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the sky is the limit only for those who are afraid to fly!

Full Name
Valentina Sofia Cambeiro


Basic Information

full name

  • Valentina Cambeiro


  • Val, Tina


  • 20


  • July 26th, 2021

zodiac sign

  • Leo


  • British


  • Latina


  • Patagonia, South America


  • alive; single


  • Bisexual (leans to girls)


  • Magical UK


  • Florist/Waitress


  • Ravenclaw Alumna


  • Witch

Family Blood

  • Half-Blood

Wand Core

  • Unicorn Hair

Wand Wood

  • Larch Wood

wand arm

  • left


  • Her mother's and brother's skeletons


  • An owl
Physical Information


  • Adria Arjona

eye color

  • brown

hair color

  • Brown


  • 5'9" (176 cm)

distinguishing marks

  • N/A

physical/mental disorders

  • N/A

mental state

  • Stable
Familial Information


  • N/A

full sibling(s)

  • Alejandro and Claudia

half sibling(s)/span>

  • N/A

adopted sibling(s)/span>

  • N/A


  • N/A


  • N/A
Trivial Information

favorite color

  • Purple

favorite music

  • Jazz

favorite food

  • Tacos

favorite animal

  • Bears

favorite book

  • Any on the universe

favorite drink

  • Butterbeer

favorite song

  • N/A

favorite movie

  • Happiest Season

favorite sweets

  • Sundaes


  • Shuffling tarot cards and scribbling notes constantly


  • Her knowledge on the world


  • Ability to balance things, budgeting, customer service, memory


  • English and Spanish



Val is, first and foremost, a lover of the stars. Val spends her time learning about them as much as she can from books and documentaries. It fascinates her-maybe because it reminds her of her childhood and takes her out of the reality of her own situation in England. Good with numbers and facts, Val is incredibly organised despite people often wondering how much of her focus is spent in the clouds. Val is incredibly goal driven and doesn't know how to function if she doesn't have a list of things to do. Relaxing isn't something she can do that easily. Like her brother, she is smart but unlike him, she's more focussed on the survival of her own family and conservative in those she'd rush to help. Especially if it'd risk the well being of those she loves. This shows in her disagreement in taking in Cesario because she was they were barely able to feed all of them let alone a growing boy. A part of her does resent her older brother in how he took so many reckless actions without considering the consequences that she ended up inheriting. Not that Val knows how to communicate any grievances she has with people. Her motto has always been to put her head down and work hard. Which she certainly has done. At her heart, though, Val is still a nerd who spends as much time as she can learning about the world around her. She's an avid believer of the Zodiac signs and knows how to give someone a tarot reading. One might assume she'd be pragmatic in what she believes. Maybe a follower of science but she's surrounded by magic-what is so wrong in believing in the power of the stars and other attributes in the world? Spiritualist, Val is a passionate person who believes in a wide array of things.



Valentina Cambeiro is the second child of the Cambeiro’s. Her older brother, Alejandro, a younger sister, Claudia, and a younger brother who passed away when she was a young child. For the majority of her life she was raised in Patagonia, away from society. Their parents, Matteo and Elena, were running across the world to escape from Elena's family. An Internationally based mafia, she was considered the princess until she turned her father in. Whilst many figureheads fell like dominoes and their power diminished considerably, there were still members who were looking for their blood. Thus, they ran to Patagonia-the furthest place on Earth and built their life there, never settling down, moving from place to place in a tent that was charmed to be bigger on the inside. They were paranoid about the life they left behind, that they would be found. When Alejandro was 8 years old, Val was born and five years later, Claudia was born. Their school was their backyard. Unlike Alejandro, who grew tired of this nomadic life, Val loved it and couldn’t get enough of it. She loved spending her nights looking at the stars, exploring nature, and living her best life. Her first magical incident was when she was six years old and she lit a campfire as her parents set up a tent. She couldn’t understand why her brother complained all the time. Why would he want to leave? They had everything they needed. But leave he did. He went off to Hogwarts, leaving Val as the oldest of the children. Which was fine. Until Val was nine years old. Her younger brother had gone out alone in the woods after a stupid, petty and immature, fight with Val. Val cannot remember what the fight was about but she still feels the ramifications. It was the type of fight all siblings were bound to have. Still, in anger, her brother stormed into the nearby woods and didn’t come back. Elena eventually went looking for him. Neither turned up again. No matter how hard they looked, no matter what spells, they couldn’t even find the bodies. Without Elena, Matteo decided to return to the UK. Maybe without her, they would be left alone. Val was firmly against this move. Nature is all she knew-she didn’t want to move to the urban landscape where the stars had been covered by pollution. It was unnatural. But moved they did and soon she was in a small house in the UK and absolutely miserable. Alejandro suddenly became more present in their lives as he worked as hard as he could to support them all with Matteo struggling to find a job. Val was only ten at the time and was told she’d been enrolled in Hogwarts. Which was bad news on bad news. Still, a year later she was on the train and was, to no one’s surprise, sorted into Ravenclaw. Val was that weird kid in her year level, the type of kid who said weird stuff and had weird obsessions and thus little friends.

