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Veronica Drake
The Street Girl


Personal Information

Full NameVeronica Monique Drake
BirthdayNovember 11th 2028
Zodiac SignScorpio
Sex / GenderFemale/Female
Sexual OrientationStraight
Romantic OrientationStraight
Relationship StatusSingle
AccentHarsh Latin
Living SituationRough
Languages SpokenSpanish, English

Magical Information

Blood StatusHalf-blood
Wand Wood
Wand Core
Wand Length
BoggartHer daughter dying


Veronica had always shown independence, and ambition; She hates staying in one place for too long, but she can control that easily. She has a fairly good hold on her emotions, often choosing not to show them to protect the people around her. But she's not perfect, and will often get into fights with people who push her too far, or go after her loved ones. She is a very secretive person, who often doesn't try to make friends. Afraid to ask for help, and afraid to let herself even be known. Veronica can be seen as sweet when it comes to people she genuinely cares about. That is not very often, naturally. Veronica really just has a huge fear of disappointing people, especially after what happened with her mother.


Sir Francis Drake was known as one of the best sea captains and Elizabethan explorers of all time. From feats such as claiming California for the English empire, to defeating the Spanish Armada in 1588 - He was successful in his life, with both his English armada career along with his piratical career in Spain. What people didn’t know about his is that at the end of the day, he was truly just a man.

Francis had slept around - In fact, mostly in Spain. While he was considered a pirate in those locations, he still had quite a way with women. Specifically, he slept with a woman, whom stole something from him; A family crest with the words , Auxilio Divino, Sic Parvis Magna. That woman had a child, and the line went on and on, until it landed on Remei. Remei was not ready to be a mother, but she had married the man who had impregnated her. Despite it not being a very happy marriage, they stuck with it.

Veronica had another surname beforehand. Since she left, she hasn’t claimed it, so it doesn’t quite matter what it is, does it. Her family, if you could even call them that, were fairly well off. That doesn’t mean they were good people. Veronica had to learn from a young age to mostly fend for herself; Of course, this led to her getting in trouble many many times. It had gotten to the point where she had been thrown back to her home, with her mother and father being told they were bad parents.

When Veronica turned 9, it turns out even she had enough. It was the cabbage guy. She had been caught taking one and she was roughly grabbed and thrown to the ground. She had been yelled at, and stood up to fight back, but was only thrown back down by the rubble of the cart the man was pushing exploding in everyone’s face. In a state of shock, she ran home to complain to her parents.

Veronica was told about her magic, as offhandedly as possible without being considered not telling her at all. Unfortunately, she really had nobody to talk to about it. On her birthday the next year, she was offered a spot at Castelobruxo. She took it, and for a good couple of years, she was okay.

Honestly Veronica considered her home life a mess. This is why she didn’t take her summers to go home; Instead, she took them for herself. Veronica made her way all across latin america first. Then, she went to America. Then Europe. This girl had certainly been well travelled by the time she was in her fourth year; She had also taught herself so much more. How not to be caught, and how to be better at her little hobby. Soon, she considered herself a fairly decent thief.

She had soon met a boy; Quentin had captured her attention in Italy. He was a younger boy, just like herself, who happened to catch her in the act of stealing some money from a random old woman. Much to her dismay, he made her give it back. It had started out as a relationship where the two wanted nothing to do with each other. They just seemed to run into one another every couple of days. Veronica chose to have a bit of fun with him, and Quentin certainly had no issue with it.

She returned to Castelobruxo expecting absolutely nothing out of that brief fling. Boy was she wrong. Veronica, now in her fifth year, had taken a couple of months to figure out something was clearly wrong with her. She hated to even think about it, but she went to the nurse with a very specific concern; Pregnancy. Turns out, she was right. She knew it could only be Quentin’s, but she chose not to tell him anything. She was more concerned about a whole other issue; Her mother.

Veronica tried to hide it the best she could. Despite her very limited interactions with her mother - by choice, mind you - Remei could easily tell something was wrong. It all came out a month before she was due to give birth. Her biggest fear had come true after that. She was disowned.

Veronica, angry and upset, finished off her fifth year after begging them to let her take the OWLs couple of months early. As soon as she did manage to take the tests, and actually pass them, she had no other choice but to pull her life together - And that she did.

First step was to completely remove herself from her family. She needed one thing first. An old family heirloom that had kept her going whenever she remembered it; Auxilio Divina, Sic Parvis Magna. With Divine Help, Great Things from Small Things.

She had soon given birth to a little girl, who she named Quinn Drake. Along with that, Veronica decided to further cement her removal from her family, and started going by that name as well. Veronica Drake. She travelled, and soon settled in a magic town, Lincliff. She just barely managed to get by with her thievery and her charm.


Face ClaimAlejandra Alonso
Eye ColourGreen
Hair ColourBrown
Voice TypeSoft
Blood Type0-
Distinguishing MarksA couple of scars on her arms
Body StyleSlim
TattoosHer daughter's name on her wrist
ScentLemon and Mango

Family Information

Full SiblingsN/A
Half SiblingsN/A
Other Relatives


Significant Other(s)N/A
Best Friend(s)N/A

Name Etymology

Given [ Veronica ]True Image
Middle [ Monique ]Advisor
Surname [ Drake ]Dragon


Nickname(s)V, Ronnie
Favourite ColourBlue
Favourite MovieN/a
Favourite SongSweet but Psycho - Ava
Favourite FoodGrilled Cheese Sandwich
Favourite DrinkMango soda
First KissN/A
First Crush
First LoveN/A
First TimeN/A
Sports Played
Instruments Played
Biggest Hope
Biggest Regret
Best Memories
Worst Memories
Mental IllnessesN/A
Criminal RecordN/A
Medical RecordN/A

Custom Trivia

  • Her MBTI is ISFJ
  • More to come...