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Ralla Wilson

Full Name Yooralla Camira Wilson
Pronunciation yOOr ALL ah
Meaning Love
Nickname Ralla
Birthday October 1st, 2005
Status Half-Blood
Wand Cherry Unicorn Hair
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Macaque
Occupation Beater for the Kenmare Kestrels


Family Info[]

Mother Alkina Wilson (née Kelly) Father Dainan Wilson
Grandfather Samuel Kelly Grandfather Cooper Wilson
Grandmother Ava Kelly (née Richardson) Grandmother Georgia Wilson (née Hill)


Alkina Kelly and Dainan Wilson

Alkina is Ralla and Janna's mother, a home-school teacher. She is a sweet, and loving yet critical woman. She was the first to point out that Dainan set the hoops for the pitch too low. When she saw how useful a strategy that was for training her little girls she was very quick to make her appreciation known.

Dainan is Ralla and Janna's father he was a Healer and a pro quidditch player for the Warriors in his youth. He was instrumental in Ralla and Janna becoming pro quidditch players who played for the same team as their father. He died when the twins were 19.

Jannali Kyeema Wilson

Janna is Ralla's older twin sister, they were home-schooled by their mother. They never attended a formal school, but it did not stop either of them from making friends. Janna is the real brawn of the twins, she is a little bit taller, a little bit faster, and a little bit stronger than her little sister is.

Ralla is the much more excitable of the two sisters. She doesn't mind being confused for Janna, she honestly thinks Janna is prettier despite the fact that they are identical.


Birthplace West Arnhern, NT, Australia
Type of Childhood Tough, but fun
Earliest Memory Learning to fly
Likes Quiddtich, Broken bones
Dislikes Losing, Failure
Hobbies Healing, Yoga, Ballet
Comfort Food(s) Japamese food; Uni (Sea urchin), Maguro (Tuna), Tako (Octopus)
Person Secretly Admired
Most Influenced By Her father
Immediate Goals Win
Long Term Goals Retire as Seeker
Greatest Fear
Most at Ease When? Drinking, Meditating, Flying
Priorities Hug it out with Janna
Past Failures Keeping her word
Character Flaw Narcissistic


Ralla became increasingly aggressive after that long, long year "at the wall" (as her sister called it) was over. She became a stronger and more agile Chaser and a much more attentive, and stealthy beater.

She's always looking for common ground, something she and other people can agree to love or hate. She's fairly impatient she tends to snap at people if they stammer to much or they take too long making a decision. She is prone to reading way too much into what people say and do, she gets that very bad habit of over-analyzing things from her mother. Having the habit of being "protective" and "defensive" literally beaten into her, she is loyal to the death. But while Ralla might forgive, she will never forget.


Ralla Wilson
Eye Colour Blue (Naturally Brown)
Hair Colour Blonde (Naturally Black)
Height 5'2"
Weight 118 lbs
Native Language English
Ethnicity Australian
Languages Spoken English, Japanese
Clothing Style Casual
Shoe Size


Cherry Unicorn Hair
Broom + Quidditch kit
Australian Heart Flag Charm
Australian gold and bloodstone signet ring


High Pain Tolerance

Fast Reflexes


Toyohashi Tengu
Ren Moto Sakura Hirayama Maya Yamaoka


Ralla resides permanently in Ireland