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Valindil Ford
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Full Name

Valindil Danrose Ford

Date of birth

September 20th, 1998.






First Year

Magical Abilities


Born in


Left/Right Handed



Early Life/History[]

Full name Valindil Danrose Ford was born on the 20th of September 1998. During his Early life as a child (aged 8) Valindil was always curious of what it would be like having a life like he had in his dreams. An incident occured in Valindil's life when, decided by his father that only Valindil and his father would move country away from the rest of his family affecting him by not knowing anyone.


Valindil's personality mostly revovles around being proud and brave within himself yet can be considered by others and come across as shy but once they get to know him it mostly ends in Valindil and the other being good friends. Valindil never intends to hurt anyone but instead help others but will do what he must if in danger, he also enjoys get-togethers with family and friends showing his humbleness and nobleness. Due to his bravery and proudness Valindil was put into Gryffindor which is his favourite house personally.

Appearance []

Long dark brown hair, brown eyes and as well brown facial hair. Wears a long thick buttoned coat often with different layers underneath. Valindil wears a strap across his body for appearence purposes only. Often also wears black or grey boots & jeans.