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Violet Leia Champagne
Twenty Two
Oliver Champagne (father)
Barbara Champagne (step-mother)
Wesley Griffin (step-brother)
Alison Griffin (step-sister)
Blood Status
Human, Witch
RPed by Kayle.

Violet is a Slytherin Alumna and member on the Committee of Experimental Charms, making her an Unspeakable.


Violet has long, blonde hair, that used to be more of a honey blonde before she dyed it, and beautiful, blue eyes, that are normally dulled down by a lot of black eyeshadow surrounding them. She's quite tall, or at least that's how she feels, as she's 5'8, and rather skinny, although it remains at a healthy degree.

Violet Leia Champagne was born to a muggle lady and a squib man on November 13th in Toronto, Canada, being the result of a friends with benefits situation. Violet, however, wasn't even informed of this, as her mother moved back to the United States, leaving her to her father, who remained in Canada for several years until, after a short trip to England, he began a long distance relationship with a woman he met there. Violet, along with her father, were soon leaving for England, when she was just eight years old.

Violet didn't like England, for no reason other than it wasn't Canada, but she had no choice but to live there, eventually moving in with the woman and her child, Wesley, who was four years younger. Violet, despite liking both of them, didn't quite like living there and started to become more and more uncomfortable with her surroundings, and even though her father noticed, he didn't try to change it. Eventually, the two adults got married, when Violet was ten years old, which was the thing that put the nail in the coffin for her.

Violet's first sign of magic took place on the day of the wedding, in which she was supposed to be the flower girl (something her father had insisted on). Violet didn't want to be involved in such a terrible event, and she showed this as the flower petals shriveled up and became something similar to sand upon being touched, just by her looking at them. Violet got her way, though, as she was then removed from the wedding and was kept in the back, upon her father's request, until the ceremony was over.

Violet received her letter on her eleventh birthday, to everybody's shock, including her father's, who she had purposefully hidden all of her weird 'talents' from. Violet was soon sorted into Slytherin, much to her confusion, although everything confused her when it came to Hogwarts. After a few years, however, Violet became fed up with the treatment she got from her father and the environment of her home, and ran away at age fifteen. She found herself hiding in an older student's apartment for at least a year, of course only for summers as she continued to go to Hogwarts, mainly as to make sure Wesley (who she figured would run off and tell her father and stepmother) knew she wasn't hurt in any way, not like she thought he would care.

Violet, after graduation, moved out of her friend's home and instead tried to find a new place to go, as she also tried to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. She, after a few weeks, ventured into a forest, out of curiosity, but ran into Odette, who she was quite suspicious of at first. She later moved in to live with her, in a small house within the forest, and learned a few of her skills, but of course, this had distracted her from figuring out her life.

Violet returned to the real world, after only exchanging letters with Wesley on occasion, at age twenty, to get an actual job and move into an apartment of her own, trying to drag Odette with her. She's yet to accomplish anything, however, and remains unemployed and living in either the Leaky Cauldron's inn or the forest interchangeably.

Violet's exterior is very reserved, in a nearly cold way, as she fears what a conversation might bring, after the years of verbal abuse her father put upon her, although she doesn't mind breaking this shell once she sees the moment to. Violet is very loud, in the sense that she would call you out for something in a heartbeat, even if you're just somebody talking trash to another in the middle of Hogsmeade, she will step in. She's quick to voice her opinion on a matter, if allowed to, especially once she believes somebody has an ignorant view on things. Violet is sure it isn't a good thing, but she can't quite help it, and has learned to except that people piss her off way too easily.

Violet's interior is two different things, depending on where she is and who she feels comfortable with being as a person. Violet, at the later hours, can be considered quite promiscuous and the flirt, although she knows how to do it right, never over or under doing it, much to her satisfaction, but her main trait as supposedly 'bothersome' comes into play when she leaves a woman at the bar, after a good few minutes of flirting, and she's glad, for that reason, that she's never ran into the same woman twice. She's aware that what she's doing might not be all that healthy, or a good idea, for that matter, and is hopeful that, one day, she could grow out of this, and get joy out of an actual relationship, but attachment isn't quite her thing as she's too scared that they'll hurt her, which she supposes might seem a bit selfish.

Violet's true light (for lack of another word) shines through, after a lot of digging to find it. Violet's words tend to be much more free, no longer constrained to not wanting to get too attached or fearing that they'll hurt her, when you get closer to her, and unfortunately, she becomes a little but more comfortable with who she is, actually letting go in her actions as well. Violet, once in this state, remains the opinionated, filter-less flirt, however, that she normally is, but it's obvious how she changes, possibly cracking a (normally cruel) joke or two and being a bit more protective and caring towards a person, but this rarely ever occurs, so, chances are, you won't ever see the day where she's like this.


friends, acquaintances and enemies

Wesley Griffin
Violet and Wesley used to be relatively close, like siblings normally would be, but Violet drifted away from him when she ran away, although they kept in touch, of course.

Odette Nazyalensky
Violet and Odette aren't technically related, but Violet definitely sees her as a sister who she loves, even though she doesn't say anything, as she thinks Odette would probably not agree with it.

Rhian Josephs
Violet and Rhian could be considered friends, or so Violet supposes, but they seem to just be normal co-workers, who talk to each during the slow days because everybody else is more boring than a brick. Violet, in a way, truly likes Rhian, though, and finds her interesting, not just to a co-worker extent.

Arthur Schmidt
Violet and Arthur talked once, but it wasn't much of a conversation, and more of just some flirting that ended way too quickly for Violet's liking. She didn't have anywhere to take him back to anyways though. She doesn't plan on talking to him again, but it wasn't a bad encounter.

Demi Crow
Violet and Demi rarely talk, even if they're roommates now. Now, she likes her, she just rarely runs into the chance of actually getting to talk to her. Actually, if anything, it seems to be on the other, for not seeming to like her very much, but they'll just have to see how everything develops, hopefully for the better.

Faith Bagman
Violet and Faith have barely talked, and Violet is okay with that, as the girl seemed very bland, but she didn't do anything to get on her bad side, so she can rule this as a positive, or at least semi-positive, acquaintanceship.



Rhian Josephs
Violet doesn't love Rhian. She doesn't know what love is. She just knows there's something there, even if it's just the will to hook up with her a few times, it's something.

Violet is an incredibly talented singer, although she doesn't show it much, because she has no reason to. She's thought about going into playing music, upon graduation, but she never found anybody who would play with, or for, her.

Violet is a brilliant thief, although she only steals things when she's low on money and needs to get some for basic necessities. She isn't quite proud of it, and hopes she can get over it soon, especially since she's just started to get better with it, as in not doing it.

*Violet used to be an extreme pyromaniac, but now that she lives in a damn forest, that might not be the best idea.
*Violet used to smoke, back when she could afford it.
*Violet has a strong disliking for children, because they whine and ask too many questions.
*Violet's patronus is just wisps.
*Violet's MBTI is ESTP.
**79% Extrovert over Introvert.
**92% Sensing over Intuitive.
**85% Thinking over Feeling.
**54% Perceiving over Judging.
Handedness Left
Sexual and Romantic Orientation Bisexual (Leans Towards Females)
Relationship Status Single
Pets -
Favourite Songs Knee Socks - Arctic Monkeys
Favourite Colours Black, White
Favourite Sweet -
Most Treasured Possession -
Where to Find Them Old Forest or Diagon Alley


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