Yoon Jungjeon
  • Name Yoon Jungjeon
  • Age 20
  • Birthday September 15th
  • Sign Virgo


  • Nickname
    Jungjeonie, Stage Name
  • Nationality
  • Ethnicity
  • Home
    Gwangju, South Korea
  • Status
    Alive; Single
  • Sexuality
  • Location
  • Year/Occupation
    Silencio Records Trainee
  • House
  • Species
  • Family Blood
  • Wand Core
    Dragon Heartstring
  • Wand Wood
  • Wand Arm
  • Boggart
    Disappointing his father
  • Patronus
  • Model
    Kim Jongin
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color
  • Height
  • Distinguishing Marks
    Several barely visible scars across his body
  • Disorders
    Depression, Insomnia
  • Mental State
    Relatively Stable
  • Favorite Color
    Pastel Yellow
  • Favorite Music Genre
    Hip-Hop, Alternative
  • Favorite Food
    Fried Chicken
  • Favorite Animal
  • Favorite Book
    Nine by Zach Hines
  • Favorite Drink
    Frosted Lemonade
  • Favorite Song
    Sign by EXO (I'm meta, I know)
  • Favorite Movie
    Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift
  • Favorite Sweets
  • Quirks
  • Talents
  • Skills
    Dance, Writing
  • Languages
    Korean, French, English
  • Etymology
  • Mother
    (Mun) Yoon Bongcha
  • Father
    Yoon Kyungsam
  • Full Siblings
    Jungkook, Jungtae (twin brothers)
  • Half Siblings
  • Other

Jungjeon's view on the world wavers from pessimistic to indifferent depending on his state at the moment. While he really isn't very judgemental of the world, in fact, he doesn't pay much attention to anything around him unless he needs to, whenever he feels bothered to share his opinion, it's usually not positive. While not a ball of sunshine, it's not like he radiates complete death and devastation all the time. In fact, he appears quite neutral and has a very chill personality. Out of the three Yoon triplets, he seems to be the most calm most of the time. He spares chuckles every once and while but isn't known for outrageous laughing. Ironically, he's not a serious person either. In fact, he doesn't take a lot of things seriously. He doesn't find them jokes, just... unimportant.

Jungjeon's lack of desire to do anything that doesn't interest him or that he doesn't have to do is one of the most easiest things to identify about him. It makes him appear lazy but really it's just his reluctance to try new things and expand his boundaries. While he doesn't really have a comfort zone to begin as his life is constantly changing, he doesn't like doing things he's not at least slightly familiar with. Surprises often trigger panic attacks, and even small surprises make him extremely anxious and he'd rather avoid that. Speaking of panic attacks, he doesn't like it when other people see him suffering. It's also why he tends to isolate himself a lot more often. The more he's around people, the more they'll get involved in his life and find out about his mental health. He's not even completely comfortable with his family knowing, so he prefers to keep his relationships stretched thin to avoid that. This also makes him quite distant with his fellow group members besides some exceptions.

Although Jungjeon is relatively calm and collected most of the time, he has a nasty temper. Whenever provoked, he can calm himself down but after a certain level, he essentially will just loose it. He hates being pushed and would rather take his own time doing things rather than be rushed into something. Surprisingly, he's actually extremely organized. Being able to organize things is one of the few things that Jungjeon has in his life to help keep structure, and likewise, cleaning helps him calm down from a panic attack or when his temper flares up. He's also extremely down to Earth. Despite his depression, he has a manageable (on most days) view of himself that never gets overly narcissistic or extremely pessimistic to the point where it makes others uncomfortable.

Jungjeon's mood fluctuates frequently. His mood is often connected to his environment in odd ways. Like monochrome walls (black, white, grey) make him feel indifferent and formal opposed to blue grey which makes him feel calm and relaxed. Sometimes his mood just changes because he looses a train of thought. To control himself and his image in front of other people, he often channels a lot of his feelings into song and dance. It's often why his dances seem to be so emotional and have almost a mental connection with other people. He dances purely with emotion and not with a sense of purpose or a desire to impress. Simply to keep his own emotions in check. He also sings this way too. Opposed to his father who seemed to stay more by the book, he's a very emotional performer, and while he doesn't show a lot of emotion off the stage, he certainly shows a lot of it throw his voice and body.




