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Birthday december 25, 1921
Age 24
Status alive
Pronunciation ???
Family polina (older sister) yaroslav, yelena (younger siblings) sonya (cousin)
Handedness right
Gender male
Orientation heterosexual
Relationship married
Nationality russian
Speaks russian, polish, czech and english
Species wizard
Blood Status half-blood
Eye Color blue
Hair Color dark brown
Height 6'1"
Model richard harmon

Anzhelika Kozlovskaya and Ruslan Tolstokozhev’s relationship was always very dysfunctional, from the moment of its inception, all the way to Ruslan’s imprisonment and eventual death. It was taking more than it was giving, and there wasn’t really an understanding of each other’s basic needs. They were reckless and prioritized what they wanted over anything else that appealed to reason and logic. Consequently, when they accidentally conceived Polina Tolstokozheva as a celebratory act for successfully coordinating a cyber attack on one of Russia’s few economic pillars with the aid of their rebel organization, the only solution they could think of - rather than terminating the pregnancy - was to get married and provide the child they didn’t want with a dreadful childhood.

Being raised by revolutionaries whose idea of a family outing on your average Sunday was to plant seeds of doubt against the Romanov family, Polina grew up emotionally stunted. She struggled to connect with many of her peers. With a warped understanding of love, where screaming matches and physical aggression were the norm, Polina was in trouble more often than not. Violence was her love language, and Polina was definitely quite the romantic when it came to pursuing new friendships. Unfortunately, these manipulated opinions of love led to a severe case of isolation that resulted in Polina struggling to grasp the mundane concept of true love. What she felt towards her younger siblings - Vyacheslav, Yaroslav and Yelena - was the closest she’d feel to it for a long time, and even then, the bruises that often littered their skin spoke differently to how she felt.

Anzhelika and Ruslan’s abusive tendencies didn’t subside for as long as Polina was in their home. It seemed as though history was repeating itself. Although Polina’s maternal grandparents, Pyotr and Jadwiga, had died in Anzhelika’s early childhood, the loss and subsequent life in an orphanage had marred her own abilities to care for anyone, much as would happen to Polina if nobody intervened quickly. Unfortunately for their young daughter, Ruslan was just as inept when it came to raising children. His father, Yaromir, took perverse pleasure in abusing his son physically and mentally, whereas his mother Milyena took interest in engraving revolutionary sentiment into him through rudimentary methods. Starving him in the face of disobedience and depriving him of shelter for weeks at a time whenever he questioned their motives was their go-to, and sadly, it’s a cycle he perpetuated as a father.

Vyacheslav was their second child and despite only having just over a three year age difference with Polina, the two couldn't have been more different. Through the years of abuse he managed to cope by doing two things, running away and laughing at himself. With every beating or night locked in the basement, Vyacheslav became increasingly better at keeping that part himself, the part genuinely processing his trauma, deep down within him. Suppressing whatever emotions he wanted to let out came naturally to him and eventually it became like breathing. In and out, one at a time. Another way was just removing himself entirely from the situation, for days on end he would run away from home - usually to be found and punished severely afterwards, but those sweet hours of freedom were enough to sustain him for whatever punishment he'd receive in retaliation.

After a while, his family almost began suspecting him being a squib. He was ten and lacked any sort of magical incident especially compared to his older sister who after her first signs was forced to study for twelve plus hours a day. Thankfully, throughout the years Vyacheslav had learnt a key lesson - how to hide things he didn't want to be seen. He'd had magical incidents before - his first one at the age of seven when he magically sharpened a pencil he was using to draw but he hid them from his parents and the rest of his family. He wasn't sure what would happen if they thought him a squib but he sure as hell wasn't going to become an enslaved warrior in whatever revolution they were planning, he'd rather die - hung off a cross with the vultures pecking his guts out before he'd allow that to happen.

