The Viaduct Courtyard (also known as the Entrance Courtyard) is a quadrangle in Hogwarts Castle. A covered stone cloister with an open colonnade runs around it, and two checkpoint towers flank its entryway via the Viaduct. There is a stone walkway leading from this courtyard into The Quad. The courtyard is partially paved, in a cross pattern. A popular hang-out spot for students of all Houses, this courtyard is where some students spend their spare time playing Gobstones.

On September 1st 1998, Hogwarts students marched through this Courtyard under the supervision of Death Eaters Alecto and Amycus Carrow and Headmaster Severus Snape, as they were led into the Castle. Having been destroyed during the Hogwarts Battle, the entire courtyard had to be spelled back to normal.

Viaduct Courtyard
ground floor


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