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WrenW CP1

wren lealan winthrop
professional quidditch player

WrenW CPM1

Birthday april 20th
Age twenty-four
Pronunciation reh-n wihn-throhp
Family charlie + natsumi (parents)
sophia + mia (stepparents)
sage (sister)
Gender male
Pronouns he/him/his
Orientation homosexual
Relationship single
Nationality american + australian
Languages english + japanese
Residence sydney, australia
+ lincliff city, scotland
Religion christian
Handedness right
Roleplayer ateleia
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Eye Color brown
Hair Color black
Height 5'8"
Style casual, neutral
Faceclaim booboo stewart

wren is conventionally attractive and he is aware of it. he pays a lot of attention to his long, black hair and often leaves it in braids or a bun knot. he is popular for coming out onto the field with a variety of different hairstyles and is pleased he gets so much attention from it. his eyes are a deep brown and he has a bright smile full of straight teeth. his face is radiant and charming and it certainly aids him when the paparazzi swarm him on a bad day. he has a natural light to him that a lot of people gravitate to off of appearances alone. he is on the shorter side - 5'8" - and used to be insecure about it before starting to study in japan. his body is well toned and muscular considering his job demands it and regardless he has always been a little caught up in physical perfection.

WrenW CPM2

WrenW CP2


charlie winthrop met natsumi ito while she was visiting her family in the united states. she was twenty and he was twenty-three and graduated, playing the sales field. their friendship was at first strictly that: a friendship. the two remained in contact when she returned to japan. charlie visited her in japan before proposing and moving her to the united states. they married swiftly after her move, but their marriage just as quickly begun falling apart. natsumi was discontent with her life in the united states. they lived in reno meanwhile her closest family were in seattle and san francisco. it was not an easy visit and therefore she largely felt alone. she was unhappy and charlie was frustrated that he could not pull the pieces together. they were passive aggressive with one another and often seemed defeated, never snapping or yelling at each other. it was a feeble marriage- depressing for both involved. their families were disappointed with the outcome or at least until natsumi got pregnant.

natsumi did not want to be pregnant. it was an accident and she had considered not having the child. when she informed her husband of this, he was upset and subsequently "slipped" this information to her siblings, who told her parents she was pregnant. this overwhelming pressure to have this child forced her to...and she doesn't regret it; she loves her son more than life itself, but she shouldn't have told him about the conflict behind his existence. wren lealan winthrop was born and found out fourteen years later that he wasn't meant to exist at all. it doesn't bother him much as he's grown up and come to terms with the fact that his mother doesn't regret it. however, as a teenager, he was often concerned with proving himself as worth all of his mother's troubles. it helped him excel in quidditch and do moderately well in his studies. natsumi would have consoled her son better if she had known it would have affected him so much, but things happen.

wren was a great bandaid for their relationship. he was a happy, expressive baby. his mother was ecstatic and was constantly doting upon him, but his father remained distant. he was worried that natsumi would leave him and isolate him from his son, so he wasn't concerned with getting too attached. he seemed pleased to be around him and cared for him when there was no one else to, but he didn't appear overly interested in the decisions made in his son's life. this meant the relationship was quiet; natsumi was content and that made charlie more content all the same, but this distancing from his child meant there was no chance he would fight when she wanted him to. natsumi filed for divorce when her son was two, upset by her husband's distant behavior; she retracted it and agreed to counseling.

then when wren was in his terrible threes, he had become a handful and needed more friends at home, so the couple attempted to have another bandaid. perhaps having more children would prove that they were together for the long haul, but his mother filing for divorce the first time put a dent in their relationship. natsumi filed again when she was eight months pregnant. it was uncontested, so the whole process moved even swifter than their marriage did. she was well into her thirties by then and was defeated by the time she felt she had wasted. wren was four and confused by the sudden disappearance of his father from their family home meanwhile struggling with the arrival of his sister, sage winthrop. his father returned to montana, where he rekindled a romance from his adolescence. his mother as well as his father's parents have mentioned since then that they believe there was some sort of emotional affair between the duo far before the divorce was filed, but wren has never gotten any confirmation of this and doesn't want to assume that about his father.

his father's girlfriend, a muggle woman named sophia, was terribly afraid of children. she hated them and she resisted extending any invitation out to charlie's children. natsumi was unchallenged in the courtroom and had actually argued for him to get the children over summers or something in order from him to remain in their lives. wren visited his father once while sophia was with family, but had not brought his sister since it was decided that he wouldn't know how to care for her. after all, he had hardly cared for wren while he was an infant and would be left alone caring for two children? no, natsumi did not see that as fit for her ex-husband. wren would not be able to visit him again for a while after that and met his stepmother at their wedding; he would visit his grandparents in montana regularly over the summer before he moved, but never his father.

