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🌵singer • hogwarts graduate • the lazy twin🌵



Personal Information

Full NameValentino Valente Jiang
BirthdayFeb 14
Zodiac SignAquarius
Sex / GenderMale/Male
Sexual OrientationBi
Romantic OrientationBi
Relationship Statussingle
BirthplaceSouth Korea
Living SituationThe Jiang Apartment
Languages Spoken3 [Korean, English, Japanese]

Magical Information

Blood StatusHalf-blood
Wand Wood
Wand Core
Wand Length
Boggarthis sister or siblings getting hurt and not being able to help them


Valentino, the lazy twin. While Vallya was all hardworking, Valentino would be playing video games. When Vallya told him to do his assignments and get off his ass, he wouldn’t even move an inch, and his smart comeback was “later”. Valentino is always really proud of his accomplishments (even if his accomplishment is just earning something in a game) but he knows more than to brag. Valentino knows better than to argue with Vallya, but sometimes, he can’t help it. He has a short temper he believes is from their dad. And Valentino doesn’t have much patience for people who annoy him.

Valentino’s also a shy person. He doesn’t like to take lead, and would rather follow the current. His parents and Vallya keeps telling him to try, like it was super easy or something, but even if he needed to do something like a show and tell he would immediately break into a cold sweat. Being shy isn’t a good thing if he’s going to be a famous singer, but he doesn’t really mind screaming fans. He just doesn’t like the reporters or fangirls asking him a lot of questions, especially if there are questions which are way too personal. Valentino is a true gem when you get to meet him though, assuming you didn’t annoy him. He can be something of a scaredy-cat sometimes, so never push him in a haunted house or he will freak out. He can also be quite clumsy, and he isn't a really good liar. Which makes his job of keeping his secret a little bit hard.


The story isn't about Valentino's parents, nor his grandparents. It's about his great-grandparents, and how they started the business that changed their lives forever.

Let's just say, two people met at a bar. One of them was a famous singer. The other was the bartender. Valkyrie Chung and Vinzent Jiang were the couple, and they found they had a lot in common, so little by little, they started to fall in love. One of the reasons why they liked each other was also because their dreams were the same - to become pastry chefs. Now, it might not seem exciting, but the couple were more than delighted when Vinzent suggested they could open up a bakery.

So as planned, the bakery opened a few days after Vinzent and Valkyrie married. And became a huge success. The Jiangs’ signature dish was jelly donuts, so naturally the shop was called “Jiang’s Jelly Donuts”. The Jiang jelly donut recipe was passed down the family, and soon the whole family knew how to make this delicious, godly treat.

And that meant Vallya and Valentino had to learn this too. They were both born on February 14, which kinda explained why one was called Valentino and why their names both started with V (although it was kind of a family tradition now). As soon as they could talk, walk or do stuff kids around two could do, the twins were inseparable.

Vallya and Valentino proved themselves to be the next best chefs since the original Jiangs. They cooked every day, for themselves, their parents, their other siblings...almost everyone they knew. Vallya was always volunteering to be a "salesgirl" but Valentino had volunteered to stay home. Unlike Vallya, Valentino was super shy and wouldn't go around talking to random people on a daily basis. He preferred to have his headset on, listening to his favorite beats, watching FlooTube and reading the captions.

Later, Valentino picked up singing. He was singing in the bathroom when his friend caught him and told him he should start learning - like, professionally, not in the toilet. Vallya caught Valentino singing in his room a few times before deciding she wanted to learn too. And both of them ended up singing together. They performed for a few people - friends, family - and they all said the twins had enough talent to get spotted by a singing company. Vallya didn't believe them, but Valentino did. He kept waiting for the day when he would finally become a singer.

Their parents also insisted they learn the piano. It was so boring and useless to both of them. Their first magical moment happened there, because it was apparently so boring they made the piano sheets fly. After freaking out the piano teacher they didn't need to learn it anymore (yay). Vallya seemed really interested in magic, all of a sudden. (Valentino didn't get it though; they had always been living with magic!) Valentino, on the other hand, did not care the very least about it (his only comments were "okay, cool."). He was an eight year old who was still into watching FlooTube! He didn't need to be interested in magic yet! Whenever Vallya tried to talk to him over dinner how cool magic was, Valentino was like "eh, doesn't concern me."

They moved to Europe at some time before the twins' tenth birthday, and they attended Durmstrang there. When the twins were in their third year of Durmstrang, Valentino somehow managed to convince Vallya to sing a duet together and post it on social media. That attracted a lot of attention. Even the attention of a few singing brands and scouts. They later joined Alohomora and became signed artists - although that didn't happen until they had trained for months.

Vallya, surprisingly, managed to not let anybody know about her "true self". Valentino did too, for a year or two. Then someone blown his cover. He didn't know how it happened - it all happened so fast! - but within seconds, he was officially the most popular guy in the school. Valentino was thinking, "Hey, this isn't too bad" when the crowding happened. And the questions. It was like he built a wall, and it broke. And now the questions were flooding in. Valentino was drowning - he was shy, so he didn't like it after the spotlight was on him for the first couple of days - and he was literally dying in there. It was all too much. And, Vallya said, everyone knew they were twins. It wasn't going to be long before they found out who she was too, and Valentino saw the fear in her eyes every time she talked about it.

By the time they both released their debut EP albums, it was the end of his and his sister's sixth year. And they realized this was just going to make things worse. They seriously then wanted to move to England and enroll into Hogwarts as new seventh years. Their parents agreed, although they told them it would be a big and sudden change and it would be a rush to get ready for a new school, but Vallya and Valentino wouldn't care the least.

As long as they had a new life, they could start over, hoping and praying nobody made the connection with Vallya and a certain singer and Valentino with another certain singer, assuming Valentino hadn't already made it official. He was pretty sure the world would make the connection someday anyway.


Face ClaimCha Eun Woo [ASTRO]
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Height183 cm
Weight64 kg
Voice Type
Blood TypeA
Distinguishing Marks
Body Style
Scentroses when he sneaks his sister's perfume

Family Information

FatherValente Jiang
MotherCeline Jiang
Full SiblingsVallya Jiang
Valkyrie Jiang
Valerie Jiang
Valente Jiang

Half Siblings
Other Relatives


Significant Other(s)
Best Friend(s)

Name Etymology

Given [ Valentino ]
Middle [ -- ]--
Surname [ Jiang ]


Nickname(s)Valentine (only by his sister)
Favourite Colour
Favourite Movie
Favourite Song
Favourite Food
Favourite Drink
First Kiss
First Crush
First Love
First Time
Pet(s)His and Vallya's cat, Violet
Sports Played
Instruments Played
Biggest Hope
Biggest Regret
Best Memories
Worst Memories
Mental Illnesses
Criminal Record
Medical Record

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