Birthday March 28th
Age 15
Status Alive
Pronunciation woo yee‧gwan 吳依君
Family Wu Zhi Cheng, Wong Hui Hua
Handedness Right
Gender Male
Orientation ?
Relationship Single
Nationality Macanese/Chinese
Speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Portuguese
Species Wizard, Human
Blood Status Muggleborn
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 6'
Model Wong Kunhang (Hendery)

Yi Gwan has heard his looks described as 'aristocratic' in the past, but he doesn't really see it. Sure he takes pride in his appearance, always well groomed and dressed smartly, but that's mostly so that he'll project the correct image. He doesn't have any real interest in fashion or in his appearance, and often if he doesn't need to look put together he's happy in a hoodie and with an extreme case of bed hair. Either way he tends to still look like some kind of fairytale prince - not that anyone has ever told him that to his face.
The story of Wu Zhi Cheng is an extreme example of rags to riches. Born in Shaanxi province, China, his father worked on a farm and his mother in a sweatshop making mobile phone parts. Often he would only have one bowl of rice a day, as he now often informs his children, and he had to walk far to get to school every day. But Wu Zhi Cheng possessed a rare combination of intelligence and sheer ambition, and by studying hard he built himself a business empire - the crowning jewel of which is his tech firm. It's one of the biggest in China now, and has made the Wu family billionaires.

Wong Hui Hua's life was less challenging. Born into the middle class in Macau, she was noticed at a young age for her good looks and signed to a modeling agency for children. From there, it was a short step into acting - but Hui Hua was, for lack of a better word, an atrocious actress. It didn't stop her from getting several minor roles in TV dramas, but her career was never destined to reach great heights. For the ambitious Hui Hua, this was a disaster - how was she to become rich and famous if she couldn't get a good role? And so she turned her gaze onto finding a rich husband.

Few would say Wu Zhi Cheng is a shallow man, but when it comes to his taste in women... well. He does enjoy a pretty face. And that is why he allowed himself to be rushed into a marriage with Wong Hui Hua, despite the fact that he barely knew her at the time. And really, they're a good enough match. Both are ambitious, they have similar goals (to accumulate as much money as is humanly possible), and they don't hate each other. Quite a good match really.

Yi Gwan is the third son, and by God did he feel it growing up. His little sister at least got some attention, being the only girl, but he probably saw his parents about twice a year at most (ok, maybe an exaggeration, but you get the point). He was never the most outgoing child, but he was sweet even if he did get into a lot of unexplained trouble. Like when he was supposed to be in a private lesson aged 8, and his nanny swore she saw him into the classroom, but he somehow ended up on the tennis court outside instead. They just assumed he climbed out of the second-story window or something.

Don't let that fool you, though - Yi Gwan was by far the most studious of his siblings. He took his middle child syndrome and ran with it, making sure to be better than his elder brothers at maths, reading, languages, art. Everything. He made certain he was the most polite, the most charming, and the most put together of his siblings. The best. It's because of his high-achieving nature that his parents decided to send him to his aunt in England a few months before his eleventh birthday, alongside his 15-year-old brother. He was certainly capable enough, so why not start his foreign education early?

Yi Gwan attended a private primary school for the entirety of year six, mostly focusing on learning English (he's proud to say that he has now eliminated his accent, while his elder brothers still sometimes struggle with pronunciations). The content wasn't exactly hard, as he'd had much stricter teachers at home, and the other children were nice enough, but otherwise the year was fairly boring. The fun part started at the beginning of the summer before he'd start secondary, while his mother had flown to England in order to start touring schools. That's when the Hogwarts letter arrived.