Yoon Kyungsam was the newest addition to a line of performers. For as long as Yoon's great grandmother could remember, their family was known for their ability to put on a show. They were dancers, singers, jesters, and other things of the sort. It was their talent to bring energy to a room with promise of a good time. Which is why Yoon Kyungsam grew up learning everything there was to entertainment. It was no surprise he was groomed to be an idol. It was just the newest form of entertainment these days. When he became a trainee, his family celebrated lavishly, hailing it more important than even his academic achievements.

Kyungsam became an amazing solo artist, who took Korea by storm, and soon, the whole world. He became an international star and everyone knew his name. It seemed he was unstoppable, and for quite awhile he was. Even after he returned from military enlistment, he still had quite a presence in the music industry internationally. However, a few years after returning from military enlistment after his contract ended, he decided not to renew again and announced an official departure from his company and from the spotlight.

Several months later he proposed to Mun Bongcha, a stylist that he had been working with for almost five years. Over those five years, they had fallen in love and began dreaming of a domestic life together. They married a year later and lived in peace on Jeju island. Bongcha expressed a desire to move back to her home town of Gwangju, so they did so. And just a few months after that, Bongcha discovered she was pregnant with triplets. She was overjoyed not only to be carrying Kyungsam's children, but also to know she was having three triplets.

The triplets were born in the following order on September 15th: Jungkook, Jungjeon, and Jungtae. The joy of Bongcha's three new baby boys seemed to raise her happiness and when she returned to work after her maternity leave, it was often said that a glow had come to her skin.

Yoon Jungjeon was an eccentric child. He wasn't overly energetic yet incredibly witty and even at the young age of five, seemed wiser beyond his years. As expected of Yoon Kyungsam's son, Jungjeon was musically inclined with a heavenly singing voice and a ability to dance that made heads spin. Following the Yoon tradition, Kyungsam wanted to enroll his sons in classes to make them the revolutionary performers of their generation, maybe even outshine him some day. Jungjeon, however, wasn't interested in the pressure of being a "performer", especially not this early in his life. While he did enjoy dancing and singing, he didn't do it because his parents wanted him to, he did it because he loved it.

Just a year later at the age of six, Jungjeon had his first magical experience. He was leaning back in a chair with headphones on. It seemeed the six-year-old was at peace with just him with the music. So at peace, that the chair began to float. Slowly the other things in the room followed. What broke him out of this trance was his mother opening the door to yelp in surprise when Jungjeon's bed floated past her. It was incredibly early and stunned his parents, dumbfounded yet impressed to find that their son was such an early bloomer. While Bongcha insisted that they enroll him in some sort of advancement tutoring, Kyungsam was hesitant as he had been taught to rely heavily on his artistic talents rather than his intelligence.

When Jungjeon was seven, they moved to France on the insistence of Kyungsam. Bongcha found new work here as an assistant to the head director of a fashion boutique, which left Kyungsam and the triplets alone a lot more often. Kyungsam tended to use the time where his wife wasn't around to influence the triplets, more specifically Jungjeon into following the Yoon tradition and becoming performers. At first, Jungjeon seemed fascinated by the world of performance. He wondered what it was like to be famous and his father would tell him all these stories about the concerts he did and the songs he sang. Sometimes, they'd just sit in silence while Jungjeon listened to Kyungsam's albums.

As Jungjeon grew, the element of performing lost its glamor. Maybe it was from the increased expectations from his father (and his father's side of the family), the fact that he was the son of a famous ex-pop idol, and that it felt like everyone was watching his very action that caused him to develop extreme anxiety which later turned into severe depression. He didn't find singing in front of crowds all that appealing anymore, in fact, he was reluctant to even sing in front of his family. He was tired of his dance coaches and class mates fawning over his dance skills like he was some god and tired of being recognized simply for being the son of Yoon Kyungsam.

