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Valerie Jernigan
Age 26
Birthdate June 3rd 1999
Family Tobias Jernigan (father)
     Cornelia Jernigan (née Pistachio) (mother)
     Torey Jernigan (brother)
     Eugenia Jernigan (sister)
     Arlana Jernigan (sister)
     Guilbert Jernigan (brother)
     Maureen Jernigan (sister)
     Emmett Jernigan (brother) 
Gender Female
Hair colour Blonde
Eye colour Brown
Status Alive
School Hogwarts
House Welcome Hufflepuff
Race Witch
Wand Arm
Height 5'10

This character has been requested to be preserved by MinaTula.


Valerie Kathleen Jernigan was born to Cornelia and Tobias Jernigan. Her parents met in Hogwarts, they were both Ravenclaw students. Just like that, they expected Valerie to be just as successful as them. Valerie has six siblings, Eugenia, Torey, Arlana, Guilbert, Maureen, and Emmett. She was closest with her brother Emmett, and her sister Arlana. She played with them a lot in her childhood, and she knows something none of her siblings know: her mother's big secret.

So what was her mother's big secret? She's a part-veela. And this is her history: Cornelia fell in love with Tobias when she was in her fifth year. But she overheard him tell his friends he would never fall in love with a veela, part veela, or anything of that sort, because he wanted to prove he wouldn't fall for looks alone. Valerie was kind of relieved her mother was an eavesdropper, as she'd never be born. Tobias and Cornelia started dating in their sixth year, and they got married two years after Hogwarts.

Valerie was the only one who knew that, because her other siblings... either have a bad lying history, or could never keep a secret. Valerie was extremely proud that her mother trusted her with such a big secret, and vowed never to tell anyone, especially not her father. She had bad dreams most of the time, however, that she ended up trusting Eugenia, and Eugenia told her father, and her parents divorced. That was frightening for her.

When she was 11 years old, she was accepted into Hogwarts. She was sorted into Hufflepuff. Her siblings were also sorted into either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. Valerie's history at Hogwarts was uneventful: she made friends, learned magic, enjoyed herself. Her best class was healing, though. She loved every single minute of it. It was also the class she did best in. She got high marks in her owls. She took Healing and Mythology as her optional classes every year.

When she graduated, she took advantage of her wealth, and bought herself a really nice house in Cornwall. She now wants to relax, and do something productive every day.


Valerie... she's a very nice person. She is also very clever, witty, and the kind of girl who can keep a secret. You can easily trust her by her kind nature, and she's very wise, always knows the right answer to a question. She's extroverted. She was a near hatstall between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, but she's so kind she ended up in Hufflepuff.