts —
Herbology — O / Herbology —
History of Magic — EE / History of Magic —
Potions — EE / Potions —
Transfiguration — O / Transfiguration —

Care of Magical Creatures — O / Care of Magical Creatures —
Muggle Studies — EE / Muggle Studies —
Music — O / Music —
Muggle Music — O / Muggle Music —
Ghoul Studies — EE / Ghoul Studies —
Magical Theory — EE / Magical Theory —
Alchemy — N/A / Alchemy —

Apparition — N/A / Apparition —

Valentin Gif 2

Marcos Ismael Fernandez

They're on decent terms, but Marcos is always busy with work. Their limited times together do make their impact though, and regardless of the strain, Valentin knows his dad is trying to do his best.

Valentina Raquel Fernandez

Raquel and her son have a rather...distant relationship. She was the one who set the standards in the family while his father did the work. Valentin is miffed at her for pushing Rina beyond her limits every single time. However, he's secretly aware of the fact that she's only likely doing that to keep Rina out of her brother's former ways. (He also knows she's failed epically, because Rina is definitely the family troublemaker these days.)

Corrine Fernandez

Seeing as they're only one year apart in age, it's not really surprising he's awfully close to his younger sister. Rina knows all his secrets, and he in turn knows all of hers. That's kind of a dangerous deal with most sibling relationships, but not with them. He trusts her to not oust any of his secrets, and hopefully she trusts him enough to not oust her either. They've... grown apart, something Valentin had never seen coming. After the incident, they stay out of each other's paths.

Joaquin Perez

Seeing as they're pretty much the only males in the primarily female group transferring to Hogwarts, along with the fact they've always gotten along (yes, even when Valentin was reckless, prankster Anferney), it's not hard to guess that they're friends.

Celyn Edillon

You can't befriend Joaquin without being on good terms with Ate Celyn, with Hazelle being the exception. Her cooking is amazing, and you can't say any otherwise. Since he's never been one for being drastically vocal, Valentin mentally agrees with her that Claudio Villaflor needs to be put down a dozen notches or more.

Rheine Kögler

Friend? More like pseudo-sister. Valentin swears Rheine is was Rina's Ravenclaw counterpart reincarnation who came along four decades early. They got along okay and she even helped him with Charms homework for a while, but Rina was always much closer to Rheine than he was. Still doesn't change the fact that her f*cking suicide hit him hard. It was like all his friends either left him or died.

Hazelle del Castillo

"Kuya. You didn't read princess stories just to learn about them. You read them to learn about her. That's how I know you love her. And para magkatotoo? Wish ko lang na hindi ka na pamahal sa kaniya, ngayon na nakikita kitang ganito."


"You know there's always at least one person in your life who will be one of your anchors. Somebody who both of you thought would always stand by your side. Somebody who would hold your broken pieces together until you were whole again. Then one day you would realize that you hadn't done your part right and they had broken and fallen before you could catch them. That was who Hazelle was for me. I failed to catch her."

Hazelle is- no, was Valentin's best friend up till they were thirteen. They caused trouble like nobody's business and let chaos run amok everywhere they went. Their third year in PIM, however, was the turning point and Hazelle changed. He couldn't take it as he had recently realized he loved her and changed as well as a result. They drifted from being best friends to acquaintances. Ironically, Valentin pulled off his most memorable disaster without her out of misery- it apparently seemed like it would be his last.

Getting over her wasn't easy. As a matter of fact, it took him four years. The bliss didn't last long. A part of him wonders if he'll ever manage to salvage their friendship, but something tells him any attempt would be futile.

Dalisay Bonifacio

In Valentin's eyes, Dalisay is... a bit odd, but not in a bad way. She makes him a little uncomfortable with how atypical she is; he thinks it's his ISTJ, anti-change side speaking. He's always had a knack for retaining all his childhood memories in nigh perfect detail, and the fact that Dalisay is in very few of them bugs him. And what is with her parents? They always act so fake.

While he's obviously not looking to dive into a romantic relationship anytime soon, feelings can only be detained for so long.

Hazelle del Castillo

Valentin loved Hazelle, and he still does to this day...or does he? He's not sure, but it will take a long recovery time for his chest to stop hurting every time he sees her. It's finally over.

Valentin Trivia

[ syll. an-fer-nee, anf-ern-ee ]
The baby boy name Anfernee is pronounced as AENF-erNIY- †. Anfernee is derived from Latin origins. Anfernee is a variation of the name Anthony (English). In Latin, it means "priceless, inestimable."

[ 3 syll. va-len-tin, val-ent-in ]
The baby boy name Valentin is sometimes used as a girl name. Its pronunciation is VAA-LehN-TiyN (German) or Vaa-LiyN-TIYN or Vaa-LYehN-TIYN (Russian) †. Valentin is used chiefly in the Czech, French, German, Russian, and Scandinavian languages, and it is derived from Latin origins. Valentin is a variant of the name Valentine (English). Variants of Valentin include the short forms Velten (German) and Veltin (German). In Latin, it means "healthy, strong."

[ 3 syll. fer-nan-dez, fe-rnand-ez ]
The baby boy name Fernandez is pronounced as FerNAENDehZ †. Fernandez has its origins in the Gothic language. Fernandez is a form of the Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and English Fernando. Gothic meaning: peace through bravery, bold protector, bold journey

Valentin learned French and Italian just for Hazelle. 'Tis headcanon that everyone but her knew about that. He fumbles with it, however, though no doubt he has the basics down pat.

While he's got nothing on Rina, he's a damned good dancer in his own right.

He also thinks he's got nothing on Rina when it comes to singing, but that's actually not true and he's very much on par with her.

Valentin Gif 3

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