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Woo Seonghan

Even if I know that
i’ll get punished
i want something more
give it to me, if it
chooses to cross the line
i want it

|| full name(s)

woo seonghan

|| nickname(s)

seonghannie > a pet name with no particular origin; often used by his older siblings to taunt him

|| etymology

woo > divine intervention, protection; rain
seong > suceed or accomplish
han > resentment, hatred, regret

|| alias(es)


|| alias reasonings


|| age


|| birthday

February 17th, 2030

|| zodiac sign


|| nationality

South Korean

|| ethnicity


|| status

Single; Alive

|| gender


Even if I know that
i’ll get punished
i want something more
give it to me, if it
chooses to cross the line
i want it


social behaviors
|| most common emotion
|| least common emotion
|| tendency to show affection
|| notable quirks
|| mannerisms
|| when angry
|| when embarrassed
|| when excited
|| when frightened
|| when happy
|| when sad
|| when stressed
|| when thoughtful
|| when jealous
|| optimist or pessimist
|| introvert or extrovert
|| cautious or careless
|| logical or emotional
|| warmonger or pacifist
|| loner or social butterfly
|| early bird or night owl
|| procrastinator or productive
|| rigid and organized or fluid and adaptable
|| big picture or detail orientated
|| confident or Unsure
character on the inside


|| persona

/* What they present to the world, or the side they use to protect themselves */

|| core

/* The center/core of your character */

|| shadow

/* The opposite qualities your character themselves does not believe they possess, but do subconsciously */

|| passions
|| wants
|| needs
|| phobia(s) and fear(s)

Even if I know that
i’ll get punished
i want something more
give it to me, if it
chooses to cross the line
i want it


general likes
general dislikes
|| favorite color(s)

Light yellow, gold

|| favorite music genre(s)

Contemporary R&B

|| favorite food(s)

Japchae, Mandu

|| favorite animal(s)


|| favorite book(s)


|| favorite drink(s)

Iced coffee

|| favorite song(s)

Own Me by bülow

|| favorite movie(s)


|| favorite sweet(s)

Mint chocolate

|| favorite location(s)

lincliff square > it's his favorite place to people watch in lincliff. the space is nice and open and rarely does anyone notice him.
woo estate courtyard > the courtyard of his family's mansion. it's beautifully decorated and being in it puts him at peace. he likes to go there when he's under a lot of stress.

Even if I know that
i’ll get punished
i want something more
give it to me, if it
chooses to cross the line
i want it


|| schooling

[1-2] Homeschooled
[3-6] Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

|| graduated?


|| year

Sixth Year

|| house


|| owls
|| newts
|| favorite class(es)
  • Transfiguration
  • Potions
|| least favorite class(es)
  • Care of Magical Creatures (COMC)
|| species


|| peculiar?


|| type of peculiar

Clairvoyant; clairaudient

|| family blood


|| ability to produce patronus

seonghan can cast a fully-realized patronus with some effort

|| patronus animal

his patronus is a siamese cat

|| wand wood

(while seonghan does not use a wand to cast magic, he does indeed have a wand) Elm Wood

|| wand core

(while seonghan does not use a wand to cast magic, he does indeed have a wand) Fenhuang Feather

|| wand length

(while seonghan does not use a wand to cast magic, he does indeed have a wand) 13 in (33 cm)

|| faceclaim

Hwang Inyeop

|| voiceclaim

Hwang Inyeop

|| eye color


|| hair color


|| skin tone

Tanned Brown

|| height

6'1" (186 cm)

|| build

Lean, somewhat toned

|| piercing(s)

some ear piercings

|| tattoo(s)

none, however he has shown interest in getting some tattoos. he recognizes as a potential heir to his family empire, it's unprofessional for him to do so, but he's always wanted one regardless.

|| general style

street wear > seonghan takes his appearance very seriously, and tries his best to present himself in the most flattering fashion. he prefers street wear and has a signature look in his sharp black jackets and white collar shirts, but occasionally opts for other styles.
preppy > seonghan also tends to opt for preppy outfits, often wearing blazers and sweaters for a semi-casual look.

