Valentina Bellucci

7th year Gryffindor 🌏 Werewolf

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Basic Information
AGE 16
SEXUALITY Homosexual (Closeted)
MODEL Gigi Hadid


Valentina Bellucci was the third eldest child in the Bellucci family, with Aurora and Stefano being older and the twins Nico younger than her. They were born in Lucca, Italy, a province in Tuscany surrounding the Serchio river. Val has tender memories of her time during this country, even when she was moving between foster cares, and finds England dull and grey in comparison. Due to this, she refuses to lose her accent and often prefers to speak in Italian rather than English. It was with Nico, however, that their mother died. Being three years old, Val has little memories of the woman, save for a few spoken words from her and a few flashes. When she dreams, she swears her mother's laugh haunts her. However, soon after her mother's death she found her siblings getting their first magical incident and sent off to Beauxbatons. She wasn't sure if she was close with her siblings, she often preferred to be running through the streets of Lucca than stuck at home.

After the death of their mother, their father deteriorated. Turning down help whenever it was offered, he turned to drink to relieve himself of stress. Later on, Val would say that he only loved his drink, that it was his new wife. By the time she was seven, someone had called the authorities on him, and all six of them were placed into foster care. It was by some miracle they were kept together, though, with Val fully expecting them to be separated and never seen again. Thus, for the next few years, they were moved from foster home to foster home, moving through Italy. Though Val hated most of the foster parents, she liked the travel and the chance to see more of the country. By the time she was ten, however, she was worried. Her sister had been expelled from Hogwarts, having been recognised as a squib and Val hadn't had her own magical incident. Stefano was, obviously, powerful and both her younger brothers had had theirs already. Nearly everyone considered Val to be a squib by then. Until she set her foster parent's cars on fire. She was being yelled at, for something small that she had done, Val can't remember now, but she remembered her emotions bubbling over, causing the engine to explode. They'd been driving down the road to the store and it was by luck all of them managed to get out before the car was destroyed.

Though she was accepted into Beauxbatons, she was sent to Hogwarts as a few months after the incident the family was relocated to England. Valentina hated it. She hated the food, the culture, the weather, the almost identical buildings that were either coloured grey or brick coloured brown. Not like Val had much of a choice in the matter or really even allowed an opinion on it. Even though her own magical capabilities was minimal, and she could barely cast a spell, she had just enough to not be considered a squib, which was something Val was glad for. Sure, she wasn't the best as her classmates and barely scraped by with an acceptable for most classes, but she got out of foster care. She got away from the abusive and neglectful people. Of course, she felt bad for her sister and sometimes felt rather selfish...but what could she do? She found her ticket out and she was going to be happy about it.

She kept to herself, however, for the first few years, save for her siblings. She didn't trust anyone else. She was jealous of them, sure, she was jealous of their abilities. She was jealous of their life. She was jealous every time she saw their parents drop them off at King cross station on September first and was always there to pick them up at the beginning of Summer. She was jealous that they could return for Christmas, that they weren't worried what was going to happen to them and their family once they age out of a flawed system. She was twelve years old and full of bitterness and hatred. She had the decency to roll her eyes at her sister's attempt to adopt the lot of them. It was never going to work and she was right. For the next year, she was still in the system. It was during this year that it happened.

She knew it was a stupid idea, walking home the back way at eleven o'clock at night. She'd been in the crowd, pickpocketing some cash. She was rather good at it by then and that night she was tired and wanted to go to bed, so she went the quicker way. It was the full moon, not that she noticed it. The attack was quick, she barely saw the beast. She was later told that the wolf was newly transformed as well and wasn't aware of how to control himself either. She wasn't aware of what had happened until the next day and had initially thought she'd been stabbed by a mugger or something (even though they took none of her stolen money). It took her months to learn how to handle herself, struggling with her temper. She rarely transformed at will and found herself terrified when the full moon came along. She blamed herself, her own stupid decisions, for what had happened and she was determined to deal with the consequences.

