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Wes Tavik is role-played by Sophia.

Wes Tavik
Wes Tavik

The Lorell Corsair

Vital Statistics
Born October 13
Age 15
Family Julian Tavik (Father)

Sophie Tavik (Mother)

Gender Male
Species Human
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Brown
Status Alive and Single
Signature [[File:|100px]]
Magical Characteristics
Wand Redwood, Phoenix Feather, 13 inch
Wand Arm Left
Blood Purity Half-Blood
Patronus None
Boggart Death


Wes was born into a wealthy Turkish family. His dad was an easygoing person, while his mom is a hardheaded woman. Wes had the pleasure of always annoying his mom, and his dad always let him get away with it. His father was a fun man, and along with Wes, they did some father and son pranking.

Wes first learned of magic, when his father told him that his mom was a witch. Wes was a bit shocked at the story, but he learned that he himself was born a wizard. Wes was a lovely son and brave person. Once he helped a disabled lady get across the street.

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Wes is a strong hearted boy. He will take risks, and puts his family and friends above everything. He values people who are intelligent, but he is not intelligent himself. He is somewhat of a daredevil, and often likes to prank others and get away with it.


    • Chanterelle is Wes' best friend and his partner-in-crime. He likes pranking others with her.

Spell List



  • Wes' face claim is Dylan Sprayberry

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