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Vasilius Michelakakis-Jo

You are the glint of a sword being drawn free, and the warm smell of leather. You are the glossiness of a horse’s back, but also the sudden kick of fear. You are tiny smiles and curling fingers; a garden full of colourful flowers. You are the unexpected sting of poison ivy under one’s feet, and the soothing balm of chapstick over cracked, bleeding lips. You are a train rushing forwards, carrying thousands of pounds of cargo. You are the steady thrum of a heartbeat, a yellow ribbon wrapped around a present. You are still water in a vase, and the sudden frustration of broken glass and spilled liquid on the floor. Well are you called a defender, ISFJ, because you are a Strong Wall, full of the tiny cracks that come with humanity and yet standing strong for all those who need you.

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When crows remember people who wronged them and hold grudges, it’s ‘intelligent’ and ‘really cool’ but when I do it I’m ‘petty’ and ‘need to move on’.

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The Basics

Full name ||

▪ Vasilius Hyun-Woo Jo

Meaning behind name ||

Vasilius (Βασίλιους) is his Greek birth name. It is an alternate spelling of Vasilios, the Modern Greek from of Basil which, in turn, is from the Greek name Βασιλειος (Basileios) which was derived from βασιλευς (basileus) meaning "king".
Hyun-Woo (현우) is his birth name, from Sino-Korean 賢 (hyeon) meaning "virtuous, worthy, able" or 顯 (hyeon) meaning "manifest, clear" combined with 祐 (u) meaning "divine intervention, protection" or 雨 (u) meaning "rain". When the meanings of both symbols are joint together, they can mean "virtuous divine protection" or "clear rain".
Metaxas (Μεταξας) is his mother's maiden name, derived from Greek μεταξι (metaxi) meaning "silk", and most likely referred to a silk merchant or another occupation that dealt with silk.

Jo (조) is his father's surname, from Sino-Korean 組 (jo) meaning "group, set, series".

Nicknames ||

Vasi — close friends, family
Vasilianki mou — lit. “my own little Vasilius”, by Theo

Age ||

▪ 23

Birthday ||

▪ 21 August

Assigned sex ||

▪ Male

Gender identity ||

▪ Male

Sexual/romantic orientations ||

▪ Bisexual panromantic

Nationality ||

▪ Greek-Korean

Ethnicity ||

▪ Greek-Korean

Species ||

▪ Human [ Wizard ]

Marital status ||

Physical Info
For him, his best feature is his cat-like eyes.

Tattoos ||

Piercings ||

Dominant hand ||

▪ Ambidextrous

Handwriting ||

Voice ||

Heavenly Tenor

Scent ||

▪ Citrus and vanilla with hints of ink and parchment

Blood status ||

▪ Half-Blood

Face claim ||

▪ Hong Ji-Soo [ Joshua; SEVENTEEN ]

Gallery ||

Magical Info

[ Wand ]

Cherry, Tengu Feather core

[ Boggart ]

Corpses of his loved ones

[ Patronus/Animagus ]

None | Deer [ Stag ]

Acie — Stag Patronus.jpg

[ Amortentia ]

Sea breeze; sakura; Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme; fresh linen

[ Exotic? ]


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Vodka may not be the answer, but it's worth a shot.

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[ Likes ]

▪ Grapes; cats; naps; food especially spicy food; travelling; his leisure time; books

[ Dislikes ]

▪ Obnoxious sounds; certain bitter foods; getting his naps disturbed; cherries; that one person down the hall of his apartment complex

[ Loves ]

▪ Leisure time with friends and family; sleep; ice cream sandwiches; useless trivia; snow; rainy days

[ Loathes ]

▪ Obnoxious people; forcefully getting woken up; superstitions; people who hurt/are a danger to his loved ones

[ Passions ]

▪ Writing; playing the flute; teaching; composing; songwriting

Cursed with a resting b**chface, Vasilius gives off an unnapproachable and cold aura, something that is a double-edged sword for him. It can repel people he doesn't like, but it also repels people he does like. Sure, he's been blessed by Aphrodite with his pretty face and cat-like features, but nobody really wants to approach a person with an RBF if they don't want to get dragged roughly down the slopes of their dignity.

