Vilja M3


Birthday 22 November 2028
Age 16
Status Alive
Family Mikaela Mäkinen (sister)
Handedness Right
Gender Female
Orientation ?
Relationship Single
Nationality Finnish
Speaks English, Finnish, Swedish
Species Witch
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'5
Model Philippine Stindel

There hasn't been a lot that Vilja has had control over in her life. From the way she behaved to the way she dressed, her parents dictated how she had to live her life. Even in the wake of her father's arrest, she adhered to her mother's expectations and bended to her will. From shrilly dresses to preposterous hats to caking her face with makeup, Vilja often looked straight out of a children's book, but now that she's become independent from them, she's exercised careful control over even the most minimal of things - her attire especially.

Vilja has done a complete 180. She doesn't use makeup, and if she does, keeps it minimal, only giving herself a light glow versus the strong looks she grew up used to. She sold all her old clothes, the dresses and lacy blouses and all her skirts, along with her opulent jewelry, in favor of oversized sweaters and plaids, tanktops and ripped skinnies, and sneakers to top the look. Her once perfectly combed hair is now usually hidden beneath a beanie, and it's all a far shout from how she once looked.

There's nothing about Vilja in particular that stands out, but she's always had a soft spot for her eyes. Brown eyes are typically dull, but she's always found them to be her best asset; they look like honey, right under the sun's glare. She's at average height, around 5'5, with a slim build, again departing from her older sister's appreciated curves. Her posture isn't good, either. There's no amount of help she can get that'll fix that slouch of hers.
Vilja M
The story of Mika Mäkinen began during the Norse period, between 793–1066 ce, during the time of the Vikings. Her family were one of the first participants in the order of Yggdrasil and continued the tradition many generations afterwards. Being the representative of Thor, the Mäkinen knights were always one of the strongest and loyal knights that entered the order. Highly respected, Mika's ancestors protected the order and it was of great honour to serve. For those who didn't become a knight, many became keepers. Those who weren't applicable for the order became beneficiaries and helped support them any way they could. This continued up until Eighteenth century when the family, once secure and close, broke into two, split in half over a bitter family feud.

During the early Eighteenth century, the family had severely diminished for multiple reasons. Many had died in magical battles across the globe, some suffered fertility issues leaving them barren and unable to bear children, whereas some died off for other reasons such as suicide, murder, or other natural causes. So that, by the end of it all, there were two twin sister's and a handful of cousins left. It was a great worry too them–continuing their legacy was a priority in order to keep Thor's representative filled. It was simply bad luck that it was Hedvig Mäkinen who became the knight. That out of the two of them, she was the eldest. Even at a young age, Hedvig had begun questioning the principles of the Order. Wondering if they were right to do what they do. If it was time to move past the order and make something else for themselves. Her sister, Marit, was a firm loyalist to the order, believing in the upkeep of the order and helping protect the world from evil. The two began to argue, Marit being frustrated that Hedvig refused to take her position seriously, that she didn't understand the honour that had been placed upon her shoulders.

After a decade, the sister's barely saw each other and refused to be in the same room as one another. Five years previously, Hedvig had fallen from grace and had been removed from the order because she let a dark wizard go. She had fallen in love with him and when the time came to end his life, she stepped away, resulting in the death of thousands of muggles. It was enough, on top of her constant rhetoric and hatred for the order, that they let her go, giving the position to Marit–something Marit constantly held over Hedvig, declaring her a failure and a disgrace, not worthy of the Mäkinen name. Thus, a decade longer, the sister's were no longer talking. Eventually, their arguing grew too involve the entire family and pushed them to decide. Too break off and forge their own legacy. Or too stay and protect the order. Most stayed with Marit, but some did break away and followed Hedvig too Finland to forge a new life.