When he got his letter to Koldovstoretz needless to say his entire family was shocked, they were mostly prepared to have a squib they needed to get rid off - instead they got another wizard in the family, one less trained, less powerful and much less interested in the dark arts as his older sister. Of course this didn't mean they didn't try, almost constantly Vyacheslav was forced to write out information using Black Quills, carving the words into his flesh - of course this was using information fed from their own fucked up childhoods and what they did to Polina. Vyacheslav was an entire other beast, throughout his life his underage and chaotic magic had slowly dulled the sense of feeling in various parts of his body - after a few essays written out in his own blood his left arm had became numb to most pain as well as any other sensations - even pleasant ones.

As soon as he began actively attending Koldovstoretz, his parents eased up a little - as much as horribly abusive parents could. He mostly stayed away from other students and gained a reputation of being a lonesome trickster and a class clown, but other than that he stayed out of the way and minded his own business. He wasn't the best student...or well, he wasn't even a good student. For most of his school career he was distracted by one thing or another - usually things occurring at home or having petty arguments with the other boys in the dorms. At the end of his first year something incredible happened, his parents and their associates were all either arrested or killed, there was something about that that even twelve year old Vyacheslav could find sweetly gratifying. He almost wished he had the time to enjoy it before he was whisked away along with his two younger siblings, Yaroslav and Yelena to a children's home where the he would spend the rest of his childhood and school years.

He didn't hate it, but it wasn't exactly the dream home he'd dreamt of as a child but it was temporary. He spent most of his time at Koldovstoretz anyway and he was extremely thankful whenever his brother, Yaroslav could join him. While Yaroslav became more and more comfortable, Vyacheslav remained on the outskirts. He wasn't one for joining in, he wasn't the one who wanted to hold the knife. He was the one who wanted to stand and watch, taking it all in. A fly on the wall carefully watching its supper, that being said he rarely ate. He was friendly with some other students but he wouldn't consider them friends. His luck was to change when Koldovstoretz hosted the Interschool Potions Tournament which led to him meeting Faith Griffith, a witch from Hogwarts in the year above him. An illustrious potioneer with a insatiable curiosity, the two bonded over their shared interests and general lack of any other friends in their regular lives until their friendship blossomed into something more. Once Faith left back for Hogwarts, coming second in the entire Tournament, the two continued a long distance relationship. At least until Faith graduated and got a job working in the Department of Mysteries for the British Ministry.

While many assumed that it was Vyacheslav that was corrupting poor Faith, it actually went more the other way. Faith was ruthless in her pursuit of knowledge, so when the Department of Magical Law Enforcement busted her attempting to resurrect a couple of corpses. Vyacheslav had just graduated when he was cornered by a distraught Faith who'd proceeded to go on the run, he decided to run off with her. Throwing away the little chance at a regular way of life. To his family, he disappeared - maintaining little contact with the rest of his family and honestly paid little attention to anything going on in his home country. His siblings were convinced her was dead well...at least until he strode into one of Yaroslav's stores. Handing him a magnet from Argentina as well asking him if he'd like a ride in his new car.
▪ good humoured
▪ generally compassionate
▪ healthy relationship with his wife
▪ calm
▪ has a quiet confidence
▪ small amount of friends but has a deep relationship with them
▪ selfless
▪ little bit messed up
▪ dark sense of humour
▪ his entire left arm is mostly numb to touch
▪ relentless
▪ wine connoisseur
▪ loves two things in life: his car and his wife
▪ typically enjoys talking to his passengers
▪ knows a lot of things he probably shouldn't
▪ fearless
▪ little bit reckless
▪ has a record collection
▪ knows how to throw knives
▪ can crochet
▪ scared of children

Boggart death
Amortentia faith's perfume, bleach
Patronus rat
Wand 13", fir, manticore stinger
Interests eavesdropping, wine, faith
Pet Peeve drunk passengers
Habits drives too fast
MBTI isfp
Star Sign capricorn
Dreams/Goals become immortal
Color dark red
Show mexican telenovelas (long story)
Movie goodfellas
Book you think he can read
Food ptichye moloko cake
Drink wine

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