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Wade Thomas

Full Name Wade Thomas
Nickname ~
Basic Info
Birthday September 1st
Nationality U.S.A.
Home Now london, England
Relationship Info
Status single
Sexuality Heterosexual
Best Friend ~
Pets TBA
Family On The Wiki Ronald and Maimry Thomas (deceased)

School/Career Info
House ~
Year/Occupation Owner of the Eeylops Owl Emporium & Magical Menagerie shop
Titles Giant Teddy Bear
Optional Classes Taken
Magical Info
Species Wizard
Blood Status pure-blood
Wand Core Dragon's heart
Wand Wood Beach wood
Wand Arm right
Patronus Bear

Model Jonny Weston
Gender Male
Hair Colour red-ish
Hair Length/Style short but unruly
Eye Colour green
Skin Colour Tanned
Clothing Style Nothing special
Other Info About Looks
He is very muscular, but looks somewhat thuggish

Colour Brown
Music EDM or Trap
Food Sushi
Sweets jaw breakers
Animal All
Season/Weather Spring
Dream Job Something with animals tbh or fitness
Happiest When...



Wade looks tough and scary on the exterior, but is actually a really nice kind guy. He isn't the brightest, but loves people. He is like a giant teddy bear. He is loyal, but not super courageous. Wade is a fan of music and body building. Wade is really good with animals




Wade Thomas was born in San Francisco, to mother Maimry and father Ronald. His mother, a bit of a drunk, died a week later after drinking one to many at the "New Baby" party, and walking into the ocean off pier 39. His father up to that point, although a wizard, had been unemployed, letting Maimry be the primary breadwinner. He was forced to get a job as a pizza delivery guy, and foreclose the house. He started renting out a cheap apartment. They weren't the richest of people, but they got by. Wade grew up happy as can be, his best friend his dad. Despite now living in a rough part of Oakland, Wade saw the good in all the people, and made friends with homeless people. When Wade was about 5, he had his first sign of magic. He'd been walking with his dad when they saw an ice cream truck. Of course, they didn't have the money to buy anything, but Wade still wanted a taste. Suddenly, an ice cream bar flew away from the truck, and into Wade's hand. The owner was confused and angry at the boy, so Ronald had to make up a story for the flying ice cream. Ronald was happy his boy had inherited the family magic, but sad because he was afraid they wouldn't be able to afford all he would need in the future.

Ronald got promoted at work to manager, which helped. When Wade was 11, he went off to the wizarding school there in the U.S. Wade wasn't the best of students, but he gave it his all. He made a few friends, but for the most part his teachers didn't like him. He was a jockish type, but didn't play quiditch because he barely had enough money to buy a broom and school supplies. He'd need a better broom than the old one his father had given him. He had a girlfriend at one point, but they broke up, unfortunately over Wade's forgetful nature.

The school told him he would do well with magic animals once he got a taste of what prospective jobs could be. Although he loved animals, he would prefer doing something more physical like quiditch. He was a physic fanatic after all. In the end, he did neither, and instead helped his dad start a bookstore. The store was going well until, when Wade was 19, his father died of a heart attack. He'd had cholesterol problems, but hadn't told Wade. Wade closed down the business, unable to continue the shop without his dad. When he was 21, he moved to England for a fresh start.


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