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Birthday June 30
Age 40
Status Alive
Pronunciation SAY-vyerr HART
Family The Black Parade
Søren Vynter (husband)
Björn Vynter-Hartt (son)
Tessa Bellerose (daughter)
Handedness Right
Gender Male
Orientation Bisexual, bi-demiromantic
Relationship Married
Nationality Irish
Speaks English
Species Wizard
Blood Status Half-blood
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'1"
Model Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Xavier initially didn't pay much attention to his looks before he realized just how beneficial they were to his line of work. He doesn't look the least bit sinister, as his dark, curly hair and shining blue eyes paints his appearance to be of a prince charming rather than a dark knight. He wears Sir Cadogan's chain around his neck, a symbol of his undying loyalty to the Parade and a reminder of what he considers the greatest steal of his life.
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Xavier's childhood is somewhat tragic but to him, it's all in the past. He was left on his father's doorstep by a runaway mom, and that same father ended up dying a couple years later. Raised by his grandparents, Xavier was a charming and respectful young boy, who had only one flaw: his tendency to steal. Though of course, he would never consider this a flaw, his sticky fingers did get him into a lot of trouble. Throughout his seven years at Hogwarts, there was a record high of how many of students' belongings would go missing. He didn't keep all of them, only the ones he found particularly interesting. If a student showed enough grief over their lost item, he'd return it to them secretly. If he didn't, he'd throw it away somewhere, or try to sell it. This system worked for him, and as his skill of theft improved, the amount of times he got caught declined. By fourth year, everyone thought it had just been a phase and that he was over it. Naturally, they were wrong.

He also grew up to be somewhat of a hopeless romantic, stealing hearts away in an effort to meet the 'One'. These flings never ended well, and always ended fast, because he had the tendency to fall fast and hard, but fall out of love equally as quick.

After graduating from Hogwarts, both his grandparents died, and after grieving them for a year, he realized there wasn't really anything concrete he wanted to do with his life aside from steal. He couldn't imagine working a normal job in an office, so he just decided to follow his gut and do what he wanted to do. At the age of twenty, he met Adele Bellerose. This was during a period of time in his life when he tried to, well, stop stealing but of course, that didn't work out. Seeing a pretty girl wearing an even prettier bracelet, he went for it. What he didn't know, of course, was that she was a notorious assassin who then proceeded to follow him when she realized it was missing, kick him in the shin, and demand that he give it back. Needless to say, they were great friends from that moment on. He met Søren a couple months later, Adele's partner in crime, and while the two didn't hit it off at first, at some point Xavier just decided to like Søren if Adele liked Søren. It's a decision he's glad he made.

At twenty-two, he stole a pair of rings from Borgin and Burkes just because he thought they looked cool. It turned out they were on reserve for one Sabrina Le Fey, having belonged to Sir Cadogan and Morgana themselves. When she confronted him, he offered to simply give it back, but somewhat impressed, she let him keep one. He still wears it on a chain around his neck even now. When he applied to be a thief for the Black Parade a month later, he was accepted by their leader, and he was very happy to have finally found his place in life. He stayed loyal, because if there's one thing Xavier believes in, it's loyalty, and he has never left the organization since.

A couple years passed and the following things happened: Firstly, he was promoted to second-of-command of the Parade due to Adele's suggestion. While Xavier is definitely not the first person that would come to mind when you think "second-in-command of the darkest organization in England", it would surprise you how seriously he takes the title. He still doesn't have anyone's blood on his hands but knows with 100% certainty that he would kill if Sabrina asked him to. Fortunately for him, the day hasn't come yet. Mostly, Sabrina sends him on missions to find new recruits and find out things about rival organizations and current events; something he's very good at due to his charming nature.

Somewhere along the way, he and Adele adopted a kid named Tessa. While the situation between him and Adele is strictly platonic (similar things cannot be said for the situation between him and Soren), Tessa is definitely his daughter, and he would give her the world if she asked him to. Unfortunately, something happened to her around the same time Adele went missing.

Xavier has had to deal with a lot of shit since then. Between having had to spy on the Arcana Alliance, deal with a darker, crazier version of Adele, his daughter getting amnesia, and finally telling Soren Vynter that's he's madly in love with him, it's a miracle that Xavier still hasn't gone mad. Now that things have calmed down, he's never once left Tessa's side as she assumed the position as leader of the Black Parade. He and Søren were also able to adopt a beautiful child together named Björn, and he is the light of Xavier's life.
Probably the most charming person on the planet, Xavier could probably convince someone that the sky wasn't blue or that oxygen wasn't worth breathing. It's the most valuable aspect of his personality, and literally a life saver, as often, he can talk his way out of any situation.

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Boggart Losing his parents
Amortentia Søren, new leather
Patronus Blackbird
Wand Beech, Unicorn Hair, 10 inches
Interests Any sort of games, puzzles
Pet Peeve People who try too hard to be edgy (There's a lot of that in the Parade)
Habits Fiddling with things
Star Sign Cancer
Dreams/Goals Keep his family safe
Color Red
Song Loving Is Easy by Rex Orange County
Show Narcos
Movie La La Land
Book Catch 22
Food Blueberry pie
Drink Whiskey

*He got his first wand at the age of eleven. Xavier broke it in half in anger after finding out that his grandmother died.
*He still holds a grudge against his mother. The last he checked, she was living in the States with a new family.
*He wants to be cremated when he dies. Both his grandparents were buried, and he couldn't help but think that he didn't want his body to rot away underground.
*He gets drunk easily, so he avoids alcohol unless he wants to have a good time.
*He's good at darts, rivaling even Adele, however he sucks at gambling, and thus, never plays with her.
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