Yoon Jungtae
Summer | 1/9 of Insomnia | 1/3 of The Triplets


Personal Information

Full NameYoon Jungtae
BirthdaySeptember 15th
Zodiac SignVirgo
Sex / GenderMale / Male
Sexual OrientationBisexual
Romantic OrientationBiromantic
Relationship StatusCrushing
AccentMostly British Now
BirthplaceGwangju, South Korea
Living SituationSilencio Records Dorms
Languages SpokenKorean, French, and English

Magical Information

Blood StatusHalf-blood
Wand WoodPhoenix Feather
Wand CoreCherry Wood
Wand Length14 1/2
BoggartBeing Locked Inside A Burning Building


Jungtae is quiet. There isn't much to say about it other than that. He won't start a conversation if it isn't necessary. If someone else starts it, and he isn't in the mood to speak, he's skilled at quickly ending it. Though, sometimes it's harder than others depending on how committed that person is to speak to him. He's less shy than he was three years ago, but talking is just unnecessary when it isn't necessary. Sometimes his quiet nature can come off as cold at times. Standoffish. Especially now that he's more known in the world and people on the internet like to talk bad about whoever they see with a noticeable flaw. Though, if someone thinks Jungtae gives a damn about what someone's opinions are on him, they're wrong. Very wrong.

In truth, Jungtae is actually one of the sweetest people someone may meet. He's always putting people before him in any situation no matter who it is. Although it may be harder to see for people who don't know him well enough, he's got a kind heart and it shows if someone pays close enough attention. Especially to the ones he loves. The closer someone is with Jungtae, the kinder he seems to be. The more open he'll get. You're one lucky duck if Jungtae can open up to you.

Jungtae is full of trust and commitment issues. Always has been since day one. It wasn't from anything particular, it's just the way he is. A part of him. It's been better and its been worse through his years on Earth, but they're always there. It's partially why it's so hard for him to open up with people. He doesn't care necessarily about what they think, he's nervous they will betray him. Turn their back on him. It's also why he doesn't bother much with relationships. Can't be in one if you're too afraid to commit to it.


Yoon Kyungsam was the newest addition to a line of performers. For as long as Yoon's great grandmother could remember, their family was known for their ability to put on a show. They were dancers, singers, jesters, and other things of the sort. It was their talent to bring energy to a room with promise of a good time. Which is why Yoon Kyungsam grew up learning everything there was to entertainment. It was no surprise he was groomed to be an idol. It was just the newest form of entertainment these days. When he became a trainee, his family celebrated lavishly, hailing it more important than even his academic achievements.

Kyungsam became an amazing solo artist, who took Korea by storm, and soon, the whole world. He became an international star and everyone knew his name. It seemed he was unstoppable, and for quite awhile he was. Even after he returned from military enlistment, he still had quite a presence in the music industry internationally. However, a few years after returning from military enlistment after his contract ended, he decided not to renew again and announced an official departure from his company and from the spotlight.

Several months later he proposed to Mun Bongcha, a stylist that he had been working with for almost five years. Over those five years, they had fallen in love and began dreaming of a domestic life together. They married a year later and lived in peace on Jeju island. Bongcha expressed a desire to move back to her home town of Gwangju, so they did so. And just a few months after that, Bongcha discovered she was pregnant with triplets. She was overjoyed not only to be carrying Kyungsam's children, but also to know she was having three triplets.

The triplets were born in the following order on September 15th: Jungkook, Jungjeon, and Jungtae. The joy of Bongcha's three new baby boys seemed to raise her happiness and when she returned to work after her maternity leave, it was often said that a glow had come to her skin.

The youngest of three, Jungtae, was always the most quiet. Preferred to stay away from any spotlight as much as he could. Sometimes Jungjeon or Jungkook could act similarly on bad days, but Jungtae would admit to having it the worse. He felt that way everyday. Not only was he quiet, he was shy. Didn't like meeting new people. Didn't like opening up. He stuck close to his brothers, and that's all he needed. Meeting new people was just extra. Unnecessary.