If someone is brave enough to approach him, they'd discover that his personality is miles away from his aura. He is, as his close friends say, 'a complete freakin' doof'. While he looks stone cold outside, Vasilius is really very soft and kind of squishy. He's really easy to get along with if you just try... and also easy to take advantage of. Vasilius is aware of this but he does know his limits. If a person goes too far, it's rest in pieces for them. Vasilius knows how to take care of himself, okay? No, hyung and noonas, he doesn't need protection.

Vasilius is a natural scholar, having the highest affinity for anything knowledge-related among his siblings. Though he doesn't possess photographic memory or any of that sort, he does have a study habit that teachers would be proud of. His ability to organise, prioritise and compromise is something to be noted and his diplomatic skills are thanks to his parents.

One side of Vasilius that can rarely be seen by other people is his cheekier and arguably more annoying side, reserved especially for people he holds close the most. Whenever he's around his closest ties, he's innuendos and puns and lowkey sass galore. Feline eyes have a hint of a mischievous spark in them as his seemingly bitchy aura blends together with his squishy personality, teasing words flowing easily out of his mouth with the corners of his lips forming a semi-smirk, semi-smile.

Just because Vasilius is a serious person when it comes to studying and basically everything intellect-related doesn't mean he can't enjoy a meme or two. If you listen carefully, Vasilius would mutter out memes under his breath. He's not just a meme lord, okay? He's THE meme lord.

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If I'm gonna be a mess, I may as well be a hot one.

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[ Hometown ]

▪ Thessaloniki, Greece

[ Living ]

⬩ Past | Thessaloniki, Greece [ Altair Hotels Thessaliki branch ]; Seoul, South Korea [ Altair Hotels Seoul branch ]; Minami Iwo Jima, Japan [ Mahoutokoro School of Magic ]; London, England [ Metaxas Summer Manor ]
▪ Present | London, England [ His flat ]

[ Living with ]

▪ Past | Family; Male yearmates; Maternal cousins

▪ Present | Theofanis Michelakakis

[ Pets ]

▪ Past | Ariel [ Owl; deceased ]

▪ Present | Dia [ Snowy owl ]; Angelique [ Golden Labrador ]; Hodu [ Samoyed ]; 7 Samoyed-Golden Lab mix puppies

[ Occupation ]

▪ Past | Student

▪ Present | Flute instructor; freelance writer; substitute teacher; composer & songwriter

[ Sports played ]

▪ Past | Quidditch [ can play all positions with varying levels of mastery ]

▪ Present | n/a

[ Musical instruments played ]

▪ Past | Classical and stringed instruments

▪ Present | Piano; violin; flute

[ Smoke ]

▪ Past | No

▪ Present | No

[ Drink ]

▪ Past | Moderate [ only at special events ]

▪ Present | Moderate [ when experiencing heavy stress ]

[ Addiction ]

▪ Past | None

▪ Present | None

[ Greatest achievement ]

▪ Past | Graduating at the top of his class; seeing his first book become a No.1 Bestseller

▪ Present | Successfully adulting; Theofanis Michelakakis

[ Biggest hope ]

▪ Past | Reuniting with his childhood friends; graduating with a golden robe

▪ Present | Fixing everything that went wrong

[ Biggest regret ]

▪ Past | Leaving his hometown; missing Malia's wedding

▪ Present | His breakup with Theo

[ Best memories ]

▪ Past | Spending time with his friends at the lobby of their Thessaliki hotel

▪ Present | Reuniting with Malia; getting together with Theo

[ Worst memories ]

▪ Past | Sakellarios family incident
▪ Present | Getting the news that his mother and younger sister are hospitalised; break-up era

[ Mental illnesses ]

▪ Past | None

▪ Present | Insomnia

[ Criminal record ]

▪ Past | None

▪ Present | None

[ Medical record ]

▪ Past | Broken arm, blood loss, punctured lung

▪ Present | Dormant genetic respiratory illness

The Jo family is a powerful Wizarding conglomerate family from South Korea, they are best known for their 5-star chain of hotels Altair International and rapidly rising Sky High Entertainment (involves investment and distribution of international and domestic music). Though having only established themselves more or less than 10 years ago, their impressive rise to fame and power has enabled them to make a name for themselves, even amongst the families who have been in the business for a longer period of time.

