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The Living Glitch.

Vesamora Lin Woodhouse
Kedric Shane - Cousin

Harley Woods - Cousin

Alex Woodhouse - Father

Thadia Woodhouse - Mother

Xavier Woodhouse - Brother

Jane Woodhouse - Sister
Blood Status
rped by Merisa

Vesamora Woodhouse is the daughter of Alex and Thadia Woodhouse and cousin to Kedric Shane and Harley Woods. She is a future Ravenclaw student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


Model: Maddison Pettis

Alexander Jonathan Woodhouse was the last child born in the Woodhouse family. He was everything a 'pure-blood shouldn't be'. He frequented Muggle London often after taking glimpses of it from the train station. He taught himself how to use a computer at Internet Cafés and Apple Stores. Alex grew to love muggle technology and began to think Muggles were geniuses. After all, they made computers without magic. This of course was how he spent his summers. During the school term, he spent his days studying in the Ravenclaw dormitories.

In his sixth year, he met the beatiful Thadia Green. Of course he got to know her and eventually, they fell in love. Of course, Alex's father didn't approve of the match and his life choices. So, he was cut off and left to fend for himself. Alex quickly grabbed his savings, transfered it into muggle money and paid for the first term of his education in a Muggle School. Thadia helped him by getting several jobs as he got a part time one.
After several years of this, he had a nice stable job in a Muggle Gaming Company and Thadia was expecting their first child. Naturally, things were crazy. They dashed around making sure things would be alright for the baby. Nine months of chaos later, Xavier was born. When Xavier was five, Jane was born. Eleven years after Jane, Vesamora Woodhouse came to be.
Vesamora grew up around people significantly older then her. She was often alone with her mother and a computer. So, she soon got involved with gaming. Especially one MMORPG. She loved this game and earned every penny of her monthly subscrption and the exspansions. Her parents didn't complain, her room looked fabulous.
When she was seven, she was doing a dungeon (her party at the time were full of morons), she got frustrated at their stupidity (your not supposed to pull everyone gosh.), causing all the lights in the room to flicker. Of course, Vesa didn't think anything of it. Could've been a Brown Out. However, her mother knew better. After all, it happened in only one room of the house. She let her daughter finish her dungeon before pulling her aside, telling her she had magic like her siblings and her parents. Vesa grinned and responded with an ethusastic, "YES I'M A MAGE YES~". Which promptly caused her mother to laugh.

Vesa is now waiting to turn ten years old so she can have her letter.

Vesa is one of those people that doesn't normally talk to other people much outside of her computer games. Once you get her talking however, she'll go onand on about her favorite things. Since she just so happens to be a very curious girl, expect a flow of questions from this girl. Rude or polite. She also happens to be sensitive. A hurtful comment can send a stream of silent tears. Don't even finish that thought. She is NOT a crybaby. In fact, she will stick her chin up as the tears stream down her face and tell you whats what. She's a gamer first and foremost. So expect some random comments about video games in your conversations with her. She's stubborn and headstrong and is very good at running on lack of sleep. She's caring, loyal and sweet. Vesa is a smart and compassionate girl. She honestly doesn't know that she is smart or compassionate. She understands people's facial expressions (thanks family).


friends, acquaintances and enemies

Alex Woodhouse

Vesamora adores her father. He taught her how to use a Muggle Computer and several Muggle gaming devices. However, he is almost always away on business trips (he works for a Muggle Gaming Company). So she barely gets to see him.

Thadia Woodhouse

She loves her mother. After all, they play video games together (even though Thadia loses more often then not). They do get on each others nerves occasionally. Which, I might add, is perfectly normal in a mother-daughter relationship.

Xavier Woodhouse

Vesamora isn't all that close to her older brother. Sure, they sometimes play games together but they never seem to talk.

Jane Woodhouse

Same as her brother.

Kedric Shane

Vesamora has never met Kedric. So she doesn't have much of an opinion.

Harley Woods
She's never met the girl, let alone know that she exists.


Vesa has been gaming since she was four years old (thanks dad). In fact, she learned how to read through her video games.

Video Game Languages

She can speak two video game languages adequetly(and hopes to learn more).

Reading People
Believe it or not, she's scary good at reading people's facial expressions. She thinks nothing of it.

*Based slightly off of Button Mash
  • Born on January 5th
  • Is strongly susceptible to brain freezes
  • Loves Milkshakes
  • Her parents named her Vesamora because they didn't want to name her Samora. So they combined Visa with Samora and BAM Vesamora (ves-A-more-A)
  • Wears beanies ALL THE TIME.


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