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Vendela wb2

since i was born, they couldn't hold me down

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17 years old


september 12th








Gryffindor Tower


alive; single




eurén home







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salamander scale

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her father





Vendela wb2

since i was born, they couldn't hold me down

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sophie turner

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1.68 m

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doin' alright



Vendela wb2

since i was born, they couldn't hold me down

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livia eurén


He Who Must Not Be Named 2.0

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Valdis Eurén

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Vendela wb2

since i was born, they couldn't hold me down

made by didi.

I’m an ESFP. Or at least so they say. True, I love being around people. I die when I’m alone. Good thing I have my sister. Don’t let her fool you, I’m the older one. Back on track, someone once told me I have ADHD. Maybe. If it’s cool, and it must be, ‘cause none of my traits could possibly be lame, then I’m okay with it. Oh, so probs that’s why I keep changing the subject! Yas, I got an explanation… Ugh, I’m doing it again, aren’t I? Valdis says I’m too impulsive, too reckless. But come on, life was made to be fun! Nothing can stop me from taking chances. Just try to stop me from anything, you’ll regret it, you got it. And don't you dare mention that wall I painted on. Wait, which wall? There were lots. Way better than canvas.




Vendela wb2

since i was born, they couldn't hold me down

made by didi.

It was a rather late night in a hospital in Kristianstad, yet the silence wouldn't last forever. Mere minutes before midnight, the rather unexpected cry of a little baby girl broke the peaceful silence. And yet, it was followed just minutes later by another. Their names? Valdis and Vendela Eurén. But neither Valdis nor Vendela could know, this shouldn't have happened. They shouldn't have been born. They never knew that their father never wanted this of all things.

So when I was like five, my parents got divorced. I didn’t understand why back then. But now, when I think about that, it was always coming. We weren’t supposed to be at all. Mum got over that. Dad didn’t. Me and my sister, twin sister, actually, Valdis, had no idea about everything that was going on whatsoever. Suddenly the whole little world we had- you know, mum, dad, the two of us, always together and sh!t like that, was basically smashed to pieces. We weren’t sure if anything at all was stable, believable et cetera. Ugh. And my dad got full custody on us. I didn’t know why, but I didn’t like that. Maybe it was because I saw mum crying for the first time when she came to say goodbye. No idea, honestly. But I had a bad feeling about this (get the reference? never mind). We stayed at home, she left. It was just weird and empty for a couple of days. Like two weeks, or something. No, less. Anyway, then things got bad. We got to know why mum left. I think I’ll just describe it like people usually do. So there you go: child abuse. He treated us like trash. One day we were nonexistent, no need for food and all, the second we were perfect for punching bags. I remember that one time I got some ice from the freezer. It helped, but he must have noticed, he broke a bottle there later. Or maybe he was just drunk. I’m not even sure if he liked to drink, dope or anything. Kids don’t get such things. If I were there now, I’d kill him. I wonder if Valdis wants revenge too. We never talked about him that way. Only the frightened way. Oh, one day he’ll pay for it all. And then I discovered art. Being identical isn’t easy, and it was the very least of my problems. Valdis writes all the time, she says it helps. I have an escape too. It’s painting. And what I like best is graffiti. Since I was little, fences, rules and all that crap seemed like… how to put it… like an opportunity. To prove something, you know. Whatever. Okay, so where was I? Child abuse. Art. Got it. Dad became more and more angry, and everything got worse. Not gonna describe it, stuff still gives me nightmares. But hey, no rape has ever happened in my life! That’s good! …Right? Then we finally discovered why: we were to be saved. By mum, who made an epic entrance, movie style. Or better. She got us out, she got custody after a long long battle we had no idea about. Boom. And we moved out with her, and seriously, she seemed like a superhero to me at the time. First thing I did after we got home- to our new home, I mean, in England, so that we had a chance to live a normal life far from our father- was painting her portrait. Obviously it was awful. And then came our first magic signs! I remember Valdis made one of my paintings move. That was pretty awesome. I think mine was something with a levitating glass of milk, which may have spilt onto mum's head. Heh. We were born in September, so we were the oldest in our first year at Hogwarts. Sure felt good!

Hogwarts has been a wild ride so far. I made friends, joined the Art and Dueling clubs, and of course played Quidditch for my house for years now. Last year I made Captain! Probably my proudest moment.




Vendela wb2

since i was born, they couldn't hold me down

made by didi.én

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