while charlie was getting whipped by someone who hated his children, natsumi learned to embrace her sexuality through the assistance of new friendships. when her children were visiting their grandparents in montana, she went on a trip to las vegas with her friends and met an australian tourist named mia singh. the two started a long distance relationship, where they (similar to his mother's first marriage) would alternate between visiting each other in their respective countries before agreeing that they wanted to get married. the first thing to be arranged was their living situation because mia was unwilling to live in the united states and natsumi didn't have much interest remaining their anyways. charlie was the only thing stopping them, but his wife convinced him it would be fine if they left; after all, they won't be visiting. it was agreed that the children could visit montana over the summer. wren and sage lived with their grandparents on the reservation for a few months while their mother secured their living arrangements and visas overseas, then they flew over and attended a belated wedding for the couple.

it was when wren first arrived at his new home that his first sign of magic occurred. he was eight and had noticed he left his favorite stuffed animal at the airport. he had brought it with him on all of his flights and long car rides prior to this point and was distraught that he had seemingly lost it. he started to sob as his mothers scrambled to figure out if the airport might still have it. suddenly, he summoned it into his hands or at the very least some replica of it. it terrified him, but he had grown up with some magic in the household and was used to things popping into existence out of thin air. wren cried even harder, but his mothers were overjoyed and natsumi texted his father to tell him the good news (though he was largely indifferent). his sister teased him so much for crying because she thought she wouldn't cry in that situation. she did end up crying when she had her first sign of magic too. not too long after, he would be caught carrying conversations with the snakes and holding them to the other children for show. he was quite the daredevil and was praised by the children in his neighborhood for his seemingly endless talents.

years later, wren was invited to attend mahoutokoro, which is where his mother and her family went to school hence the invitation. it was there that he started his quidditch career. he had hardly touched a broom prior to then, but was a natural talent. he excelled even within an environment that breeds some of the best quidditch players in the game. the headmaster often bragged about him and recruiters and managers came to his games, flocking to him by the time he was fifteen and trying to secure him on their various teams. wren was by all means a quidditch prodigy and was considered a hot commodity. he would eventually graduate and was recruited by the wollongong warriors in australia, assisting them in winning the australian league championship on a couple of occasions over the last multiple years. this year, the quidditch world cup is being held in europe and there have been talks about him getting an offer from one of the teams in the british and irish league. although currently stationed with the australian national team, wren has been periodically visiting england with his managers to discuss moving.

WrenW CPM3

wren would be nowhere without this persona shielding him from the masses. it's a defense mechanism thrown up by a rush of adrenaline every time cameras are shoved in his face or fans flock to him in the streets. he appears naturally so charismatic and on the field he is often chaotic and gives the audience a good show alongside a brilliant turnout on the scoreboard. he seems a little self-obsessed as if he somehow deserves the attention more than others. he comes across as a player due to a slanderous companion by former girlfriends, who were first and foremost arranged relationships by their management teams and had no right to go trashing him for not committing to them, despite not being a flirtatious person nor a particularly uncommitted one. he seems smooth and socially adjusted. wren seems to be doing well.

and that is not dishonest. wren is doing fantastic and he is full of charm and is always grinning and hyping up his supporters. he is good at engaging with others and seems to know what to do at every corner. he doesn't though. he's not very socially adept because he spent his schooling focusing on training and then spent the rest of his life thus far in the public. those social interactions are not genuine though he tries to be his most genuine self each time. those people are not his friends and with no significant life partner, he does feel rather lonely and out of love and support. he is mellow in his home life and practices peace and patience. he doesn't use alcohol or other drugs despite it being popular in the circle he's in. he drifts around gatherings lingering and chilling around; he's rather down to earth.

he is a good listener though mostly out of training himself to be. he is known for staring too intently into someone's eyes when they converse with him. he is good at establishing intimate one-on-one settings with someone else and that's where he thrives though many people would assume that is where he seems uncomfortable. he is nervous, but having that sort of intimacy while maintaining his position is incredibly difficult. no one teaches someone how to do that. wren is very genuine both in front of and behind the cameras and similar to most extroverted introverts, he has two sides that are equally him. everyone loves claiming one is false, but they're not. they're charming in different ways and still totally wren.


Interests quidditch, photography, traveling, ophiology
Habits laughing to fill silence, running hand through his hair
Pet Peeves talking over people
Goals get initiated into the quidditch hall of fame
Star Sign aries sun
Alignment chaotic good
Love Language acts of service

Magical Characteristics

Amortentia broom polish
Patronus Memory scoring his first goal as a professional player
Boggart being forgotten
Blood Status half-blood
Peculiar parselmouth


TV Show
Color electric blue

* he is of blackfoot ancestry through his father and chinese, korean, and japanese ancestry through his biological mother
* he has several expensive cameras he uses for photography; it's good to reinvest in his non-career-related hobbies
* for his job, he is constantly on the move and therefore has gotten to see a good portion of the world's beauties; he has an extensive gallery of this on his witchagram
* whenever his quidditch career is over, he plans to go into ophiology

WrenW CPM4

WrenW CP3

wren lealan winthrop
professional quidditch player