West Tower

The West Tower Battlements are located on the topmost floor of the West Tower. After rescuing Sirius Black from Filius Flitwick's office, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger left for the hospital wing via a door on the battlements.

West Tower Battlements
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Elior and Aurora

Aurora Oleastro - Metal Nymph ♦ Slytherin Student

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She finally found the perfect spot to do her metal work and not get caught. Or it was the perfect spot so far. She'd found some copper and iron in the forest and Aurora was busy trying to make one amazing knife from the two metals.

Elior Blix-2

Elior Blix ☢ Gryffindor
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 19:47, September 12, 2020 (UTC)

He was whistling as he walked having played another very successful prank on Quinn MacQueen, she was the best target. He didn't know why she fell for everything, but he definitely liked taking advantage of how dumb she was. He'd spot Aurora and walk over to join her. "Hey, Aurora. What are you making? Some acupuncture needles?"
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