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Birthday december 2nd
Age 15
Status Alive
Pronunciation vee‧nuhs
Handedness Right
Gender Female
Orientation Pansexual, panromantic "I don't believe in labelling myself"
Relationship Single
Nationality English
Speaks English, Dutch, French, Italian, Moroccan Arabic, Hebrew
German, Hindi, Spanish, Thai
Species Witch, Human
Blood Status Muggle-born
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'9"
Model Khadijha Red Thunder

Venus is happy - you'll rarely catch her without a smile on her face, and she likes to think her whole aura is approachable. She doesn't put much effort into her appearance beyond a bit of pink lipstick and some statement earrings (and, of course, the septum piercing her mother let her get aged twelve), but her sustainably-sourced wardrobe is stocked with clothes that always manage to look like she's put thought into her outfits, which is more than enough for her.
Growing up in a van, you develop an appreciation for the things other people take for granted: real showers, staying warm at night, maintaining friendships for your entire childhood. And Venus is no exception. Her blood type is B+, after all - it's her calling. And by God does she live up to that philosophy; you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone as immutably upbeat as Venus Kolijn.

It's not hard to please Venus. She goes through life with her eyes wide open; everything she sees is to be cherished as it is. There's good in everyone and everything, if you just look hard enough! She's well known among her yearmates for being great at pep-talks, not to mention the way she gives out compliments like haribos. And the best part? Everything Venus says, she means.

It's a side effect of not having many friends as a child that's caused Venus to be as friendly as she is now, always ready to make a new friend or four. A self-described "conscientious objector", she'd would rather sell her left kidney than get into an argument with anyone, let alone one of her friends, which naturally leads to complications when her friends fall out. Venus isn't good at picking sides, and her natural wish for everyone to get along often backfires and leaves her in the dust, labelled 'flaky' or 'fake'. She's not either of those, of course - she's ride or die if you're her friend, no matter what. It's just that she's ride or die for everyone. Venus doesn't play favourites (mostly).

Generally laid-back, Venus takes everything life throws at her in stride. She'll attribute it to her upbringing if you ask - you can't imagine how much goes wrong when you're living in a van - but really it's just her. Venus believes firmly that worrying too much will just cause you more problems. It's best to just adapt, not plan too much, figure things out along the way. The best part of any trip is the journey!

One thing about Venus that can be attributed to her upbringing is her independence. Her mothers have never exactly been the most reliable of parents, always onto the next great adventure - which, fair, Venus is too. Ask her to run away with you to Paris and she'll do it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately that's not the best mindset for childrearing, though, and Venus has always been treated more as a mini adult than as a child. Sure, it's cool not having any rules, and she wouldn't trade the experiences she's had for the world, but it's taught Venus to rely on herself in a way she never would have found necessary in a different family. She thinks it's good, though! She's just turned into the designated mum friend.

Boggart losing all her friends
Amortentia latkes, incense, roses
Patronus holly blue butterfly
Wand unicorn hair, applewood, 11 3/4"
Interests music, travelling, languages, vans
Pet Peeve arguments
Habits tugs on her hair, vapes
Star Sign sagittarius
Dreams/Goals make friends!
Color pink
Song she plays bass
Show the end of the f***ing world
Movie the breakfast club
Book i'll give you the sun
Food mochi
Drink herbal teas!

- she's been raised jewish.
- her mothers practise wicca, and as a kid venus was nicknamed the family lucky charm because every time she took part in a spell it would actually work. little did they know.
- she wanted to be a mechanic as a kid.
- she picks up languages extremely quickly. it's her superpower. currently she's fluent in six and proficient in four more.
- she believes in the 'fair folk' and often leaves out little gifts for them.
- most of her breaks are spent working in her mothers' shop.
- she's vegan.
- she identifies as a communist.
- her idol is freddie mercury!
- she vapes and is really good at stick-n-pokes.
- she collects crystals.
- her brother neptune ezra is in an indie band called limited time. they're actually kind of getting big now!! venus loves to sing so often you'll hear her featured on their songs.
- her blood type is b+.
- she's saving her first kiss.
- she's super involved in frog choir! it's her baby.
- she's currently learning esperanto for fun.
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