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The Waffling mansion is a huge estate in the countryside of eastern Britain.


The entrance hall is quite big. It consists of two winding stair cases leading to the second floor. There's a flower design marble flooring. If you walk up the stair cases and turn right you'll find the faimly's bedrooms, If you go to the left then you'll walk to the guest wing. If you walk futher down the etrance hall, you'll find a huge hall leading to the dining area, Living room, Family room, Kitchen,  Pool area, The library, a bath room, and a rec room. 

Main entrance.

The rec room is quite odd, for it is a modern Muggle Rec room. It consists of 2 bowling alleys, an some arcade games. Along with a few flat screens, and a few couches. The childern and there friends love it here. They constiantly play bowling here.

Rec room

The Living room is quite big, and a more modern then most. No one goes into the living room except when there are guest over. The living room consists of 5 couches, qite a few arm chairs, and earthy wall decorations & ceiling. 

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The pool area is quite big. Consisting of five little pools under tiny caves. There also a little sitting area with sand, and pillows lining it. there's also a fire pit in the center. there are also tree's lining the outside of the pool area.


This is one of the small caves that lead from the main pool. Each of the childern have one. Each area also has a little eating area, and a small pool. There are also plants growing from the side of the formation 


The Family Kitchen Is rather different it's a modern Muggle kitchen. consisting of a blue counter, ad stainless steal appliances. The silverware here is made of pure silver nothing less.