In that first year, Matteo walked out on them. He’d gotten a job as a travel agent and soon he was gone. So Alejandro was the sole custodian to both Val and Claudia at the age of nineteen. Val got a job as soon as she could to help out. This continued well after she graduated. Most of her time, especially after Alejandro was fired from his job, was spent trying to keep the lights on. She feared every letter they got in the case it was an eviction notice. They’d gotten warnings a few times but they managed to scrape by in the nick of time. Val was angry. Quietly angry-she'd never been explosive. She didn't want this life. She never did. If it was up to her, she'd be studying the stars or even back in Patagonia. Instead, she was in the urban city and was doing her best to keep her family afloat. Alejandro was barely making a living and the only good thing so far was that Claudia had started Hogwarts so they didn't have to worry too hard for most of the year to feed another mouth. Of course, Cesario who Alejandro had insisted on taking in without second thoughts or discussing it with anyone. So Val added a fourth job because Alejandro was unable to get any cases in his newly established PI office.

She did this silently, without a complaint, paying each bill before Alejandro saw it. What little free time she had was spent either sleeping or watching documentaries about the universe. She'd still retained her love for the stars and what's out there. Maybe one day she'll visit space. Or become an astrophysicist. Maybe one day. She also become slightly political in that she eventually decided, rather reasonably, no one should be working four jobs to be able to support their family. She wasn't a communist but she was certainly anti-communist. By the time she was twenty two, though, life began to get better. Alejandro's name was cleared and he soon was able to make a living as more cases came his way. Val's four jobs dropped down to two and her stress levels decreased incredibly. She was able to do more of the things she wanted to do. Val went on camping trips during her days off and had more of a social life. Then again, she didn't really have many friends so-her social life really just meant going to bars and drinking in the back corner as she read a book on the universe. Val was the type of person who read science textbooks for fun. When she was twenty four, she took a month off work. First holiday in years. She had a little saved but she didn't need a lot-she was going home. To Petagonia. She knew how to survive off the land. She did this alone-she needed time for herself. To relax.

Val spent her time moving from familiar area to the next. Swimming every morning, hiking every afternoon. It was heaven-until she found the cave. It was simply Val exploring at first. But then she found a lone shoe and she couldn't shake a feeling of dread. Soon, she uncovered both her mother's and brother's skeletons. The only other thing she found was a small cloth with an insignia on it. She'd seen it a few times-her mother's family symbol. Val couldn't do anything but walk out where she came from and return to her campsite. She couldn't say whether her mum knew what she was walking into. They must have been protected by shields-that's why no one found them before. She didn't tell anyone-what for? Alejandro was already so fragile when it came to them. He'd have gone on a war path. Val gave them a burial on top of a mountain peak. All of them had already said their goodbyes over the years. Val was just...giving them a better place to rest more than anything else. She couldn't stand to be in the country anymore, though, and soon found herself at home. For the first time in years-she wanted to be with her family. Life was back to normal, for the most part. She moved out-they didn't need her to help around anymore. She still works as a florist and a waitress but she's considering applying to the ministry in their space department. However, she's also tempted to just become someone self employed as well. Not sure as of yet.