Hey everyone, this is a project started by Emmatigerlily. I'll just give you a quick into and a set of rules before we can get started.

This is a list of characters that might be related to current characters we have, but that haven't been made into characters themselves yet. I know a lot of people would like to be able to RP with family members without actually having to own them themselves and some other people might want to make a character that is already part of a family. So this list is for you! There are just a few guidelines I'd like to put down:

  • Please owl the original owner before you create the character, they might be able to offer extra ideas or plans and after all, it's just polite to do so. Don't just create them without asking. And if they have specific ideas or rules they want the character to have, in order to fit in with their current characters, please stick to them.
  • Please don't write too much in the 'short description', just a few quick (couple of lines) summary of their personality or appearance if it's known, if not then leave it blank. More information can probably be found out by owling the suggested user. If it would take too long to explain here or you want to talk to them about it please put 'owl me'.
  • When putting who they are related to, try to link it if you know how and if it's a large family just pick one or two of them and they should be able to find out more from there.
  • When the character is made, please update the list and remove them, just to avoid confusion in the future
  • Just try to be sensible and kind about it.


Character Name (If Known) Estimated Age Who They Are Related To Short Description User To Owl
Anna Whiteford 8 Seraphina Whiteford's middle daughter Military magical family that moved to England. Thistle
Eugene Petterson 15-16 Flynn Petterson's younger brother History is on Flynn's page, if interested just PM/OWL me and we can work out the details :) Blue
User Discretion (Ideally a member of the Sacred 28) Fifth Year Ludovic Malfoy's friends/cronies/henchmen User Discretion (But they've got to be bullies/mean/nasty people) Carn
Song Chanjoo (exactly) 14 Song Chanmyeon's younger brother Orphan, 4 years younger, attending Hogwarts

History is on Chanmyeon's page but for further details, owl me



Character Name (If Known) Estimated Age Who They Are Related To Short Description User To Owl
Blaise Rosseau-Bealieu Mid-Late 20s Angélique and Ethan Bonnefort Angélique's older brother, married to fashion designer Jacques Bealieu Thistle
Jacques Rosseau-Bealieu Mid-Late 20s Angélique and Ethan Bonnefort Blaise's husband, fashion designer, and related to a powerful bloodline running from Germany to France Thistle
Jason Marxa Early forties Nora Déonté's ex husband, Katherine Déonté-Marxa's dad Lots of wiggle room. I was thinking he might be a squib, but if you want a full blown wizard we can work with that. Beyond that, owl me :D Jay
Alexander Petukhov Mid 30's Maria Petukhova Accountant, somewhat socially awkward, but otherwise, a ton of wiggle room! Madeye