The triplets were seven when they moved to France. Bongcha had gotten a new job that left her much busier than before, leaving Kyungsam a lot of time with his sons. Having high hopes they would follow into their family footsteps as performers, he began training them at this time. Although, like both his brothers, Jungtae was gifted and did like both singing and dancing, he preferred doing so in the privacy of his own room. Even just in front of his brothers while they sang and dance as well. His shyness would overcome. Honestly, especially in his younger years, Jungtae had terrible stage freight. He didn't want anything to do with performing, but he learned from his dad anyway. Kept his little desire of being a performer a secret, not even sharing it to Jungkook or Jungjeon.

Jungtae was nine when he had his first magical experience. Although it was rare for Jungtae to get into arguments, there was always few exceptions, and it was this day that was one of those. He had been fighting with Jungjeon about something silly and easily forgettable, but at the time, it seemed like a big deal. Even if he usually controlled his emotions quite well, trying to hold his anger inside only ended up with a fancy vase across the room exploding and left to thousands of tiny pieces.

By the time the three Yoon brothers were ten, they had moved to England. Starting Hogwarts not long after, Jungtae was sorted into Ravenclaw. Separated from both his brothers - not really, but they were in different houses - so any sort of social interaction Jungtae was cut down. He barely spoke at all when he wasn't with one or the other triplet, which was often.

Through the years at Hogwarts, Jungtae still remained much quieter than most other average teenage boys. He had friends, but no one too close with. There was also Jungkook - Not really Jungjeon since he graduated two years before the other triplets - but he had his own friends. The only time the youngest twin ever felt really close with someone out of his family was when he had a short relationship with another guy in their sixth year... but that turned out to be a total bust since the guy was an asshole who turned out to be cheating on him the entire time.

Honestly, Jungtae's biggest worries at school wasn't the loneliness of it all. It was the fact he had no clue what he wanted to do when he was out. He still danced it sang a little, but even doing it alone wasn't that exciting anymore. Doing it for a living? Sounded dreadful. Surely didn't ever imagine that'd be exactly what he was going to end up doing.

Funnily enough, at first, some record label scouted all three not purposefully, thinking they were the same person. Jungtae didn't know why he accepted any of it. Decided that this would be it, no matter how fast he would of declined if they had scouted him just a year or two ago. But, he began training with his two brothers, and the whole family celebrated. Jungtae pretended to be as happy as everyone else was, so maybe that happiness could actually form.

All three triplets would be placed into a boy group known as Insomnia, Jungtae at least a little bit more cheerful about it all than when he had started training. Though, one thing he still can't get over is some people now knowing him as Summer, but... that's irrelevant.


Face ClaimKim Jongin
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBrown
Voice Type
Blood Type
Distinguishing Marks
Body Style

Family Information

FatherYoon Kyungsam
MotherYoon Bongcha
Full SiblingsYoon Jungjeon, Yoon Jungkook
Half SiblingsNone
Guardian(s)N / A
SpouseN / A
ChildrenN / A
Other RelativesN / A


Significant Other(s)N / A
Best Friend(s)N / A
FriendsSong Yijung, Oh Hwanseong, Cheol-Min Seung, Felix Park-Zelmerlöw, Park Chaehun, Park Siwoo
EnemiesN / A
OtherN / A

Name Etymology

Given [ TBD ]TBD
Middle [ TBD ]TBD
Surname [ TBD ]TBD


Favourite ColourYellow
Favourite Movie?
Favourite Song?
Favourite FoodAnything Tbh
Favourite DrinkCoffee
LikesSinging & Dancing
DislikesParties, Feeling Awkward
LovesHis Family, His Brothers, His Bandmembers
First KissIn 6th Year
First CrushIn 4th Year
First LoveN / A
First TimeIn 6th Year
Pet(s)N / A
Sports PlayedN / A
Instruments PlayedSome of Guitar
AddictionsN / A
GoalsN / A
AchievementsN / A
Biggest HopeN / A
Biggest RegretN / A
Best MemoriesN / A
Worst MemoriesN / A
Mental IllnessesN / A
Criminal RecordNot Existent
Medical RecordHealthy

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