Initially, Hedvig had good intentions when she broke away. She was never as extreme and conservative as her children. In fact, she'd cry in shame if she saw what her own line turned out to be and would have drowned her child if it meant the line never continued. It was the man she fell in love with fault. Though he didn't appear to be anything like her old flame, he was just as conservative and prejudiced. But Hedvig never lived long enough to realise. A year after she met him, she died because of child birth, giving birth to a son who she never met. The father raised the son the way he wanted. Believing in the purity of magical blood, removed from muggles and other nasty breeds that existed. The son was cruel and malicious, adopting his father's views but also his mother's stubbornness. A terrible combination. This trend continued throughout the generations. Many of them entering the ministry to push for discriminatory laws and were instrumental in allowing muggle hunting to be a sport in Finland for a brief amount of time in late eighteenth century.

Ajax Mäkinen could be argued to be one of the worst of them. Malicious and brutal, he became heavily involved in the black market at a young age. Spending his teenage and young adult years hunting and killing magical creatures for sport, giving the carcass to the market. Sometimes he kept them alive to sell them. He's also been known to hunt half breeds and sell for cheap labour. It's how he built his wealth and by the time Mika was born, the eldest of three daughters, she was sitting on a mountain of money. For her part, Vilja was the second daughter, with a sizeable gap between her and her oldest sister. However, like Mikaela, her every need was met by the servants and maids, the tutors and nannies, even the house elves indebted to the Mäkinen family. Her mother, Concordia, was like her husband and intended to raise her daughters' to be their perfect minions. Cold, cruel, above the rest of the world. Their love was conditional. Requiring their daughters to be subservient and obedient. Holding their affection over them as if it was a transaction. Mikaela wad undoubtedly the most unruly of the three children, as Vilja had learned early on to keep her head low and not speak unless spoken to first. Disciplining Vilja was easy. She was a people-pleaser at heart and only wanted her parents' affections.

Still, Vilja suffered losses, too. She didn't reach her sister's level, but still, there were days the beatings she took were too strong and overpowering for her to get over by her lonesome. However, everyone knew better than to ask or interfere, even if it meant putting her life at risk. Her parents were smart, though. They hit her where it'd hurt most - her heart. The emotional abuse she faced was far greater and a lot more intense than the bruises and broken bones she'd had to live through for even sitting the wrong way. She wasn't worthwhile, smart, she'd never amount to anything past a housewife, and how her parents were so very disappointed in her existence. It was all very scarring, and sadly, it didn't cease even when Ajax decided to uproot the family and move to the UK. In fact, it worsened, because Mikaela wasn't there to take the brunt of the abuse. She left her for Hogwarts, and then left her permanently when she decided to abandon her entire family. It was the best thing for her, but Vilja still suffered the loss of her older sister. Nonetheless, Vilja's reprieve came when she turned eleven. She'd known the day was coming since she was seven and healed her younger sister's broken ribs after a rough night, but finally, she'd be heading to Hogwarts. There, she was sorted into TBD.

All the expectations and hopes once on Mikaela had by then been transferred onto Vilja's shoulders. From wearing makeup to being the perfect doll that her parents could marry away, she had a lot to live up to and big shoes to fill. Things were bleak for her, and she learned to keep her mouth shut and head down. She excelled academically, but lagged behind when her parents told her she was performing too well. Don't intimidate the boys, they'd said. It was all so backwards and old-fashioned that they may as well have married her off to a cousin. Luckily for Vilja, however, she didn't have to go through that torture. She was in her fifth year when her father was arrested. Christmas Day, too. She'd never forget that day, the look on his face as he realized he'd have to face justice for all the people he'd killed and his direct involvement with Minister Fitzgerald. This was the perfect opportunity for Vilja to make her escape. By nightfall, she'd disappeared, winding up in muggle London at the Backpackers' Hostel. She lived there for a few weeks while she found a PI that would look for her sister. When it drew results, Vilja made the easy decision to seek her out.

