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Via Anagram
Via 1
her excellency
December 8
"Oh, they don't matter much."
Name Pronunciation
AY-vee-ya HIL-lyer (like Chevalier)
"But you can call me Via."
Blood Status
rped by red

"I'm the most interesting person you'll ever have the misfortune of meeting. And I kill people too. What fun."
Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Fashionable, classy
"Oh, I'm gorgeous, but a little make-up never hurts. Beauty means dedication and hard work. I'm no Hufflepuff, but that doesn't mean I don't try. I love wearing heels - they're something about them that makes you feel like you can step on everyone else. I hate wearing colour too. They convey too much emotion. Ick. Black and white all the way."

"I lived in England growing up but ever since I've just been bouncing between France and England."
Native Language
"I can speak English, but I'm fluent in French too."
"I sound horribly posh, I'm afraid, but there's a tinge of French in there too."
Earliest Memory
"Does it really matter to you?"
Type of Childhood
"Look above."
Childhood Fear
"Oh, I was a brave kid. Nearly nothing scared me."

"Ugh. I absolutely hate talking about the past. What's so important about it anyway? Shit happened. I did not have the ideal past full of rainbows and butterflies, and I've always been especially good at running. I ran to L'hexagone in four inch heels and found my escape in the City of Lights. I stayed there for a couple years, got into a little trouble, and broke more than a few hearts. That's all you really need to know.

"So, one day, I'm walking down the Cour du Commerce-Saint-André and I see a familiar face: Soren Vynter (his face isn't that bad to look at, by the way). To this day, he's the only one who knows my story, and I'm afraid if he spills, I'll have to kill you both. He tells me, 'You got anything to lose?' and I don't, I really don't, so he says, 'I got an offer I think you'll wanna hear.' So I listened, and here I am back in the UK. Your country just became a whole lot more fun."

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Confident, clever, charming
Worst Qualities
Secretive, impulsive, arrogant
Most Influenced By
"Oh, I don't wanna talk about him."
"I believe confidence is key. If you believe in yourself, other people will believe in you. People might call it arrogance. I call it knowing my worth. And darling, I'm worth ten times my weight in diamonds."

Via is sure of herself. She's brave in the sense that she's willing to do anything that isn't too stupid, but doesn't speak up much unless necessary. She likes to be quiet, and when she does talk it's with little to no emotion, which makes it hard for her to make jokes and kid around. Still, when she does talk, you better listen. Via's a little sensitive. She doesn't want to admit it, but everyone has their insecurities, and she's no exception. Insult her, and she'll retreat into a shell for a couple days, only to come out with a knife against your neck. Keep her away from knives, guns, and anything you can use as a weapon.

Her friends mean the literal world to her. She's very loyal, but prefers not to show it. However, when push comes to shove, you're gonna want this girl on your side. If she likes you enough, your enemies become her enemies, which, to be honest, is a really good advantage. Via doesn't like talking about her past. Don't pry too much, or she'll ensure that you don't have a future. She hates giving away her emotions. She likes being a mystery. Accept that.

talk bubble
Via 2
Via Hillier - dark witch
- "Night is when we slake our thirst."
Message Me - 07:53, July 19, 2015 (UTC)
"Hey there, stranger."

Via Gif 2

skills and magical abilities
Charms: "I'm charming. In more ways than one."

Wand: Yew, Dragon Heartstring, 10 and 1/2 inches. This is her second wand. She broke the first in half after running away. Yew wands are among the rarer kinds, and their ideal matches are likewise unusual, and occasionally notorious. The wand of yew is reputed to endow its possessor with the power of life and death, which might, of course, be said of all wands; and yet yew retains a particularly dark and fearsome reputation in the spheres of duelling and all curses.


*"My middle name is Camelot. My mum was really into King Arthur and all that jazz."
*"I've stolen a tiara or two. Believe me, Tiffany and Co. was in for quite the shock when they realized what went missing."
*"I'm one hell of a dancer. Believe me, I've got moves you've never seen."
*"I make the best tea in the entire cosmos."
*"I love anagrams and puzzles. Sudoku is my life, along with the morning crossword."
*"I like books and comics."
*"I love flower crowns, but I like burning the flowers a little. Don't you think they look prettier singed?"
*"I prefer using knives and guns to wands. I mean, spells can always be tracked."

Ambidextrous, but she prefers using her right.
Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Heterosexual, Heteroromantic
Relationship Status
Yew, Dragon Heartstring, 10 and 1/2 inches
Favorite Drink
Diet Coke
Favorite Sweet
Licorice Wands
Amortentia Scents
Old books, smoke, lavender
Favorite Song
She doesn't really listen to music - but she'll listen to anything

Via Gif 3

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