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Viltaute Ingersleben
Heidelberg Harriers Chaser
Age 17
Birthday September 26th
Nationality Lithuanian (German citizen)
Ethnicity Unknown
Accent German
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Sexuality Bisexual
Roleplayer Elsa

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Viltaute Ingersleben
Heidelberg Harriers Chaser
Species Witch; Human
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Model Blake Lively
Height 5'10"
Weight Unknown

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Viltaute Ingersleben
Heidelberg Harriers Chaser
House N/A
Year/Occupation Heidelberg Harriers Chaser
Wand Poplar, Unicorn Hair, 12"
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Cat
Boggart -
Affiliation Germany

Credit to Emma for the base coding.



Vilaute Tatjana Ingersleben, otherwise known as Vilte, is a newly graduated Durmstrang alumna originally from Kaunas, Lithuania. She is the older half-sister of Niele Jusmaite and a chaser on the Heidelberg Harriers.


Viltaute, or Viltautė, is the feminine version of the Lithuanian name Viltautas, which comes from the Baltic elements vil- "hope" and tauta "people, nation". This implies that its meaning is something along the lines of hope of the people.

Tatjana is the Lithuanian version of the Russian name Tatiana, which was the name of a 3rd-century saint who was martyred in Rome under the emperor Alexander Severus.

The surname Ingersleben comes from the name of the town of Ingersleben, Germany, which meant "Inge's village".


When she was three years old Viltaute Tatjana Ingersleben (then Jusmaite) and her 5-day-old half-sister, Niele, were left on a street corner in the poverty-stricken outskirts of Kaunas, one of Lithuania's major cities. They were eventually picked up and taken to one of the many underfunded orphanages by one of the ten-year-olds that lived there, who had had a similar start to life - it wasn't particularly uncommon for the poor to abandon children that they couldn't afford.

The owner of the orphanage - who could read - later found a note wrapped up with the baby in the (rather good-quality) blanket, which read:

Nielė Rozalija Jusmaitė, gimė vasaris 14, 2010, Kaunas, ir Viltautė Tatjana Jusmaitė, gimė birželis 26, 2007, Kaunas.

Growing up, the orphanage was more a place to eat and sleep to the sisters than anything else - they quickly learnt the ways of the Lithuanian street kids, as well as the names of those on top. But when Niele was seven and Vilte ten, a British witch who worked in the Department of Magical Education witnessed Niele's first sign of magic. And chose to approach her, upon which she was told which orphanage the girl lived in. So she went to the orphanage, arranged with a magical one in London to transfer the girl there, (for her own safety - you can't have magical children running wild in the streets without knowing they're magic. And using their powers. They might unknowingly break the international statute of secrecy.) and Vilte never saw her sister again.

Around three months after Niele left for England, Vilte caught the eye of a rich German magical couple whilst she was loitering around on one of Kaunas' cleaner streets. They took one look at her orphanage and decided to adopt her, and for the first five years with them she was certain that she was a charity case, despite her efforts to make the right friends in the right places. Since her Quidditch career started blossoming, however, they've been noticeably less patronizing.

Throughout Vilte's seventh year at Durmstrang, Niele turned up there for her fourth year. The two have since been reunited and are enjoying the renewed contact. Vilte is now in Britain for the Quidditch World Cup along with her team, the Heidelberg Harriers.


Vilte is usually rather breezy and happy, though also brisk and often sarcastic under a thin layer of graciousness. She's a good team worker, if a little accidentally commandeering at times, and can be quite vindictive when she feels she's been wronged by someone. She is very imaginative and more idealistic than realistic, as well as an optimist, and though she tries not to be, she is quite gullible by nature and will fall for a lot of things.



Adelheid Ingersleben - adoptive mother (adoptivmutter)
Claus Ingersleben - adoptive father (adoptivvater)
Niele Jusmaite - half-sister (sesuo)


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