Wesley Lenton
Fifth Year Gryffindor
Owned by: Lyss

Full Name: Wesley Thaddeus Lenton
Born: April 1, 202
Age: 15
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Species: Wizard
Nationality: English
Ethnicity: European

Sexuality: TBD
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: English
Birthplace: London
Native Language: English
Languages Spoken: English

Blood Status: Half Blood
Wand Wood: Alder
Wand Core: Dragon Heartstring
Wand Length: 12 Inches
Wand Arm: Right
Patronus: Unknown
Boggart: Unknown

Schooling: Hogwarts
House: Gryffindor
Year: Fifth
Year Joined: First

Emilee Stanton and Andrew Lenton first met as teammates on the Hufflepuff Quidditch. The two made an unstoppable beater team, bringing several championships to their house. What started off as a great friendship eventually morphed into much more. In their sixth year the two started dating, and about a year after graduating the two got engaged. The two were so busy with their Quidditch careers, the wedding was put on hold for about another three years, but eventually, it happened, and the two were finally. After a few years ofo marriage and wrapping up there Quidditch careers, the two decided to start a family, bringing Wesley Thaddeus Lenton into the world.

Since both of his parents had saved up qutie a lot of money, both from their jobs and Emilee's inheritance, neither parent really had to work. They put all of their time and focus into raising Wes. His first few years were great. He had a caring family that he got to spend all of his time with. His parents wanted Wes to build a love for Quidditch just like they did, so they took him all over the world to see different Quidditch matches. He loved going to them, even if he didn't really know what was happening, and spending time with his family. Wes is lucky enough to have a cousin close to his age from his Uncle Julius and Aunt Renee, named Philip. He loves playing with his cousin, getting his first real friend in Philip.

Just after Wesley turned 7,his parents took in another child. Two of their friends had passed away and Emilee had been named godmother to their son Oliver. He stayed with them for quite awhile, trying to get accustomed to the change. Eventually, Andrew and Emilee decided to adopt the boy, making him Oliver Lenton. Wesley annoyed him quite a lot, but he was just so excited to have another kid in his life other than Philip. He wanted to everything with Oliver and followed him around like a puppy. Eventually, the new sensation of having a brother passed and the two began to act like real brothers. Though they got along well most of the time, the two also bicker quite a bit, driving their parents crazy.

Wesley got his letter for Hogwarts shortly after turning 11. He will be starting his first year alongside his cousin, and best friend, Philip, as well as his older brother and cousin, Amelia. Coming from two star Quidditch players, Wesley is already feeling the pressure to join his house team in order to make his parents proud.

Wes is an extremely active and energetic kid.Coming from such an athletic family, Wes grew up always on the move. He developed an immediate lovoe for Quidditch, thanks to his parents, even if he may not fully understand it. He always tells Emilee that he wants to be a beater just like her. Wesley quickly gets bored just sitting around and constantly needs to be doing something, otherwise he'll start to get into trouble.

Wesley is also a very loud and vocal child, something he gets from his father. If he has an opinion on something, he'll be sure to let you know, not quite aware of how to filter his thoughts yet. He really isn't the one you want to tell your secrets to. Not only does he talk a lot, but his volume his always loud. You can hear him from a mile away when he talks. Wesley always makes his presence know, whether he's aware of it or not.

Model: Ulrik Munther
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blond
Height: 5'2
Weight: 90lbs


Father: Andrew Lenton
Mother: Emilee Lenton
Siblings: Oliver Lenton
Spouse: None
Children: None
Cousins: Philip Tyrrell,Amelia Tyrrell, Elyse Tyrrell

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