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Wyatt Main 10

basic information

— Full Name
Wyatt Namil Shin
Shin Nam-Il [ 신남일 ]
— Birthday
21 October 2030
— Age
16 y/o
— Zodiac Sign
— Sex / Gender
Male / Male
— Species
— Nationality
Korean-South African
— Ethnicity
Asian; Korean
— Sexual Orientation
— Romantic Orientation
— Relationship Status
— Birthplace
Cape Town, South Africa
— Accent
South African English
— Languages Spoken
English / Korean / Xhosa

magical information

— Blood Status
— Wand Wood
— Wand Core
Fairy Wings
— Wand Length
— Patronus
Asian Elephant
— Boggart
— Peculiar


— Ella Shin was a single mother living in Cape Town, raising her son Lukas on her own after the unfortunate death of her husband two years prior. Hyperion Whitlock was a rich man in town for a business trip, single and attractive. The pair met whilst Hyperion stayed at the hotel Ella was a manager at. It was the first time in years Ella had let herself entertain the thought of a relationship with a man again. While their time was short together, lasting only a week, the time they spent would have lasting results in the form of a child. Born later that year in October was little Wyatt Shin.

Life for Wyatt Shin had never been the most picturesque or enjoyable. There wasn't really any semblance of normalcy or actual family in his life. Sure he had his half-brother Lukas and his mom, but their love only ever really felt surface level. His half-brother being seven years older than Wyatt, naturally he wasn't happy to have a new baby brother and often got jealous if Ella were to ever give Wyatt more attention. As much as she loved her kids, Ella was always busy with the hotel and couldn't spend as much time as she would have liked. As for Hyperion, well Wyatt never met him during his younger years. He knew of him and Ella collected child support from him after a court battle, but Wyatt just always assumed his dad wanted nothing to do with him.

Wyatt couldn't put all the blame on his dad, for as long as he could remember he was told by Lukas how the reason Wyatt didn't know his dad was because he was a mistake or he didn't want Wyatt in his life. As a little kid, Wyatt believed him and whenever Ella asked if he was interested in ever meeting his dad when Hyperion was back on travels, Wyatt would say no out of spite. Little five year old Wyatt was already so manipulated into thinking he was the unwanted family member that he in return believed it the older he got. In a lot of ways he blamed himself more than any of the people in his life. Even if there was no reason for him to do so.

Aside from family life Wyatt had a normal upbringing, sure things weren't great but he managed. School came easy to him and he was generally a good student with little to no complaints from his teachers other than being shy. He was harder to bring to life than the other kids, being much more shy and reserved up until the end of the school year where he would just begin to open up only to restart the next year. Things happened to get a bit more complicated when Wyatt turned eight. With Hyperion being a wizard, it was only a matter of time before the wizard blood in Wyatt came to be. Wyatt had gone to work with Ella and was sat in her office studying. When Ella stepped out for a moment to help a resident at the hotel, she came back to a shattered window and a horrified looking Wyatt who claimed he just looked at it and it broke in front of him. After contact with Hyperion, Ella found out her son was of course telling the truth and by extension learned her son was a wizard.

From that moment onwards Hyperion had a bit more of a role in Wyatt's life, though his son never knew it. Knowing Wyatt was on the more timid side, Ella thought it'd be best to home school Wyatt in his first year of wizarding school. Hyperion having connections, managed to get the curriculum from the British Ministry of Magic, Ella did her best to teach Wyatt from home. What was meant to last only a year, lasted multiple years as Wyatt just felt more comfortable learning about magic on his own. Secretly it was more because he felt like it was the closest he and his mom had ever been, and that much was true. While there was always love between Wyatt and his mom, it was the first time Wyatt felt it fully. During the day Wyatt would attend muggle school, and at night he and Ella would sit at the kitchen table and do wizarding homework. It was a routine that Wyatt found comfort in.

Wyatt was fifteen and in his fourth year of juggling both muggle and wizarding school. Ella, unfortunately wasn't able to make it home in time for their planned studying and thus it was up to Lukas to watch him. Lukas however had plans to go to a college party that night and, despite it being far out of Wyatt's comfort zone, dragged his little brother with him rather than being stuck at home. Rather than being a sensible older brother, Lukas poured the alcohol virgin Wyatt a drink and left him to his own devices. Whenever Wyatt would try and stick by his brother out of discomfort, Lukas just kept pouring him a drink and pushing him away. Sure enough Wyatt ended up drunk.

