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Wolfram Beilschmidt

Durmstrang Alumnus ₰ Puddlemere United Beater

Wolfram Beilschmidt is a professional Beater for Puddlemere United. He is the second eldest out of 5 siblings, one of which is the former Harriers, Harpies, and Magpies chaser and a current chaser for the Tutshill Tornadoes Julchen Beilschmidt. He is also the adoptive father to Aspirin Beilschmidt.


Basic Info

Full Name: Wolfram Roderich Beilschmidt
Born: 24 January 1995
Age: 32
Status: Alive/Single
Gender: Male
Species: Wizard
Nationality: German
Ethnicity: German
Accent: German
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Orientations: Bisexual/Biromantic
Signature: N/A

Father: Conrad Beilschmidt
Mother: Anneliese Beilschmidt
Siblings: Elisa Beilschmidt (older sister)
Julchen Beilschmidt (younger sister)
Gabriel Beilschmidt (younger brother)
Rafael Beilschmidt (younger sister)
Relatives: Aspirin Beilschmidt (adoptive daughter)
Family Line of Work: Father is a former professional Quidditch player and mother is a former Durmstrang professor. Elisa and Rafael are Durmstrang professors. Julchen is a Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies.
Family Background: The Beilschmidt family are a middle-class family in Germany while the Blumsteins, while having German roots, are from Austria.
Most Important Person Before: Tie between all his family members
Most Important Person Now: Tie between all his family members

School: Durmstrang
House: D/A
Best Core Class: Herbology
Worst Core Class: History of Magic
Electives: Ancient Runes, Arithmancy
Quidditch: Beater

Wand Wood: Oak
Wand Core: Dragon heartstring
Wand Length: 10⅓"
Pets: None
Animagus/Patronus: None/Falcon
Boggart: His family abandoning him
Amortentia: Mahogany, hot cocoa, cold winter air

Occupation: Beater for Puddlemere United
Loyalty: Puddlemere United, Beilschmidt family, Blumstein family, Germany
Organizations: N/A
Alignment: Neutral good

Vices: Too stiff
Bad Habits: Pinching the bridge of his nose every time someone does something destructive
Quirks: Really long temper fuse
Attitude: Serious, stoic
Special Talents: N/A
Social Skills: Average

Most At Ease When?: Around his family
Main Priorities: Her family and teammates
Past Failures: N/A
Darkest Secret: N/A
Known by Anyone?: N/A




Wolfram is a tall man with brown hair and brown eyes. His facial features are usually arranged into a serious look. He is modeled by Theo James

The most serious out of all his siblings, he is usually the one to drag them out of any sticky situation they got themselves in. He has handled all their crazy shenanigans for years so he has a pretty long fuse. He usually has a straight face and a strong aura but they falter a bit in the presence of one of his siblings. Despite being the second eldest, he is the most responsible, often being trusted by his parents to make sure his siblings don't kill themselves. He often gets dragged in a lot of his siblings' shenanigans, which he secretly admits to be 'fun' but he would never tell anyone.

He is very protective of his family and would happily hit someone with a Bludger if they ever hurt any of them. Out of all his siblings, he is closest to Elisa, leaving Julchen out as the third wheel as the twins are very close themselves. He does his best to include his younger sister in his and Elisa's little pair but the girl seemed fine with being left out, as Julchen did have a rather large group of friends back in Durmstrang.

One thing he does have in common with his less sane siblings is their love of Quidditch. He takes after his father, preferring the Beater position.


Wolfram Roderich Beilschmidt is the 2nd eldest of 5 siblings. His father, Conrad Beilschmidt, was a professional Quidditch player who played as Beater in Heidelberg Harriers and his mother, Anneliese Beilschmidt, was a professor at Durmstrang Institute. He has two brothers and two sisters, two of whom are now professors at Durmstrang after their mother resigned.

The eldest of the siblings is Elisa, followed by him and then Julchen. The youngest were the twins Gabriel and Rafael. While they all squabble like all siblings do, they are a tight-knit team. It was pretty easy since all of them have 1-2 year age difference. Wolfram's childhood was a peaceful one, filled with memories of Quidditch and brooms. The 5 Beilschmidt siblings share a love of Quidditch, inherited from their father. Elisa was keeper while Julchen, Gabriel, and Rafael were Chasers and their father and him were Beaters.

Wolfram's Durmstrang years were pretty wild, to say the least. He was always dragged by his siblings to pull pranks, break rules, and cause mayhem in general. But he always covered for his siblings. Surprisingly, he got the position of Head Boy in his 7th year. He took his responsibilities very seriously, which minimized the collateral damage his siblings did. After graduating, he immediately looked for a Quidditch team to join. He hopped from team to team. While he was happy with the varying characteristics each team had, he was still unsatisified. Until he joined the Kenmare Kestrels, that is.

A few years after he became a professional Quidditch player, his younger sister Julchen followed him. But this time, she joined their father's old team. After the Heidelberg Harriers lost in the World Cup, he was notified of the British and Irish Quidditch League, which was the sole reason why he went to England, besides the fact that he wanted to check in with how his sister was doing.

A few years after the first League and in the middle of the second League, he adopted a girl named Aspirin Auttenberg.


Conrad and Anneliese Beilschmidt

He loves his parents to bits and is very respectful of them. He is usually the one they trust to look after his siblings and he never fails to complete the task. He is very thankful of his father for introducing him to Quidditch.

Elisa Beilschmidt

Out of all his siblings, he is closest to Elisa. They always hang around each other and turn to each other during particularly hard times. They know each other's strength and weaknesses. When they are separated as little kids without their consent, they would go absolutely batshizz crazy until they are reunited.

Julchen Beilschmidt

While he is the closest to Elisa, he loves all of his siblings equally. Sometimes he is worried that because the siblings had gone to pairs, she would become lonely, which is why he would always try to include the younger girl in anything he and Elisa are doing. He is also worried about the fact that Julchen would brush off major injuries like they were nothing.

Gabriel and Rafael Beilschmidt

The most troublesome out of all his siblings, he is a slight bit more strict with them, but he still loves them nonetheless. He likes how they could immediately cheer up the family with their crazy ideas and shenanigans. He secretly likes the times when they would drag him to whatever crazy plan they do.

Aspirin Beilschmidt

His recently adopted daughter. He met her when he visited the Lil Bundles orphanage. Aspirin intrigued him and he stroke up a conversation with her, eventually learning about her narcolepsy and becoming angry at the people who overlooked her because of her condition. Eventually, he offered to adopt her, partly because he was sure she'd remain at the orphanage forever based on what she told him. He was also kind of curious as to why she doesn't speak when she has the capabilities to, but he decided that maybe he'd step into forbidden grounds and if she wanted to tell him, she will.

Lena Schmidt

Though they may not look like it, these two are besties. This is because they're really competitive on the pitch, leading to others thinking that they hate eachother. Off the pitch, they're still competitive, but not as much as on the pitch.

Pandora Hathaway

A new friend of his. He had faced off with her team and even attempted to send a few Bludgers at her way. He formally met her at Hyde Park when Pandora had bumped into him. They started a conversation and had enjoyed each other's company.




Having grown up with Quidditch, he takes after his father's skill in being a Beater.

She has a 10⅓" Oak wand with a Dragon heartstring for a core.


Derived from the Germanic element wulf meaning "wolf" combined with hramn "raven".


German form of Roderick, which means "famous power" from the Germanic elements hrod "fame" and ric "power".