The Metaxas family descended from an ancient Macedonian aristocratic family, the Metaxas family are the masters of the Magical sector of Metaxas in the region of Macedonia. They are detached from the rest of the Wizarding world, preferring their seclusion in the magical barrier-protected, much bigger Magical sector of Metaxas where they control the production of their Metaxa spirit brand in secret. A dark secret within their family is their genetic curse as the price paid by their ancestor in order to gain power and glory.

Two separate families from different continents. All it took was a visit to Greece for them to collide and have their strings of fate intertwined.

Jo Jae-Kyung is the eldest child and only son of Jo Il-Hoon and Kim Eun-Bi, heir to the Jo Conglomerate and the self-appointed bodyguard of Kae Jin-Hee, a scion of close family friend and business partner Kae family, whom he consideres his younger sister in all but blood (he has 3 biological younger sisters but Jinhee was too Pure of a soul to not activate his innate Big Brother instincts). When Jinhee announced that she'd be going to Greece to visit her elder sister and her brother-in-law, Jaekyung was quick to follow after her under the reason that his father is meeting up with a Greek business partner but everyone knew that it was just Jaekyung acting on his protective brotherly instincts.

Upon arriving there, the two Koreans met who, unbeknownst to them, they would respectively marry in a few months' time. While Jinhee was being charmed by the ever magnificent Sokratis Michelakakis, Jaekyung was meeting his match in both intellect and attitude in the form of Galatea Metaxas, eldest daughter of his father's business partner Euphrasia Metaxas and the former partner of Sokratis.

From the start, he and Galatea never got along, even when Galatea formed a bond with Jinhee and began to treat the other girl like a sister. Jaekyung and Galatea always argued and fought over the smallest things, although both secretly admired how the other could handle their fiery personalities. Eventually their fights simmered down to intellectual debates over the chessboard that would last for hours. It was through these debates that they got to know each other more and it's quite possible that this was the pivotal part in their relationship where their feelings of admiration shifted to that of pure, romantic love that neither of them noticed.

One of the first to notice the subtle shift in the atmosphere between the two was none other than Jinhee, which was why during her wedding with Sokratis (something both Jaekyung and Galatea are vehemently against for the sake of Jinhee) she chose them to facilitate over the decorations together. Being forced to work together was initially a very bad move since they both had opposing ideas, but eventually the two found a common ground and started treating each other as more like friends than intellectual rivals.

Their relationship only improved from there and one day, two weeks before Sokratis and Jinhee's wedding, everything fell into place and Jaekyung and Galatea acknowledged their mutual feelings, thus starting a romantic relationship and eventually marrying three months after Sokratis and Jinhee did.

Two months after, Galatea was announced pregnant with a girl, much to the joy of the couple. Galatea herself was especially excited, she loves kids very much and having one of her own was a dream come true. The following months was a time of bliss for the couple, waiting with bated breath for the new addition to their small family who they already picked out a name for: Asteria Eun-Byul. However, it wasn't to last.

Trigger Warning: Mentions of stillbirth. Skip to the line after CLEAR if you are sensitive to the aforementioned topic.

Galatea encountered complications in the 7th month of her pregnancy and gave birth to Asteria prematurely. Asteria, however, didn't survive.

Holding her baby in her arms and never getting to see her eyes nor her smile, never getting to hear her laugh or cry or talk, it broke Galatea. Jaekyung felt his wife's pain and could do nothing but hold Galatea close, whispering words of comfort and love in her ear but both know they'd never be the same after this.

The nursery that they'd lovingly and painstakingly prepared for their Asteria was turned into a memorial for their lost child. The couple never let anyone else besides themselves enter the room. They were the ones who maintained the room and sometimes they'd spend long nights in there, just thinking and talking about what could have been.


