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Yuki Sugiyama
Third Year Ravenclaw

Personal Information

Full NameYuki Samuel Sugiyama
Yona Samuel Suess
[ Sugiyama Yuki / 杉山雪 ]

Birthday6 January 2026
Age13 y/o
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Sex / GenderMale / Male
EthnicityEuropean [ German/Czech ]
Sexual Orientation...
Romantic Orientation...
Relationship StatusSingle
Living SituationLeaky Cauldron
Languages SpokenCzech, English, Japanese

Magical Information

Blood StatusPureblood
Wand WoodFir, solid
Wand CorePhoenix feather
Wand Length9"
BoggartMonstrous vines


oh you were so bright it hurt
but they took your eyes and crushed them underfoot
until the gloss was only a glimmer
your teeth are no longer broken and crooked
but they fished them out one by one and planted them in the hollows of your chest
for so long they've been there
you forgot that the heart's humming is not shrill but steady
the milk of your mother stilled
so did the shine of your skin
and this time, you took what was left of your bones
and sold them for steel
there ain't nothing for a child with a broken heart

copper, silver, bronze
even at gold, your cruelty was unbidden
foul, you called at every peeking opportunity
at the fourth door, you locked away your laugh
at the fifth, your tears
the key, one with your veins
spliced open, led back to a chamber of screams
the sun left you its glare
but it is only a splinter of a whole
steep falls, brick walls
your sight never strayed
from the fears you held so dear

your brands were false
but all the doors were shut
the sun reached for you
and its grasp raked deep, its nails too eager
jagged ice and smooth rock that you knew too well
they were not of this
absurd and brilliant it was in your mind's eye
through your lashes, the walls thinned
you never could understand
the gentle weight on your shoulder
for they stole away your sun long ago
without thought, without measure
your sky mended by a smile
a smile you had given up
had forgotten in the eaves of what was once you


yuki samuel sugiyama isn't japanese. he should probably tell everyone that, including the clueless professors who assume the cute mahoutokoro transferee three seats away from him is yuki sugiyama, but it doesn't really matter because papers are passed out magically and correctly. he hopes so anyway. his adoptive parents are japanese; his mother is a fucking angel, he swears, and his dad is an eccentric who is, in modern slang, "relatable af." his birth name isn't yuki. forget about trying to get him to tell you. he hates it. he almost didn't keep the "samuel" in his name.

even though he's a "pureblood" or whatever that shit is all about, yuki had an upbringing with next to no knowledge of the fact that he can make things explode by blinking. his muggle parents knew more about it than he: one of his mom's ex classmates was magic, and his dad had seen his fair share of how insane reality could be. yuki never really cared. there were more important things, such as getting "adjusted" to put it the way his therapist did and not being too reliant on his new parents. while he's been having the blast of his life on the first front (not), he's gotten really good at being useful at everything he can think of. too good, that on his second month at his new home, his mom took him aside and told him he ought not to overwork himself. no, she quickly added, not because she thought he was fragile, but because a little pacing is good for everyone. he couldn't keep to that, but he does eat a lot more than he used to do to sate her worries.

are his biological parents dead? is that why he's adopted? to him, yes, they might as well be rotting six feet under. he won't talk about it. nobody can make him. he likely couldn't even if he tried.

no one can deny his ambition. god damn if the kid isn't more obtrusive than a mouse, but the children couldn't pick on him back in muggle school. neither conscious nor unconscious effort would single out yuki sugiyama as someone to be teased. for one, he was damn crazy good at all the sports, all the classes, and that was without baking cookies or running errands for the teachers. he was prickly, unafraid of ruffling some feathers, and would have been the center of school conflict if it weren't for the fact that he was just better. not even in the arrogant way. wherever yuki sugiyama came from, he knew how to fight, and he did it well. it was nothing ever serious, nothing beyond adding to the anxiety of the headmaster on "what the hell do i do with this boy", and yuki didn't come home with bruised knuckles.

his mom theorized it was just how intimidating yuki could be. his dad said it was the bad boy aura. "kenshin, he is NOT you." "and what's wrong with me? you did marry me." and yuki would get that glint in his eyes that stated, he wanted to smile at how ridiculous they were being.

then came the owl, through a blockaded chimney in their house that they never used, and for the next three days his mum was genuinely pissed at how archaic and inconvenient a method of communication it was. to add salt to the wound, a strange man in robes popped up (out, actually, of the fucking. fire. in the fireplace. that was not there. five minutes ago.) to explain everything to them. was this some kind of joke? there was absolutely nothing he wanted from his biological parents, and certainly not some pretentious privilege to go to some boarding school. he stormed out during the long winded tales of the stranger, an act that surprised him more than anyone. his anger was rare; he was mostly prey to frustration and that was that.

there'd never been a sign. his parents attested to it, and before he'd locked himself in his room, he'd resentfully stated that there'd never been anything strange. but the man insisted, there could be no mistake. it didn't happen with the book of admittance. even more evidence was that it had been yuki's birth name written, not yuki sugiyama (which was the reason for such a late letter). whatever type of magic he had presumably exhibited, it had happened before the adoption, during his hell years, and at that drop of information he'd hightailed it out of there with enough decency to not slam the door. the man said that the name had appeared roughly six years before. he'd been five. yuki was so sure he would be sent back that night. his parents had been expecting to raise a child, not a fucking warlock. morning came and went though, and the only thing he was told to pack was his excitement, because they were sending him shopping in a place called diagon alley. he didn't, but some part of him couldn't deny the relief he indulged in as well as the bag of heavy coins for his school supplies.


Face ClaimDylan Fosket
Eye ColourGreen
Hair ColourBlonde
Voice TypeBaritone
Blood TypeO+
Distinguishing Marks
Body Style
ScentA very distinct smelling shampoo, cranberries, and tea

Family Information

FatherKenshin Sugiyama
MotherKagura Katakura
Full Siblings...
Half Siblings...
Other Relatives...


Significant Other(s)...
Best Friend(s)Maia, Edgy

Name Etymology

Given [ Yuki [ 雪 ] ]snow
Middle [ Samuel ]from the Hebrew name שְׁמוּאֵל (Shemu'el) which could mean either "name of God" or "God has heard"
Surname [ Sugiyama ]from sugi 'cedar' + yama 'mountain'; in some cases it is a habitational name from a village so called in Mikawa (now part of Aichi prefecture)


Favourite ColourRuby
Favourite MovieThe Whistleblower
Favourite Song
Favourite Food
Favourite Drink
First Kissn/a
First Crushn/a
First Loven/a
First Timen/a
Pet(s)The entire farm
Sports Playedeverything
Instruments PlayedPiano
GoalsProve something to himself
AchievementsGot out of the Hole
Biggest HopeTo not screw up this new chance
Biggest RegretBeing a goddamn wizard
Best MemoriesHis parents
Worst MemoriesWe don't speak of them.
Mental IllnessesHis therapist won't disclose confidential information.
Criminal Record...
Medical Record...

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