|| distinguishing marks
|| dominant hand


|| handwriting

neat, light; writes mainly in cursive, but occasionally if requested to, he'll write in print

|| physical disorders


|| allergies


|| neurodivergent?


|| mental disorder(s)/illness(es)

prosopagnosia/face blindess

|| mental state/health

mostly healthy; subjugated to anxiety attacks every once and awhile due to paranoia

|| skills
|| most skilled at
|| least skilled at
|| talents
|| hobbies
|| understood languages

English, Korean, Mandarin

|| spoken languages

English, Korean, Mandarin

|| quote(s)

Even if I know that
i’ll get punished
i want something more
give it to me, if it
chooses to cross the line
i want it


|| parental guardian(s)
|| sibling(s)
|| spouse(s)
|| children
|| extended relatives
|| other
|| romantic orientation
|| sexual orientation
|| current partner(s)
|| past partner(s)
|| romantic interests
|| first love
|| first kiss
|| first time
|| love language
|| best friend(s)
|| current friend(s)
|| past friend(s)
|| acquaintance(s)

Even if I know that
i’ll get punished
i want something more
give it to me, if it
chooses to cross the line
i want it



1) What was your first incident of magic and how old were you?

mm, i was five. not that i remember it too well, my younger years are kind of blurry. it was at an important family dinner. something about my grandfather passing down the chairman position to my father. a position i would be receiving in ten years, whether i like it or not. ah... well, a chandelier broke. really, that's all i should tell you but i know you want all the details. to be more specific, the lights went off, and i got scared. then the chandelier fell. eventually aurors investigating the incident traced the magic back to me... and that's the story. oh? why were there aurors? well, you'll find out later.

2) Do you believe in love at first sight?

yes, no, i don't really know. i believe love is a wonderful thing, and i've always wanted to fall in love. my mother never got to fall in love. she talks about it a lot, how she was match-made with my father to secure success for our "empire". she got to experience the happiness of love... once. with my uncle. my father's brother. then well, he died. do... do you want to know a secret? seonghan cheerfully smiles at the camera, and the revelation of his words doesn't match the tone he uses to speak them at all. my father ordered a hit on him once he found out about his affair with my mother. i never told my father that i know. and i never told my mother what happened to my uncle. funny, right? unfortunate too, i suppose, i was never too close with my uncle. then again, he was everything my father wasn't. it was only a matter of time he got pushed out of the way if my father was to ever get what he wanted. everything.

3) Where do you see yourself in ten years?

where else am i supposed to see myself? running the empire my family has worked so hard to build over the years. i'm lucky, aren't i? people starve in poverty everyday, struggle to even obtain a sliver of the success i get for existing. meanwhile, i live in luxury for seventeen years, "work" my way up the company ranks... and then i get everything i want until the day i die. a perfect life, in my opinion. i guess, for that, i can sacrifice everything else. free will, dreams, hopes... love. i'd be jealous of people who get to have all of that, but for all the power i get, why should i care? i get to control the lives of thousands, no millions of people, for free. and being a clairvoyant, naturally, that ability is maximized.

4) What are people’s usual first impressions of you? Are they correct?

do you want what you're supposed to hear... or do you want to know what they actually think? for fun, i'll tell you both. this is the answer i give when i'm lying—they think i'm naive and cheerful. charismatic too. and of course, they'd be completely wrong. about the first thing. i'm charismatic, i have to be. businessmen things and all... how else do i pitch ideas? ha. but naive? please. just because i'm a rich boy with everything handed to me since day one doesn't mean i don't know how the world works. it amuses me, because everyone always thinks rich people are out of touch, and well, they're right. but i get the magical ability to relate to everyone. i mean, i read minds, how can i not? okay, now i'll give you the real answer. they always think there's something just slightly off about me. 'no one can be that happy' or 'can't he read the room? why is he so cheerful?' it's 'he's so charismatic but strange'. and it's funny to listen to. i like how i unnerve people.