She needed closure, yes, but she also needed her sister.
Although Vilja was once very reserved unless directly referred to, she's come into herself as of lately. She's a lot bolder and much more outspoken, especially regarding subjects she once preferred to turn her back on. It isn't to say she actively seeks problems and starts arguments, but she doesn't cower like she once might've in the face of certain social subjects. Furthermore, Vilja has retained her interest in research. She's a scholar at heart, and it isn't uncommon to find her perusing the library in an effort to become better acquainted with different societal and scholarly subjects.

Vilja is an inherently curious girl who seeks mostly to satiate her interest in the world and find the answers to her every question. However, that isn't to say she doesn't understand the beauty in all that's unknown. She understands there's an allure to certain mysteries and thus she strives to live day by day and not become overwhelmed with her need to know it all. That said, it's worth noting she has a big interest in more mundane things. From astronomy to astrology, to muggle history and wizarding art, she always has something to discuss.

She's always been a fan of small talks and idle chatter, to make friends and put herself out there, but it hasn't really been until now that she's come to realize how deprived of these normal experiences she really is. She's tired of being sheltered, she really is, and all she wants is to find her place in the vastness of the world.
Vilja M2

Vilja has been able to look past the lingering resentment built towards her older sister for abandoning her; she gets the circumstances now, and she thinks she'd have done the same thing if she were in her shoes. Frankly, in the short time she's known her, Mika has been there for ways in nobody else really has, and she'd be lying if she said she didn't look up to her. It's a complicated relationship, but its helped Vilja in ways she didn't think she could be helped.

Their first meeting was... awkward? Random? But that's what happens when you meet someone at 7 in the morning at a café, usually. She embarrassed herself terribly - she did go for a drink that in hindsight was probably his - and she's grateful he didn't seem to mind too much. She doesn't know if she can stomach another embarrassing encounter with him, but a part of her hopes they run into each other again - he's really sweet and pretty!
She's bossy, she's infuriating, and 92 of Vilja's 99 headaches come from her, but she doesn't think she'd trade Hana for anyone else. Her snark makes her fun to hang out with and she feels comfortable knowing she can be an ass around Hana and won't mind.

He's actually very sweet! Vilja is grateful she can turn to him whenever she has any questions about the world. She could go on and on for hours discussing conspiracy theories with him.

She's still bitter she risked her life with the Whomping Willow for Geico because she thought he was human, but it's a perfect introduction to her and Dante's hilariously weird friendship. She likes being with him because she can engage in her more eccentric hobbies and he won't make her feel any less of a person for it. Dante is one of the few people she'd go to great lengths for. JUDICAËL PENRAGON
Fun fact: she used to like him romantically back in her third year, but they were too different and she'd have felt too guilty submitting him to the horrors of Lady Vilja Mäkinen. She doesn't have any lingering feelings, and cringes every time she thinks about how she once felt. She sees him as a good friend and appreciates how he always finds a way to throw Hana off her game. She likes having scholarly conversations with him, too; all in all, she likes having him around, even if they aren't as close as she'd have liked.

Vilja truthfully doesn't care about Tristan le Fey. His existence grates on her nerves, and she's still very convinced he deserves to be socked on the nose, but it's more likely she'll pretend he doesn't exist than give him the satisfaction of acknowledging him - especially following the realizations at Borgin and Burkes.


Who does he think he is, honestly? King of the world? She couldn't care less about Morgan, honestly. He can play the alpha wherever, whenever, however he wants, as long as he leaves her out of it.


Boggart Herself (at the "summer camp")
Amortentia Hot fudge, Mint, Rain
Patronus Snow Owl
Wand Needs Replacing
Interests Dueling, Hiking, Pyrotechnics
Pet Peeve Audible chewing
Habits Biting her moon necklace
Star Sign Sagittarius
Dreams/Goals Become an auror
Color Emerald Green
Song Silence
Show Killing Eve
Movie Contagion
Book Animal Farm
Food Cinnamon Rolls
Drink Butterbeer

has a time-turner for academic purposes
can name any constellation & list facts
obsessed with spiders
afraid of snakes
afraid of clowns
very sheltered & consequently gullible
worst fear is never finding love
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