Of course, Hui Hua couldn't really do much to prevent Yi Gwan from going to magic school, so without further ado he was whisked off to Diagon Alley for some school supply shopping, and promptly bought about ten extra books on the history, culture and customs of his new world. There was no way he was going in knowing nothing. He also chose his English name in this time: Emrys, because he'd seen BBC Merlin the week before and since he was a wizard too now, it seemed appropriate to an eleven year old. When September rolled around, he got on the Hogwarts Express with everyone else and never looked back.
Having developed his work ethic young, and due to his natural ambition, Yi Gwan is generally found with his nose in a book, or perhaps practicing his wandwork or picking the brains of older students. Ever since childhood, he's fought tooth and nail to be the best among his siblings, and that continues to present day, where he fights tooth and nail to be the best in his year (and eventually in his house, he's decided, but that can wait. He's no match for a seventh year yet). He particularly enjoys the challenge brought by Transfiguration, as it's the most complex of the branches of magic they study. He's decided that he's going to achieve a mastery in it some day.

It wouldn't exactly be a lie to say Yi Gwan doesn't have delusions of grandeur, but how much of it is truly delusional? He knows his limits, perhaps better than most people know theirs, and he just enjoys pushing them. Perhaps it's a form of masochism, but in Yi Gwan's mind it's a worthwhile one. After all, if he's going to be the next Merlin he needs to be the best wizard he can, right?

In terms of how he interacts with others, Yi Gwan is somewhat reserved but otherwise sweet. He's far from an extrovert, but also capable of turning on the charm when necessary - anything to get ahead really. His manners are impeccable and he would rather die than receive a detention. Imagine the humiliation. Beyond that, Yi Gwan isn't entirely as grown up as he likes others to perceive. He gets excited over the littlest things, like finding a knut in the middle of the hall or watching the sunset from the top of the astronomy tower, his favourite study spot.

Yi Gwan isn't the entitled sort of rich kid - in fact, he barely notices that he has money at all. He collects vouchers and does his clothes shopping exclusively in the sales, and is more than a little bit gutted that Hogwarts doesn't offer a UniDays discount like his brother's sixth form does. That would save him so much money. Nobody's really sure where he learned this frugality from, since his brothers and sister aren't exactly careful with spending. Perhaps it came from spending much of his time at Hogwarts, where others don't have the same means. Regardless, it's just another of what his family call his 'eccentricities'. Which aren't even particularly eccentric.
Wand: Walnut, for best for highly intelligent owners who are often innovators and inventors, and phoenix feather, which can accomplish a great range of magic. Yi Gwan is certain he'll go far with this wand.
His dogs: Yi Gwan is the proud owner of two slightly scary-looking Dobermanns. They're well-trained, though, and he's immensely proud of how well he's taken care of them thus far. Really, he just loves these two dogs.
An assortment of electronics: He's trying to replicate Clarence Bishop & Cedrica Ackerman's solution for getting magic to work with electronics, but he wants to make a more efficient version. With his WizCo internship this is made a little easier, but he still spends half his time working on it.
Telescope: Watching the stars atop the astronomy tower is one of his favourite pastimes.

Boggart Bad grades probably.
Amortentia Petrichor, cinnamon, char siu bao
Patronus Dolphin
Wand Walnut & Phoenix Feather
Interests Transfiguration, dogs, astronomy
Pet Peeve People who ask too many questions
Habits Biting the end of his quill
Star Sign Aries
Dreams/Goals Be the best
Color Blue (house pride!!)
Song Work Bitch
Show BBC Merlin
Movie Dead Poets Society
Book Probably Hogwarts, a History or something else dull
Food Korean barbecue
Drink Strawberry Ramune

The only time Yi Gwan has ever achieved an EE was in Divination in third year, and he had the biggest mental breakdown of his life. Then promptly dropped the subject - what's the point if you're not a born seer, anyway?
He collects old coins.
He's currently learning French.
He wanted to be an astronaut until he discovered he was a wizard.
He is an intern at WizCo.
He likes to build things. Once when he was a kid he won a lego competition in Xi'an. He's still proud.
He's very good at piano, and he's played cello since he was four.

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