At fourteen, she was adopted by her older sister and at first, she may have thought it a bit of a joke. A prank one of her brother's are pulling on her. Apparently, though, it was serious and soon she was moving into an actual, permanent house. She was sure she was dreaming. However, every summer she returned back too it and no one seemed to be taking it away from her. However, this didn't stop Val from, well, breaking the law. What could she say? It was fun. Breaking and wiring a car of some rich douchebag, taking it for a joyride. Though she was sixteen, she was taught how to drive when she was fifteen and, though she wasn't the best at it, she wasn't too bad. Now at sixteen, she's about to enter her sixth year at Hogwarts.




Valentina Bellucci is an individualist and, honestly, a loner. A lone wolf, mind the pun. She despises teams and prefers to work by herself in whatever she's doing. This includes schoolwork and sports. Though Valentina is sporty and athletic, almost a given considering her condition, she leans more towards sports such as snowboarding, surfing or skiing. Quidditch? Soccer? Basketball? She won't go near them. She loves track though and can run for hours without breaking a sweat. However, being as independent as she is, she struggles to rely on people and takes a while before even considering going to another person for help. Except when she's in a bit of trouble with the law. Having been in foster care for years, especially when most of the foster parents were abusive and neglectful, Val often spent her time roaming the streets of both Italy and London, picking up on how to pick pocket and sneak stuff out of a shop, particularly food and clothes. Even now, when she's in a stable situation, these habits are hard to drop and some could describe her as a kleptomaniac. She's also very good at bluffing and has a habit of gambling. She's good with cards and sleight of hand. All for the money, of course. Her true dream in the world is to be a billionaire by thirty and be able to retire.

Being on the verge of being legally described as a squib, Val has been forced to look at other methods to survive in the magical community. Thus, she's adequate in technology, even muggle magic such as slight of hand, she knows how to fight hand to hand combat (which is improved severely by her abilities as a werewolf) and she has gravitated towards potions and history of magic. She's almost a genius in the potion area and works her hardest at the theory based lessons. Though she could be described as disconnected from the world around her, Val is taking advantage of the opportunity that was given to her and is going to make the most of it. However, Val isn't sentimental and is quite willing to give up everything and move if necessary and doesn't have many possessions that she holds dear. Being from the foster system, Val is use to not being wanted and discarded by the people around her and doesn't hold much faith. She's a firm believer that everything will come to an end, whether it being a home or a relationship. Evidently, she's a bit of a pessimist.

She has a temper, though, and can be critical of people. However, she is trying to control this side of her and not let it come out too often. Due to this, she's recently been trying meditation and yoga in order to learn how to calm herself. She's stubborn, too, severely stubborn and won't bend on her own beliefs, though they are slightly...skewed. Due to this, she'll never even consider touching alcohol, as she saw what it did to her dad. However, when she finds tension rising, or attention has been placed onto her, she finds herself falling back onto dry comments and humour in order to deflect the questions and attention. Valentina is good with words, knowing how powerful they can be. They can be used for good and they can also be used to spread hate. Though she's not political, she does believe half breeds and squibs should be treated better in the government and would rather go through the journalism route to bring awareness to them than go through the government itself.

When it comes to food, Val is a hoarder. She constantly keeps a packet of gummy bears on her (she's trying to find gummy wolves for the laughs but she can't find any) and is kind of known to shove as much food into her whenever she can. This stems from the belief that, when she was the foster homes, she was never sure if she'd get food for dinner (considering she was always acting out and fighting back), so she eats as much as she can when she has the opportunity. Val isn't known for relaxing and is constantly on the lookout. She isn't selfish, however, can can be extremely generous to the people around her, especially her siblings, and is willing to give people anything they need when they're in trouble and desperate. Though she's willing to pour money and food over other people, she hesitates to spend it on herself.




Other Information
FATHER Piero Bellucci
MOTHER Guila Bellucci
SIBLINGS Aurora, Stefano, Donatello, Dante, Nico
BODY TYPE Athletic

Magical Information
SCHOOL Hogwarts
HOUSE Gryffindor

FAVE FOOD Gummy bears


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Valentina Bellucci - ⛷ Gryffindor seventh year ⛷ -Italian werewolf
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