Vinzent Maas
Child of Death
Febraury 15th, 2026
Blood Status
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Eye Color
Hair Color
Light Brown
Clothing Style
Jared S Gilmore

Native Language
Earliest Memory
His father arguing with his mother
Type of Childhood

Reinhardt Maas and Sigrid Rose were brought together by significant circumstances. They met when they were fairly young - Around fifteen years of age for both of them. Reinhardt's father was a cop in Berlin, Germany. Sigrid was a murder witness to her entire family. Rein's father was called to the scene of an unusual site. Sigrid was apparently the only survivor of an unexplainable wave of death throughout her home, that of which killed her mother, father, and three siblings. While attempting their best to find the cause and explanation for such a site, eventually the police were forced to give up the investigation to a third party.

The Third Party ruled it an accident, after a long and terrifying trial where Sigrid was the assumed guilty party. Still, afterwards, Sigrid told Reinhardt that she had to leave. And she did. For seven years. Reinhardt and Sigrid still stayed in contact, as he was Sigrid's only real outlet to what happened - In her own words, if anyone else found out, she'd as well join her family. Over the years, Reinhardt and Sigrid grew closer and closer, until one year, Sigrid came home to Reinhardt, and the two had a passionate night where they consummated their relationship. They were happy, for a few years. Sigrid had her demands, but Reinhardt accepted her for who she was. Everything was great until Sigrid became pregnant.

Sigrid wasn't ready for a family, and while Reinhardt was overjoyed, Sigrid couldn't help but hate herself - And this child. She didn't want it. Somehow, Reinhardt convinced her to keep the child, who then was found out to be a boy. Reinhardt, being overly excited, picked a name for the child; Vinzent Barnabus Maas. Sigrid, on the other hand, didn't care for the child, not even after he was born. Sigrid neglected her child, returning to work within the week of having the child, thus forcing Reinhardt to take care of him alone. After four years of this, Reinhardt grew fed up with her uncaring attitude towards the child, and this him. He threatened to leave unless she changed.

Seeing this child now as a threat to her marriage and her relationship with Reinhardt, after a long and convoluted argument she threatened to end Vinzent's life- And her own - if Reinhardt left. Seeing her now as insane and unable to take care of the child, Reinhardt had left, not trusting Sigrid around their child anymore. When the child was five, Reinhardt, with Vinzent in tow, fled his insane wife and took refuge in England.

Everything in England was good for a couple of years. After some freak accidents when Vinzent turned six, involving a cake and a clown, Reinhardt found himself in the possession of a letter explaining that Vinzent was a child of power - A wizard. At first, Reinhardt didn't believe it, but then impossible things started happening, and Reinhardt had to accept the child for who he was. Not any moment later, either, because it was that next year, the day after Vinzent turned seven, that their past came back to haunt them.

Sigrid didn't stop looking for her lover and the thing that ruined her marriage. Instead of giving up, Sigrid found Reinhardt and Vinzent and went in expecting no survivors. Sigrid burnt down the home after she killed Reinhardt in cold blood. She would have made sure Vinzent was dead as well, but before she could find him, she succumbed to the flames. Vinzent was lucky that the police found the house in time. But, instead of getting caught with two burnt bodies in a house, with him being the only survivor, Vinzent ran.

After that, Vinny knew he couldn't go back. People probably assumed he was dead anyways. Vinzent would make his way through the streets and would find himself in the area of London. He knew he could make it there, so, he found a place to rest. During the days, he using his boyish charms to gather food and money. The eight-year-old is really doing all he can.

He wasn't expecting something to happen when he turned 11. That was when a man came up to him, setting down a few coins in front of him and introducing himself as "Frank." "Frank" was an Auror, and he explained that he had been looking for the child for almost a year now, because now it was time for him to go to Hogwarts. After a long-winded explanation of how "Frank" tracked him down, what exactly Hogwarts was, and for proof of what he was saying, Vinzent went with him, Cautiously. he is starting Hogwarts as a first year in the year 2037.

in the beginning of 2039, when the half-breed situation was getting to it's peak, Vinzent was found and questioned, with the Ministry attempting to figure out if he was a half-breed or not; This, of course, forced him to come out with the truth. His parents had died in the fire, and he was living alone. The Ministry simply couldn't have this, so because he was underaged, he was sent to Lil Bundles.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Cautious, Smart, Productive
Worst Qualities
Untrusting, Manipulative, Loner
Most Influenced By
His mom
Over the years, Vinzent has had one thing constant; His lack of being able to trust others. This does not mean he can't, just that it is very very difficult for him to pull down his walls. He has friends, ad he has people he trusts, just... not too much. He constantly has to remind himself not to get too close, or life does it for him. His walls are a hard thing to pull down, but despite having been unwilling to let them down in the years after his family's death, he has grown to trust his own guts when it comes to people. In fact, he's learned to trust his guts with most things. Taking risks, doing certain things, keeping a look out for danger. It's become a second sense for him to just simply be on alert, on all times, no matter what. Vinny has grown into kindness- After he began opening up a little to certain people, he grew into a role of caretaker with other kids he had met on the street, and new kids in school. But he still has that very bad habit of not keeping people close. He hasn't had very many consistent relationships, romantic or not, nor does he see himself in one. What he does see is a glimmer of hope for his future. While the world is stll dark and he's still scarred keeping most at an arm's length, if even that, he remembers that kindness is okay. Overall, he himself is stil the most important aspect of his life. While he's still not a trusting person, nor is he to be trusted easily, he remembers that not all kindness is weakness, and it's okay to protect others.

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Vinzent Maas - Slytherin 4th Year -"The light thinks it can travel faster than anything, but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has gotten there first, and is waiting. "
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Green Tea
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Amortentia Scents
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