The events of the night were quite foggy, Wyatt was definitely hungover that much was certain. Ella was pissed at Lukas for bringing Wyatt to a college party and at Wyatt for getting drunk. Lukas failing to keep Wyatt out of trouble was the slippery slop that led to a lot more family turmoil in Wyatt's life. What his brother failed to mention was Wyatt had slept with a girl at the party, something the younger obviously had no recollection of. Little did Wyatt know at the time, but he had in fact gotten the girl pregnant. His son was later born on November 3rd in 2046, with Wyatt only being told a week before what was happening.

His son's mom wanted nothing to do with the baby and left the ultimate decision on now sixteen year old Wyatt to decide. There was no way he was able to take care of a baby on his own, and his mom hadn't taken the news of her son having a child at sixteen all too well. But after looking at his son's face there was no way Wyatt could part ways with him. Was he by any means ready to be a teen dad? Absolutely not. But he knew what it was like growing up not knowing his dad, and Wyatt didn't want that for his son. Wyatt didn't even give him a name for two weeks, not until he was watching Big Hero 6 and was inspired to name him Hiro, Hiro Shin.

While the Shin household was certainly chaotic with lots of fighting breaking out between Wyatt and his mom, they did all band together to provide for the newborn. That only lasted for a month however before Ella broke the news that Wyatt couldn't live with her anymore. Financially she just couldn't support both her sons and a newborn baby. She had however made previous arrangements with Wyatt's father, Hyperion, for him to go live in England with him. There was a lot of emotion going on in Wyatt's head. Not only was he a struggling teen dad getting kicked out, but he was also meeting his dad for the first time every in potentially the worst circumstances ever.

In the next month, Wyatt and Hiro had moved from Cape Town, South Africa to England. Living with his father he had no prior relationship with and transferring to Hogwarts and starting his official fifth year as a wizarding student once winter break was over.


— Many that know Wyatt know him as a shy and reserved person. He likes to keep to himself and get his work done before interacting with those around him, and even then he isn't the most outgoing person to be around. He can keep a conversation, but it'll definitely be obvious he's fighting away his shyness. Even those he's close to can tell he's awkward at first until he can get over it. Growing up in a less than idle household with a brother that didn't necessarily like him, Wyatt learned to keep to himself and entertain himself. That kind of behaviour just carried itself into his teens where he's continued to be more of the independent type.

It may go without saying, but Wyatt isn't really the type to go out to parties or large gatherings. How could he when the one time he went up he ended up becoming a teen dad? Something like that is a little scarring. That and to be fair, Wyatt can get pretty anxious when it comes to big crowds. Not only from his own insecurities or worries, but also now because he's scared of ever losing Hiro in a crowd. While he'd explain it as having a limited social battery, it really does come down to anxiety.

Unlike how he himself grew up, Wyatt is very protective of his family, more specifically his son. Seeing as his son is really, in his mind now, his only real family. A sense of loyalty he has always had to those he's close to naturally transferred to his son and Wyatt would do anything to protect and keep Hiro safe and well taken care of. The unfortunate thing is though, no matter how intelligent of a kid Wyatt is, he is still clueless to raising a child. Barely skating by on FlooTube family channels, Wyatt's doing his best to adjust to being a full time dad and student.


— Face Claim
Yoon Hyun-Suk [ CIX ]
— Eye Colour
— Hair Colour
Varies in colours
— Height
— Weight
150 lbs.
— Voice Type
— Blood Type
— Distinguishing Marks
— Body Type
Fit / Slightly Muscular
— Tattoos
— Piercings
— Scent

family information

— Father
Hyperion Whitlock
— Mother
Ella Shin
— Full Siblings
Lukas Shin
— Half-Siblings
— Guardians
— Spouse
— Children
Hiro Shin
— Other Relatives


— Significant Other(s)
— Best Friends
— Friends
— Neutral
— Enemies
— Other

name etymology

— Given [ Wyatt ]
Brave in world
— Middle [ Namil ]
Nam -> South (남)
Il -> To escape / Leisurely / Outstanding (일)
— Surname [ Shin ]
Act with care, be cautious (신)


— Nicknames
— Favourite Colour
Canary Yellow
— Favourite Movie
Big Hero 6
— Favourite Song
Cry Over Boys, by Alexander 23
— Favourite Food
Salt and Vinegar Chips
— Favourite Drink
Coca Cola
— Likes
— Dislikes
— Loves
— Loathes
— First Kiss
— First Crush
— First Love
— First Time
— Pets
— Occupation
— Sports Played
— Instruments Played
— Smoker
— Drinker
— Addictions
— Goals
— Achievements
— Mental Illnesses
— Criminal Record

custom trivia

— N/A


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