5) How do you treat the people around you?

like they want to be treated. i read minds, remember? to mess with people, i treat them exactly how they perceive themselves in their minds. it's funny. if they think bad of themselves, and i insult them, they'll give me a strange look, but i can hear them agree. or they'll cry. or they'll admit it out loud. i like to observe their reactions. it's not as fun with arrogant people, but occasionally than can be amusing too. they think of themselves as the best, and i tell them that. and so because a stranger told them, they'll believe me. my family knows me too well, so i can't do it on them. but i'll do it on my extended family. there's different versions of me floating around in my family's conscience. some people in my family think i'm a suck up. some people think i'm cruel. some people think i'm sweet. it's funny. it's funnier than any form of entertainment these days. don't get me wrong, i'm not a cruel person. it's just interesting.

6) Do you believe people can be given a second chance?

it depends on who are, what you were born with, what you've gained, i could go on. it really depends. people will give anyone a second chance if they believe they change them or benefit from that person in their life. sometimes, people are afraid to let someone go. those people will give as many chances as possible if they think they can help somehow. personally, i don't care. i'm not the one to decide who can change and who cannot. i don't give second chances nor do i do not. i just wait. i am not the decider of someone's decisions and development. they are.

7) How do you perceive strangers?

opportunities. adventures. entertainment. anything and everything. strangers are so interesting. i love them. in my opinion, strangers are more interesting than people you know. when people know you, they know what to expect, how to react. strangers are new, fresh, shiny. they don't know you, they don't know how you think, how you act, how you generally are. strangers are my relief from the rigid world and life that i live. sometimes, i go out into the street and i will walk around the city for hours, talking to strangers. not only do i meet many people, i get to have so many adventures. stories to tell other strangers. experiences to learn from. strangers are everything to me in the small, one-track world that i live in.

8) Were you close with your family growing up? If not-why?

no. you're not supposed to be. after all, these are the people you're going to back stab and use as step stools in your climb to the top. to success. my father literally asked for an assassination on his own brother. do you think anyone in our family is close? to suggest that would to be a complete joke. we are not family, rather than we are rivals. archenemies. my siblings' successes are my failures just like their failures are my successes. we live to sabotage each other until life puts us in our rightful places. and my rightful place, as the best out of my siblings is the top. i refuse to accept anything else, not that i'll have to do much fighting. i'm the favorite, anyways. no one else stood a chance.

9) What were you like growing up?

an absolute delight. kidding. i was a little terror to everyone who didn't let me have what i wanted. i figured out about my clairvoyance at a young age, and i used it to my advantage. as early as six years old, i was blackmailing and lobbying with secrets. information is a powerful tool, you know? it opens up so many more advantages to you. why do you think the rich control the government, education, the common people's access to the things that make and keep us rich? we know this information is too valuable to go to waste. we know the power of information. mm, well, as a little kid, i had a score of interests. despite my clairvoyance, i was also a normal kid once. i wanted to play with toys and make friends. but the situation in which i was destined for made those things difficult. i could have anything in the world except genuine relationships. every single friend i made was used to teach me some lesson about the world and then i never saw them again. my first best friend's family lost their entire fortune due to fraud, to teach me a lesson about that the vulnerability of relationships is never worth it. every close friend i've had has had something similar happen to them. you see the type of life i live now, right?

10) If you weren’t raised by your parents, who did? How did you find yourself in this position?

it's not like i wasn't raised by my parents, but i wasn't raised by them directly. i was raised by tutors and nannies. i had a lot of them. i even remember all their names. it's impressive, no? especially because i can't recognize faces. i've had over twenty different people raising me within my life. and that was before i was no longer homeschooled and transferred to hogwarts. as i said, the relationship within my family is very impersonal. it's better for me that i am raised by people who i won't have to sabotage later in my life. the less emotional attachment the better. one day, i'll have to prove to my father that i am worthy of being the heir by ruining his very own life. it'd suck if i actually knew him well, ah?

