Viola Flint
Gryffindor Graduate / Bartender @ The Leaky Cauldron


Personal Information

Full NameViola A'isha Malika Flint
BirthdaySeptember 4th
Zodiac SignVirgo
Sex / GenderFemale / Female
EthnicityBritish and Middle Eastern
Sexual OrientationBisexual
Romantic OrientationBiromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
BirthplaceLondon, England
Living SituationHogwarts, Home w/ Her Parents and Sister
Languages SpokenEnglish, Danish, Arabic, and German

Magical Information

Blood StatusHalf-blood
Wand WoodHornbeam Wood
Wand CoreDragon Heartstring
Wand Length12'
PatronusVampire Bat
BoggartHeinrich, Her Ex


Viola has always been quite the troublemaker, and became even worse when she started Durmstrang. She's never been a fan of rules and following them. She's independent and likes to do things her own way, much rather than someone else telling her. She hates it if someone tries to tell her how to do things, and we'll often do the opposite of what they say. Though - even if she can be petty in some cases - that's generally not Viola's vibe. Sometimes she can seem and act a bit of an asshole, yes. But, she's terrible at holding grudges against people. She may lose a grudge quickly, yet, she's also easily pissed off and is likely to get mad at you right after forgiving you.

If you want a genuine friend by your side no matter what, honestly, Viola isn't the one. She's not very loyal in the slightest, and her mindset always goes to what's best for her. Though, very often, what's best for her isn't what she chooses. She wouldn't genuinely stab someone in the back, but she's ditched friends before for not very good reasons. Though, some of this has to do with being surrounded by unloyal people. No, this isn't an excuse, but Viola's whole past relationship was everything but loyal. Being cheated on time after time. Her friends have never been "loyal", so it was an influence that taught her not to be so, too.

Honestly, after having a child at the end of her fifteenth year and being consumed for so long in such a toxic relationship, Viola's just honestly done with the world at times. People are terrible and she's always naive to them. She's terrible - or that's what she likes to think - and can't ever seem to make the right decision for herself. Honestly? She's just really, really sad. Being pissed off at people and her rebellious attitude is a part of her, but also an image to protect the little broken parts inside. She keeps more walls up than people know, and no one even knows many parts of the true Viola.


Nadia Amari, though she would later be known as Nadia Flint, was born in Rumallah, where the administrative government of Palestine. She was born the day after there was a violent revolt by the Palestinians against the Israelis that ignited the second intifa between the two communities. Nadia grew up under this continuing conflict, watching her city be occupied by the Israelis due to the war on terror. Nadia spent her life trying to make it as normal as possible, ignoring the terrorist attacks on both sides, ignoring the political turmoil that kept on occurring. Her older siblings, though, became increasingly political and soon joined the riots occurring during these years. One brother even joined the widely recognised terrorist group, the Hamas. However, Nadia kept herself very much separated from it all. When she was eleven, though, Nadia was dragged out of Pakistan, away from her parents, and sent to Koldovstoretz, the Magical school in Russia.

Nadia struggled tremendously at the school. Not use to a strict schedule, not use to a stable life, and certainly not use to speaking Russian, Nadia found it almost impossible to settle into the magical school. However, by third year, Nadia was fluent in Russian and knew a good amount of English. She found it rather ridiculous that the magical community refused to interact with the muggle world. If there was magic, maybe the TTP could have been stopped. Maybe if they had helped the muggles then so much destruction could have been minimised. Even in the recovery period, even in helping rebuild a war torn city, would have been useful. But this was apparently impossible and just by being magical, Nadia had been recruited into this secret without her permission. Nadia despised her life, though it was a better one than in Palestine. Here, she had little to no contact with her family and during the summer, where she was meant to return home, she stayed in a foster home in Moscow. Pakistan had gotten too dangerous and her parents refused to let her come back.

It was during seventh year that Nadia's life shifted for the better. For her, for others? Not so much. Ceasar Flint was an exchange student from Hogwarts and was a child of the Sacred 28. His family were known to be death eaters and dark wizards, something his own parents had fought to break free from, though they did have tendencies of being blood supremacists. Initially, they had hated each other, failing to find common ground with one another. However, after a year of being forced to study together, they began to become close. Nadia was able to help Ceasar with Russian whilst Ceasar was able to help Nadia with her magic and English. When they graduated from Koldovstoretz, Nadia was at a crossroad. On one hand, she could return to Palestine and find her family, another path was to stay in Russia and find some sort of job there whilst the other path was to go to England. The third option was something she'd been toying with. Her only friend was Ceasar but should she make such a big leap for a boy she'd only known for a year? He was certainly encouraging her to do so. Telling her that she had far more opportunities in England than both countries, that a fresh start would do her good.

