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William Darkbane

"Potions Prodigy"

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William Darkbane - 3rd Year • Slytherin Slytherin's Crest
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Brewing potions like a boss!


Slytherin's Crest
Will was born in Ireland. He lives with his father and other relatives at their mansion, although his father is always away and his relatives seldom sees him. He technically lives alone. He basically hates his father for that, and he hates his whole family as well. He also hates his mother for leaving him at a very young age with his father, where he didn't have a chance to grow up like any other kid. He believed that being in a line of dark wizards was a curse. At the very young age, Will is a skilled potioneer. At one point, it was the only connection he had with his father. But for some unknown reasons, when he grew up all of this changed. Will doesn't like combat spells, for some reason he doesn't want duelling. He believed that once you mixed war with magic, its catastrophic. When he was eleven, he receives an invitation letter from Hogwarts, School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was one of his happiest day of his life, as he considers this as a ticket out of his miserable life. He most willingly agreed and soon packed up without even telling his father. At Hogwarts, his goal was to finish his studies in potions, become a successful potioneer and get out of his family's life. And he'll do anything just to make it happen.
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"Potions Prodigy"


Vital Statistics


Gender Male
Born December, 2000
Family Linda Shadowheart (Mother)
Giovanni Darkbane (Father)
Blood Status Pure-blood
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Black
Height 5' 10"




House Slytherin
Wand Ebony, Dragon Heartstring, 12 3/4 inches
Pet Type Cat
Patronus -
Affiliation Prodigy Circle
Quests -


Hogwarts Life[]

Hogwarts Life

===Acceptance at Hogwarts===

When Will received the invitation letter, he immediately packed his luggage and flew to England. He ran away to Diagon Alley and bought all of his supplies in his personal account at Gringotts Wizarding Bank. He slept at a small motel near the Hogwarts Express. At the train, he overslept and when he reached Hogwarts, the sorting ceremony has already started. After many delays, he was placed by the sorting hat to their family house, Slytherin.

===First Year===

Physical Appearance[]

Physical Appearance


William has a fair black hair, that almost turn into brown when struck with a light. He's quite handsome, but is so shy to even talk to girls. He always have a messy hair which ignites dirty look, as a result from brewing potions everyday. He always wear a polo, as he is raised to do so. He is also quite tall for his age. He has a blue eyes which sets him apart from his family with green eyes. It is believed he inherited it from his mother.

==Personality and Traits==

Personality and Traits

Will grew up having to live basically alone, so he doesn't really have the personality that people could jive into. He'll always be at his room, brewing potions and studying. He tends to be cranky, when he is bothered at the middle of brewing. He always display a strong character type that makes him very intimidating, someone you don't want to mess up. But despite this, he's very lonely and really just want a good company.

==Magical Abilities and Skills==

Magical Abilities and Skills


William was incredibly adept at potion-making. He's talent was believed came from his mother's side as his fathers side doesn't really appreciates the art of potions. One of his special talent is his Variation. It's a skill of having the ability to alter recipes and substitutes ingredients, which usually resulted in quicker and more efficient results. He was one of the few people capable of brewing highly complicated potions behind his years.


Occlumency was the one of the ability he got from his father. His father taught him the art of Occlumency and Legilimency. Although between the two, Occlumency was the only thing he exceled at. Probably because he doesn't want his father entering his mind. Though sometimes he could read mind but very it's found to be fuzzy. The only living thing he could easily read was his pet cat, which was favorable whenever his cat would suddenly be temperamental.


Although Will doesn't like duelling, his professor often sees potential in him. Mainly because every summer, his father would force him to train with his cousins. His father would organize mini duel competition which he always place second, but his father knew that he's just putting up a handicap to his cousins. But with all that aside, William could be a very competent duelist.


His aptitude for Transfiguration was only limited to his intention of combining the discipline with Potions as in the future he would like to research more in the field of Alchemy.





He got his wand from the famous wandmaker of Diagon Alley, Mr. Ollivander. He got into the shop and almost instantly, Mr. Ollivander gave him this wand. He said that the wand can sense Will's certain belief for things and for his decisions. He also said that it was cored with Unicorn hair as he feel that Will dislikes his line of Dark Wizard family. It was perfect for him, as most of its users isn't fond of the combat spells and Dark Arts. Mr. Ollivander knew that Will has a heart for potions.


If only Salem could speak, Will would have not been too lonely living at the Mansion. Salem was his only friend before he reached Hogwarts. He adopted her when he sees that his cousin bought her just to practice some Curse spells. Saved from a tremendous torture, Salem has always been kind and friendly to William. He was the only person, she wouldn't dare to scratch. Not if William is your friend.===Will's Personal Potions Omnibus===

Will's Omnibus

Being one of the elite in their society at Ireland and basically, growing up at the Mansion. One thing you could appreciate in Will's life, is luxury for money. He could buy almost anything. As an aspiring Great Potioneer, he compiled everything he learned from different books. Every notes, pictures, recipes and even some autographs are included in his so-called, "The Omnibus". Will's Omnibus is one of his prized possessions, that he even brought at Hogwarts so that he could compile his learnings from the said great institution for Potions.==Dreams and Ambitions==

Dreams and Ambitions

Since he was a kid, Will always has his clear dream and ambition. He always wanted to be great and known potioneer. And he would do anything, to be someday be in that position. He enters Hogwarts, as most successful potioneer came from there. It was a breeding ground for Potions Master. And someday, he would want to venture in the field of Alchemy.







Spells List[]

Spells List

First Year Spells[]

  • Herbifors
  • Expelliarmus
  • Incendio
  • Intruder Charm
  • Vites Venit
  • Locomotor Mortis
  • Petrificus Totalus
  • Protego
  • Wingardium Leviosa

(For Presentation Only)

Spells Learned Elsewhere (Admin Approved)[]

None Yet.



Required Classes[]

Optional Classes[]







First Years
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Slytherin's Crest

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