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Gryffindor Crest (Gif)Victoria JungGryffindor Crest (Gif)
Gryffindor Alumna
Owned by: Shademoon
Basic Information
Full Name: Victoria Chaehyun Jung/정채현
Born: August 31, 2008
Age: 17
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Nationality: Korean/Scottish
Ethnicity: Asian
More Information
Sexual Orientation: Bicurious
Romantic Orientation: Biromantic
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: Slight Scottish accent
Birthplace: Daegu, South Korea
Native Language: Korean
Languages Spoken: English, Korean
Current Location: Hogwarts
Magical Information
Blood Status: Half-blood
Wand Wood: English oak
Wand Core: Dragon heartstring
Wand Length: 14 inches
Wand Arm: Right
Patronus: German shepherd
Boggart: Her all alone
Exotic?: No
Schooling Information
Schooling: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Gryffindor
Year: Graduate
Year Joined: First
Gryffindor Crest (Gif)

Victoria, to say the least, holds nothing back. She is definitely blunt, and prefers not to be subtle. She enjoys teasing others and has a very tomboyish personality. She can be perceived as rude or conceited, but she is actually quite charismatic and energetic. She is a complete troll, loving to mess with her friends and is a person that often makes people exasperated. She has a very sassy, sarcastic approach to humor but both constantly entertains and drives people up the wall with her endless antics and her unbridled tongue. She always has a very straightforward approach to things, but she can actually get quite flustered in certain circumstances. She likes to bend the rules, and her free-spirited spontaneity never ceases to surprise. She's a girl who isn't to be messed with, but better to be befriended with. However, she isn't one to show weakness, so it takes time to figure out what she's really thinking and what she's really like-only those who have exceptional patience could maybe crack her walls, just a little bit.


Victoria Jung was born to a Muggle-born wizard named Jung Jesung and a pure-blood witch named Jung Soonhyun. She was born in Daegu, South Korea, where the couple had decided to stay temporarily until they could figure out the best place to move. After Victoria, Jung Chaehyun at birth, had been born, the couple decided it would be best to move to a region with populous, large wizarding communities for the benefit of their daughter's upbringing-Britain.
Victoria grew up in Montrose, a small port town on the eastern shores of Scotland. She lived among both a wizarding and Muggle society-mainly wizarding. She was always a rather free-spirited child, much to the dismay of her traditional and strict father. Even at her very young age, they always clashed and ended up fighting. It seems comical, a young and mindless girl in such a belligerent relationship with her much older and much more experienced father. And yet this is the way things happen.
Victoria's mother was much more soft-spoken, so Victoria got along very well with her. It seems strange that she got along with a mother who was very different from her, yet was always on touchy terms with someone who shared many of the same qualities as her-stubborn, blunt, and a little scary. So even in their not-so-famous town Victoria always managed to stir up trouble.
When she was 11, Victoria received the letter to Hogwarts. She went to attend her first year there, and is still there today. She is currently a sixth year and still managing to never have grown up since she was a child.

Model: Son Naeun (APink)
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black/brown
Height: 5'3
Weight: 95 lbs.
Voice Type: Alto
Distinguishing Marks: None
More Images
Father: Jung Jesung
Mother: Jung Soonhyun
Full Siblings: None
Half Siblings: None
Guardian(s): Her parents
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Relatives: Cousin
Name: Relation: Feelings:
Jung Jesung Father They fought a lot so she doesn't have much to say about him. Obviously she loves him, but they don't tend to get along.
Jung Soonhyun Mother Her mother is far more understanding than her father and for this Victoria and her mom are incredibly close. Victoria loves her endlessly and always checks up on her to see if she's doing okay.
Theo Pyeong Best Friend They've been best friends since first year. It seems like an unlikely match-sensitive Theo and straightforward Victoria, but Theo knows her better than probably anyone else. She'll always wish the best for him, and she's his number one supporter of his relationship with Tristan.
Carter Hwang Best Friend They've been best friends since first year. Victoria always knows how to cheer Carter up, though sometimes she just can't figure him out which frustrates her. However she always does her best to be there for him.
Tristan Asher Cousin Although they're related, they're not very close but they get along pretty well. Victoria knows better than anyone that although Tristan may be smart, he can have his incredibly dumb moments. She's typically the person who needs to set him straight.
Name Meaning:
  • Current Name: The meaning of Victoria is "victory" in Latin, or being borne by the goddess of victory.
  • The last name Jung can mean honored and affection.
Nicknames: N/A
Favourite Colour: Red
Favourite Movie: My Sassy Girl
Favourite Song: I Am A Woman Too by Minah
Favourite Food: Ramen
Favourite Drink: Milkis
Most Important People: Herself
Most Treasured Possessions: Necklace from her mother
Custom Trivia:
  • The more Victoria teases or bullies you, it means she has warmed up to you.
  • Despite trying to look tough all the time, Victoria has a weakness for cute animals.
  • Victoria has a very sweet appearance that contrasts with her rough personality, but deep down she is exceedingly compassionate.
  • Her favorite animal are cats and dogs. She's not picky.