Life in England was good. Nadia and Ceasar kept in contact but neither entered the same career path. Ceasar naturally entered the ministry whilst Nadia became a spell creator. It was only when they were twenty did Ceasar finally garner the courage to ask her out. There were two reasons as to why he waited so long. One was that he was incredibly nervous. Nadia was proud and he wasn't sure if she would say yes. The other reason was his family and society. Though his parents were better than most pureblood families, they had still instilled in him that he needed to find someone worthy of him and not...a muggle born. Nadia was very much everything his family didn't want. But finally he decided that he didn't care. He'd fallen in love and surely, as his family, they would understand and want him to be happy. So he asked her out. At first they kept it secret. Neither wanted to make it public without being sure of one another. Eventually, though, they decided to take it to the next step. And then the next. By twenty two, Ceasar had proposed to her, deciding she was the only person he wanted to be with. Of course, it caused a huge scandal in the wizarding world. Many pure blood families scorned the marriage, declaring the Flints blood traitors. The only solace Ceasar had was that his parents decided to support them. Nadia was a good witch and was a good person. Yes, she wasn't a pureblood but even his parents realised she was a better witch than most of the others in the Sacred 28.

By twenty three, though, Nadia had fallen pregnant with twins. They were honeymoon babies, naturally, but neither parent was upset about the news. Instead, they were overjoyed. Nine months later, Nadia had given birth to two healthy daughters. Though Nadia doubted either child would ever go to their mother's homeland, she still wanted them to at least honour their heritage. Thus, she ensured their middle names were Palestinian whilst their first remained a Western name. Both Ceasar and Nadia kept their daughters rather distant from the other nobles, though the twins still knew everyone. Though their parents could be conservative at times, strict, they were still open and progressive. As half bloods in a family that practically had noble status, they were almost outsiders. Nadia and Ceasar were worried about the two being bullied by the other families, so they kept them as separated as possible.

Viola - also known by A'isha to her closest friends - had never been one for rules. Even at a young age, she was always a rebellious little child always finding her way into trouble. She was always also somewhat of a loner, much rather to go off by herself than some friends. Having friends mean't she'd have to do what they wanted as well as her wants, especially - like many little kids were - they were bossy. So, while her twin sister was off with friends and being invited to birthday parties, Viola was by herself and causing mischief that would ultimately lead her into a scolding later. Though, it wasn't just the introvert and extrovert traits that made these two sisters different. In fact, they were almost like opposites. Yasmine liked rules. She was well-behaved most of the time. She loved to make her parents feel proud or happy. Due to this different nature, the two twins weren't like most where people say they have a special bond. Once being put in different primary schools, not only were they always at each other's necks, they weren't close enough to build a close relationship that most twins had.

Yasmine's first magical incident happened first between the two, but it wasn't something Viola was jealous over. Herself could be a squib and, honestly, Viola wouldn't give a damn. Though, she's not a squib, her first magical experience occurred at the age of eight. The two girls were fighting over who knows what now, but it must of been something that had pissed Viola off more than usual. In a spite of anger, two lamps, a vase of flowers, and a large bookcase all went toppling down and crashing in the same room as Yasmine and Viola. Luckily, neither girls were hurt, Viola definitely being in more trouble than she was if someone did get hurt. Yasmine didn't speak to her for a good time after that though, but Viola didn't really want to speak to her sister anyway, so it was cool.

The subject of the two girl's magic school was brought up around when they were ten, and their parents discussed through it a lot. They would of easily gone to Hogwarts at first if it wasn't for the issue that both Ceaser and Nadia were worried about other sacred 28 families and how they may treat the half-blood Flint twins. So, instead, they looked through other spots near and in Europe that could work just as well, if not better. Russia was too far for the Flint parent's liking, so Koldovstoretz was out of the question. They looked at Beauxbatons a bit but the school wasn't up to their standards but, finally, they were able to choose and the twins eventually were accepted into Durmstrang. Although the school was known for only accepting pure-bloods, the twins were allowed due to their family and status in the wizarding society.