When the triplets were ten, the family moved to England where they attended Hogwarts. Ironically enough, Jungjeon got sorted into Slytherin. For how unambitious he thought of himself and his nonexistent goals, he didn't understand how he got into the house but didn't bother thinking about it more than he needed to. Despite Kyungsam's reluctance to get Jungjeon advanced tutoring, it was clear he didn't need it either way as it became incredibly clear that he was a genius. A literal genius. Of course, that meant he found himself bored in class. Professors attempted to have one-on-one talks with him to encourage to participate in class and some even got angry at him for being so smart yet so unwilling to pay attention in class.

The head of Slytherin eventually approached the Headmaster when they saw it becoming a consistent problem across the board and suggested having him take more accelerated courses or skipping a year altogether. Funny enough, the ended up coming back to propose the same thing just months into the school year following that. Some professors were convinced he was cheating on exams or paying students to do his homework but whatever test they gave him, it became incredibly clear that all of this was his of his own merit. Getting tired of the school environment of Hogwarts, that following summer, Jungjeon approached his parents about graduating early. Kyungsam was unsettled and Bongcha seemed ecstatic. After a talk (mostly between Kyungsam and Jungjeon), they agreed to talk to the Headmaster about the possibility of Jungjeon graduating early if Jungjeon promised to continue the Yoon tradition.

As agreed, Jungjeon did as asked. As a fifth year, he graduated with that seventh year's class but instead of spending time relaxing and exploring career paths of interest, he was immediately plunged into endless hours of weeks and weeks of dance practices, voice coaching, language tutoring, and the like. It felt even more suffocating than Hogwarts, and unable to escape due to his agreement with his father, he began finding other ways to cope with the overload of expectations and scheduling. It was then when Jungjeon began to express many symptoms of extreme clinical depression. To relieve stress, he found himself sneaking into his parents' wine cabinet and sneaking glasses and sometimes whole bottles into his room to drink as a destresser.

Bongcha became concerned as she saw her son become more and more of a recluse. When she caught him drunk in the middle of the night, she sat him down and tried speaking to him. When he blew up in her face and disappeared for almost a whole twenty-four hours, she decided she had no choice but to tell her husband and convince him that it might be good to give Jungjeon a break and refer him to a therapist. When he heard about the incident, he was definitely on board with referring Jungjeon to a therapist, but not for the same reasons as Bongcha. When Jungjeon came home the next day, Kyungsam spoke with him about his behavior. The discussion later became a highly traumatic memory for Jungjeon.

Nonetheless, he began going to a therapist just a few months after his seventeenth birthday. At that point, he had been dealing with depression on his own for a year and a half, and it was a miracle he hadn't succumbed by then. At first, it seemed that the therapy was helping Jungjeon, but he quickly plunged into a worse version of his depression. Of course, while this was happening, of course he also happened to be scouted by Silencio Records. While Jungjeon wanted to do anything but follow the footsteps of his father, the path that he had been so forcefully pressured into, he realized that he would never be able to escape this cycle of torture until he did what was asked of him.

Of course, being triplets, the record label ended up scouting all three of them by accident, as one of the scouting agents believed they were one person instead of three. The trainee life seemed less stressful than the one he had been living at home, and Jungjeon saw his father less, so he tried keeping at it. As expected, a big celebration was thrown for them by Kyungsam's insistence. Some relatives even flew over to England to celebrate with them. Jungjeon found it all artificial yet smiled and acted like he was happy to be turned into a perfectly packaged product for some obscure music label to be sold to the world.

Around the time that it was announced that the triplets would be placed in a boy group, Jungjeon had developed self-harm tendencies. For a long time, he had been ignoring the true toll of all the stress and anxiety and not it was all caving in on him at the same time. Three days before his eighteenth birthday, he was told to stay home for several weeks on medical leave as directed by his therapist who had discovered his abusive self-harm. It was then that Kyungsam truly realized his impact on his son's mental health and began trying to make up for his past actions.

In a weird turn of events, the two managed to bond through the next few rocky months that occurred. Their bond, although damaged by a past of misunderstanding and unintentional psychological manipulation, seemed to strengthen by a tenfold. When it became clear that Jungjeon was going to debut soon in Insomnia, his father was the one at his side reminding him not to push himself too hard. He even ended up sharing his trainee stories with Jungjeon to reassure him that everything would be okay.



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