It took them two years to even think of trying again and when they did, they were blessed with twin girls: Glykeria Hee-Jin and Melina Hyun-Jin, just about the same time Sokratis and Jinhee had their own set of male-female twins. Soon enough, Glykeria and Melina were followed by Emmanouil Da-Reum, Vasilius Hyun-Woo, Zoë [insert Korean name], Varvara Yeon-Ji, Silas [insert Korean name], and lastly Gavriil [insert Korean name] with one to two year intervals between.

While the children spent a generous amount of time in Greece, the entire family relocated to South Korea around the years 2023-2024 in order to get better treatment from the best healers the world has to offer for their genetic curse/illness.

Vasilius was one of the quieter and physically weaker children, along with his younger, more energetic sister Varvara. He was withdrawn and far more interested in the world of books, even having his own private nook of fluffy pillows in their home's gigantic library where he would hide whenever the Michelakakis family came over. When he made friends, they were few and far in between and were children of his parents' friends and coworkers, most notable of which were Malia Sakellarios and Aikaterine Vassalos. Vasilius was, and still is, closest to Malia, close enough that they even had a playground marriage and kept close contact until they reunited a decade or so later.

Though the Jo and Michelakakis families were very close, Vasilius never did show any interest in befriending any of them. The closest interaction he had with any of them were with the identical Michelakakis twins Chrysanthos and Theofanis, both of which were very mischievous and often got to Vasilius' nerves with their constant need to pester him (one of his very first Magical outbursts was making a chair fly at them at one point) which increased once the younger half of the Michelakakis children were temporarily taken in by the Jo couple shortly after the death of Jinhee. Despite that, the twins would soon cement themselves as his first loves.

Around 10 years old, Vasilius had to move with his family to Japan, where he started Magical school in Mahoutokoro, getting Sorted into Kaze, the traditional house of the Jo family, and meeting Amanogawa Tatsuki and Cho Ga-Eul.

The move was quite jarring to him, especially the culture shock, the time differences, and the fact that he now has to be addressed as 'Hyun-Woo'. Japan was new to him, Mahoutokoro as well, and Vasilius hated feeling confused, ignorant and lacking in knowledge. Gaeul approached him first, all cute lisps and awkward accented Korean, revealing that she, too, was far from home. Canada and Greece are highly different, but they're both home to each of them so Gaeul understood his frustrated tears and his constant confusion. She became his first rock, distracting him from the painful twinges of I miss Greece, I miss my library, I miss Malia, I miss my corner, I miss my friends, I miss home.

Tatsuki was a shy one, much shier than Vasilius himself, and far too adorable and lonely for Vasilius and Gaeul to ignore so one day they dragged him out for exploration despite his protests. They eventually wormed their way into his heart under the orange of the sunset by the sea. Tatsuki's small smile and gentle nod as the two grasped each of his hands makes Vasilius feel shy and ignore the subtle flutter in his chest as they drag their new friend to the sakura grove, eager to see if there really were any kitsunes there.


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What motivates you?

I suppose it’s an unhealthy mix of spite, pettiness, the thirst for vengeance, and pure, relentless rage.

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[ Languages ]

⬩ Understood | Greek; English; Korean; Japanese
⬩ Spoken | Greek; English; Korean; Japanese

[ Theme song(s) ]


SHINee 샤이니 Married To The Music Music Video

Married to the Music by SHINee

I’m married to the music, it’s amazing. You are my music, the moment I wanted and dreamed of every day.

F(x)(에프엑스)-"DIAMOND(다이아몬드)" Comeback stage M COUNTDOWN 151029 EP.449

Diamond by f(x)

My heart’s a diamond, my essence is fire, my talents are one billion, I’m worth a diamond.

Kim Lip (LOOΠΔ 김립) - Twilight (Prod. by Cha Cha Malone) Lyrics Han Rom Eng

Twilight by Kim Lip

It’s 3AM and my eyes open again. I try going under the covers. I’m staring at the ceiling, I’m counting sheep. Is morning even coming?

[ Extra ]

▪ His first love, or loves rather, were two of his playmates back in his childhood.
▪ His first kiss was a male classmate of his back in fourth year
▪ Notable seniors of his back in Mahoutokoro are the members of the Japanese National Quidditch team, but he's closest to Chikane Mikazuki and often babysits her twins.

[ Disclaimer ]

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