It was not surprising that Yasmine became somewhat of a queen bee and kept with a clique of girls. Not surprising to Viola at least. Though, Viola as well found herself a group of friends (really a group of people to hang out with, but it's whatever) and they were quite different than any of the students Yasmine was hanging out with. They were bad influences. Extremely bad influences. Did drugs, drank underage, snuck out after curfew, threw unallowed parties. If Viola being such a troublemaker herself was already bad, it was nothing compared to the piles on piles she was caught doing something stupid and unallowed at school. So, while Yasmine was talking with her goody two-shoes friends, Viola would be stuck in detention for pissing off a teacher for some reason or another. The only time the two twins interacted, it was always arguments.

Things were already going downhill for Viola, but it plummeted when she started dating fifth year, Heinrich Schneider. Firstly, he was quite older than Viola, but also one of the most troubled kids in the school. He did and sold drugs, brought alcohol to crazy parties he threw without permission, and was always sneaking past curfew with girls. Viola included. Yasmine was not very keen of the relationship, but it would be strange if Viola cared about what her sister wanted. Her sister could mind her own business and - mostly - she overall did. It was a toxic relationship, Viola constantly being cheated on and heartbroken but still taking him back in the end of the day. So on and off again, no one could ever tell when they were or were not together. Though, the heart-struck Flint didn't seem to fully come into reality of it all until she was in fifth year and he was almost about to graduate.

She knew they should of used protection, they always had before. But, they were both drunk and coming from a party so Viola's mind was all a mess that night. Nevertheless, she found out she was pregnant not too long after. Heinrich was the only person she told at first, not knowing how to deal with the whole situation... and maybe, since he was older, he could figure out a solution. He did have an idea, whether it was a good or bad one, we'll never know. Since he was almost graduating, he told her to dropout and for them to start a new life together. He would get a job and she could take care of the child, and Heinrich promised that the two would be happy. But, the idea of being fifteen and her and her now-coming child's life dependent on this toxic, drug-loving partier made Viola stop and think about things. So, she broke up with him and confided with the only other person she could think of. Yasmine.

Her sister was terribly pissed off at it all, but of course she still made it priority to help Viola. Ultimately, after revealing about the pregnancy, Viola spilled everything. How toxic the relationship was and how Heinrich wanted for the two to run off together. By this time, Heinrich and Viola were already back together after very little convincing. So, Yasmine needing to think of a real, good solution, she concluded that Viola needed to get out of Durmstrang for the better. She told their mother, Nadia, who of course took them both out of school right away. Ceaser wasn't told of the situation - who knows what would happen if he was told - and the three Flint woman went off to North America for six months until Viola had her child and was put up for adoption. The two twin's are now going back to school, now being Hogwarts, a bit late due to the time they spent away. Initially, they were entered into sixth year but due to most of the year out of school and their birthday, they were brought back down a year into fifth.


Face ClaimBella Hadid
Eye ColourBlue-Green
Hair ColourBlack
Weight121 Pounds
Voice Type-
Blood TypeO+
Distinguishing Marks-
Body StyleSlim
TattoosA Few Very Small Ones

Family Information

FatherCeaser Flint
MotherNadia Amari
Full SiblingsSienna Yasmine Hayat Flint
Half SiblingsN / A
Guardian(s)N / A
SpouseN / A
ChildrenOne Child Put Up For Adoption Soon After Birth
Other RelativesN / A


Significant Other(s)N / A
Best Friend(s)N / A
FriendsN / A
EnemiesN / A
OtherHeinrich Schneider (Ex Boyfriend)

Name Etymology

Given [ Viola ]Violet
Middle [ A'isha / Malika ]Womanly (A'isha)
Queen (Malika)

Surname [ Flint ]Hard-Hearted


Nickname(s)V, A'isha, Malika
Favourite ColourRed or Black
Favourite Movie
Favourite Song
Favourite FoodFish Tacos
Favourite DrinkFire Whiskey
First KissThird Year (Heinrich Schneider)
First CrushThird Year (Heinrich Schneider)
First LoveHeinrich???
First TimeFourth Year (Heinrich Schneider)
Pet(s)N / A
Sports PlayedN / A
Instruments PlayedM / A
AddictionsN / A
Biggest HopeTBD
Biggest RegretDating Heinrich Schneider
Best MemoriesTBD
Worst MemoriesRealizing She Was Pregnant
Mental IllnessesTBD
Criminal RecordN / A
Medical RecordN / A

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