11) If you’re not native to the UK, where were you born and how did you end up in the UK?

i was born in seoul, south korea. that is where i've lived for the majority of my life, and well, i still live there. i just attend school here in the united kingdom. seoul is where the future of my life lies. seoul is where i go in the summers. and it is the only place i will see until i am ready to become apart of the empire my family has so religiously fostered. i transferred to hogwarts to get the jump on siblings. english and mandarin, the language of business at the moment. knowing both puts me at a natural advantage, but i'm not stupid enough to think my siblings wouldn't try the same. so getting here first is how i obtain my advantage. i've been here since... mm, third year? i'm a staple to my class' environment. don't know a single person who doesn't love me. i hope you know i'm making a joke.

12) Do you have any mental or physical afflictions? How did you receive these afflictions or were you born with them?

ah... i was born with prosopagnosia. it's also called face blindness. basically, i can't recognize people's faces, as the name would imply. don't get it confused, i have great vision. better than average actually, i just lack the ability to recognize faces. i can see just as every other "normal" person can see. it mostly extends to strangers, something some people would consider mild prosopagnosia. sometimes, i cannot recognize members of my own family as well, but that's quite rare. as i get to know someone, gradually, their face becomes clearer to me as i find more to distinguish in their face. sometimes... sometimes, i can distinguish stranger's faces without even having to get to know them. it's rare, but it happens. i like to imagine there's some sort of special connection to those people. though i'll never get to explore it. i usually distinguish people by their voices. their head voices, at least. to me, every person individually has a different voice in their head, so when i hear their thoughts, i know who i'm approaching. at times, it gets loud. i've gotten used to it and know how to deal with it now. i suppose... it's sort of difficult. but it's okay, i live with it just fine, better than i used to.

13) How's your financial situation? What's your main income? Do you rely on anyone? Do you want to rely on them or be more independent?

seonghan laughs, clearly amused. i'm rich. i've been treated like a prince since i was born. i don't need an income, after all, my allowance is a few grand a month. not that i really do anything with it. i just put it in a savings account, take what little money out that i need to. i guess i rely on my family, but if i wanted to, i could rent out an apartment and lincliff and live for a few years with all i've saved up. it's not like i'm independent from them, but i don't need to depend on them as much as other silver spoon babies might. i suppose i'm special like that.

14) Clairaudient, clairsentient, clairnatura, clairnotita or claircognizant?

clairaudient. i can hear people's thoughts. i didn't have a name for it when i was little, but i didn't need one. when i wanted to, i could hear people's thoughts. i used it as a tool to deal with my face blindness, and as a tool to further myself. it allowed me a new facet to observe the world. gave me more power than my siblings had. no one else in my immediate family is clairvoyant. my great grandmother was, but since then the trait had yet to present itself. it must be a gift, a sign that i'm destined to be the heir. obviously.

15) Do you think this is an advantage to have? Or a burden?

a clear advantage. i cannot think of a single reason why this would be a burden. i searched it up, once. reading minds is the most requested superpower in the entire world. people want to know what others think about everything. they want to know everything in general, honestly. and having all the answers gives you all the control. i... i think it's also a tool to make relationships. you can be anything for anyone. the perfect friend, student, significant other, whatever. for me, someone who isn't allowed to make meaningful connections, this is valuable to me. it's the only way i can connect to people, the only way i can recognize people i don't know. without it, i would be alone. and to be alone... well, it's what i'm destined for. but that doesn't make the fear of it any easier to handle.
smaller details
|| hometown

Seoul, South Korea

|| birthplace

Seoul, South Korea

|| current residence

[temporary residence] the united kingdom; he's studying at hogwarts
[permanent residence] seoul, south korea; his family lives here

|| past residence(s)


|| goal(s)
  • take over his family's corporate empire, duh
  • actually figure out what he wants to do with his life
|| occupation(s)

hogwarts student