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Warren Pryce
November 8th 2014
Glenda Pryce (Deceased), Emrys Pryce, Aerona Reece
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Aerona Reece was meant to have the perfect life. She comes from a rich family that excelled in magical law. Emrys was an Auror, from an Auror family. They met through their work, but their love was never meant to last. They attempted to work alongside each other and continue to be present throughout their children's lives

They did try their hardest. Aerona was a workaholic who spent too much time at her office. Emrys was fun-loving and just wanted his family to be happy. While Aerona worked away, Emrys had eventually decided to quit his job, to focus on his children. Glenda and Warren were his life.

Warren and Glenda were three years apart in age. Glenda was the elder, and with bother her parents being magical, it wasn't long until she shwoed her first sign of magic at the age of seven. Warren followed only two years later, at the age of seven.

When both of them were off to school, sent to Durmstrang, that was when the marriage of Emrys and Aerona imploded. That is meant as, after two children and an affair, they divorced. Aerona was caught in a scandal after she was found in her office with an intern. An underaged one, at that. She was sent off to prison, and Emrys had to recover his job as an Auror to get by. Their eldest child, Glenda, took it very hard. She was sixteen when it happened, with her younger brother, Warren, three years younger than him, going through a detrimental time in his life. Puberty.

Glenda, eventually after a hard fight again depression, trying to stay alive and loving for Warren, who needed a strong guiding hand at the time, but she failed after a year of fighting, and was found killed by her own hand at the top of a tower in Durmstrang a year later.

The death took both Warren, 14, and Emrys by surprise. The heartbreak that resounded in the family was what sent Emrys into a depressive state. This depressive state did not only affect him, but also Warren, who had to deal with his father's increasingly abusive actions. At the age of sixteen, he found enough courage to go through his mother's old firm, and apply for emancipation from his parents. His abusive father, and his mother who was still locked up. It was also decided by the court of law that he would have to take the next year of school seriously, as one of the requirements of his emancipation was that Warren take two years at once.

After being granted this, Warren decided to move away, and take his last year of school at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. That is where he graduated. He also had gained employment at the local bookstore. That was just on the books. On the other hand, throughout the years, in order to help himself and his family, Warren had developed a skill for pickpocketing other people.

He got the idea from one of the travelling rumours - A Le Fey, descendent of Merlin, going underground into the black market. What she did, Warren could only imagine. But she made waves. It impressed Warren. Not to say he wanted to follow in her footsteps, but the idea of it was entertained. He now considers himself a pretty good criminal, both being a handler of debts, and a sly hand. Warren has been offered jobs in organizations, but he only has his heart set on one - Though he knows he'll never be as good as he should, if he deserves to be in the Black Parade. Warren is set on working alone, for now.

personality and traits
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Intelligent, Humorous, Responsible
Worst Qualities
Egotistical, Cocky, Manipulative
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Warren is a bit full of himself, but also not really. Enigmatic? Not really. He just happens to know what he is good at, and what he is. What is he good at? He's good at what he does. Warren is charming, and uses it against people. He's just an innocent person working in a bookstore, right? Wrong. But he can manipulate people into thinking that.

He has a cocky smirk. The cockiest smirk that can ever be seen on a charming, attractive young man such as himself. All things he knows about himself. But he is not an unkind person. 'Au contraire', he's very sweet. Warren knows how to deal with people, and he socialises very well. One would never assume he's stealing under their nose.

Sass is also a strong characteristic of his. Warren's friendly vibes also gives him a wicked sense of humour. He likes teasing his friends, and he is a very extroverted personality. It allows him to mess around. But he also, really, is very responsible and intelligent. He had to be to finish two years of school at once. Sometimes he gets overworked and takes it out verbally on his friends, but he's typically very care-free and happy.

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Bisexual, Biromantic
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