Birthday September 10
Age 11
Status Alive
Pronunciation vawlf‧gahng shmit
Family N/A
Handedness Ambidextrous
Gender Male
Relationship Single
Nationality Scottish
Speaks English, German
Species Wizard (metamorphmagus), Human
Blood Status Half-Blood
Eye Color Varies blue
Hair Color Varies brown
Height 5'4"
Model Levi Miller

There's really no point discussing Wolfgang's appearance because he changes it every. single. day. but naturally he's fairly normal-looking. His hair is a boring normal shade of brown, his facial features are pretty unremarkable for a kid his age, and the only vaguely interesting things, in his opinion, are his eye colour: a blue that he likes to say looks like the sea on a good day, and his height, which gives him a good few inches on most of his peers. He's not overly scrawny either, which is a blessing that he thinks should have gone to someone else. Most people can't change their build with a thought, after all.
Mairi MacNeil was thrilled when she received her Hogwarts letter. She was muggleborn, you see, and her world had previously been confined to the little Outer Hebridean island she'd grown up on: the Isle of Eriskay, population 143. She thought it would be an adventure, a way to get away from her boring little island with its outdated customs and dying language.

Hogwarts, though beautiful and full of the magic Mairi had been so looking forward to, also brought with it a whole new kind of challenge: bullies. Pure-bloods who called her mudblood, muggleborns who mocked her thick accent. Mairi's teenage perspective put this down to the biggest new thing in her life - magic - and she started to develop a severe aversion to everything to do with the wizarding world. She dropped out at the end of fifth year, returned to Eriskay, and carried on life as a muggle.

Enter Iain MacLeod of Skye. Handsome, worldly (he came from the Isle of Skye, near the mainland) and blessedly muggle. The two were married within a year of meeting one another, and soon after that came their son, Lachlan MacLeod. The family was happy enough for a time on their remote little island. Iain worked as a crofter, Mairi running one of the few guesthouses on the island - tourists were rare, not unwelcome - and Lachlan as happy as an infant can be.

When Lachlan was 15 months old, Mairi decided to hire a pretty blonde mainlander called Caitrìona Maguire as a babysitter. Iain, the asshole, was immediately attracted to Caitrìona and, bored of his island lifestyle already, he left with her for the mainland within the month. When the divorce papers came through a few weeks later Mairi was understandably devastated.

Left behind with his mother, Lachlan was forgotten about. Mairi stopped going to work, began drinking heavily and started sleeping a lot. When her toddler son's metamorphmagus abilities started to manifest (a leftover from his father's family. Turns out he was a wizard the whole time, just didn't bother to tell his wife), Mairi had had enough. She left her 18-month-old son in the snow with nothing except the few things his father had left at home (a watch and an enchanted hip flask), and never thought about him again.

Lachlan was picked up by muggle social services the next morning with severe hypothermia, and it was expected that he would die within a few hours. However, he recovered pretty quickly (thank you, wizard genes) and the story was picked up by the local news, where a ministry official thought it was odd. So he went to check out the unnamed child in the muggle orphanage and was satisfied enough to obliviate the social workers and spirit him away to Lil Bundles.

Young, lacking a known name and with a rare ability, it's no surprise that Lil Bundles' newest little boy was adopted within only weeks. Named Wolfgang Joachim Schmidt by his new mother, Blake, he was absorbed pretty quickly into the family and quickly became close to his new same-age cousins. From then on, Wolfgang was the embodiment of a Schmidt, delighting in Quidditch and in competitions.

Wolfgang's always had a desire to become an actor - in fact, he very nearly succeeded in convincing his mother to let him attend WADA - ever since he was a little kid, playing dress-up with his little sisters and brothers. He's still often found dressed as a pirate or a bank robber or an evil wizard, letting Lisbet or one of his younger cousins beat him in mock-battles. It's this kind of play that turned into Wolfgang's major quirk: he has a tendency to change his identity daily. He's not sure where he fits in, you see. Being a Schmidt is one thing, but there are so many Schmidts his age, and he's also adopted, not born. He just wants to be known as something other than his family's reputation.
Wolfgang doesn't know who he wants to be, so he's everyone else instead. What can he say? He's a born actor, and natural talent has to be expressed. He's very melodramatic, which is probably a side-effect from his acting, and he sometimes embellishes things. A lot. He lives for gossip, and knows a lot about everyone, mostly because he eavesdrops a lot (what? if you're having a conversation in public, it's fair game).

While Wolfgang's traits seem to change depending on whoever he wants to be that day, the core of his personality remains the same. He's mostly motivated by attention - all attention is good attention - and his main wish in life is to have friends who will actually stick by him. However, he's always had slight issues with trust, and so while he'll overshare to the max one day the next he'll be as distant as someone like him can be.

He also has an explosive temper, refuses to apologise for his actions, and often doesn't see the point of thinking before he acts. This rashness is something he might grow out of, but it's unlikely: it's a defense mechanism.

Overall, Wolfgang comes across as confident and a bit of an asshole, but he's actually very insecure about his identity. He'll flirt with half the people he meets, only to stand them up the next day, or he'll blow up at the slightest insult one day, only to cry about it in the boys' toilets the next. He's maybe not the most stable of teenagers.
Wand: who doesn't adore magic?
Phone: ok so he has an unhealthy relationship with Witchagram. Sue him.
His name tag: he (usually) wears this so that people can tell who he is because reintroducing himself over and over gets old quite quickly.
Watch: it's only about 20 years old and it's undoubtedly cheap, but it's also the only thing his father left behind when he ran off, and one of the only things he has from before he was adopted.

Boggart Isolation/being abandoned
Amortentia The sea, bubblegum, his cat
Patronus Chameleon
Wand Holly, dragon heartstring, 10 1/2"
Interests Acting, Quidditch, general pop culture
Pet Peeve Slow walkers
Habits Biting his nails
Star Sign Virgo
Dreams/Goals Become a famous actor
Color Blue
Song Macarena
Show Black Mirror
Movie Star Wars
Book Illuminae
Food Strawberry laces
Drink Irn bru

when it suits him he wears a name tag so that people know who he is
he wants to be an actor, either on muggle tv or in theatres.
he has a youtube channel
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