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Me chan nöd de Föifer und s Weggli ha.

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Yvonne Zwissig

Gryffindor 6th Year


Gryffindor Crest (Gif)
Vital Statistics
Born October 8th
Age 14
Family Kreshnika and Liridon Zwissig (Parents)
Gender Female
Species Witch
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde (Natural) Dark (Dyed)
Status Alive, Single
Signature Yvonnesig
Magical Characteristics
Wand Silver Lime, Unicorn Hair, 10"
Wand Arm Right
Blood Purity Pure-Blood
Patronus Horse
Boggart Death

Name Etymology

Yvonne: High German-French version of Swiss 'Iwona', meaning 'Yew' or 'Archer'

Zwissig: Anglicized version of 'Zwyssig'


Yvonne: Ee-vohnn

Zwissig: Zzz-wiss-ig

Quick Info

Yvonne Zwissig is the only daughter of Kreshnika and Liridon Zwissig, a Swiss couple, older sister of Endrit Zwissig and niece of Dustfinger. Born on 8th October in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, she was raised like most children in a boring, stable fashion. Her first magical act was stopping a drop of milk from hitting the carpet aged five.

Yvonne's first language was Swiss German, being from a German-speaking part of Switzerland, and she soon learned English and Swiss French afterwards, as was mandatory at her home. She always admired her mother, a successful wizarding author, as well as, but not as much, her father, a general in the muggle Swiss Army. Naturally, she was given a Swiss Army knife to commemorate his promotion when she was 5.


Yvonne is naturally blonde, but often uses a colour-changing charm on her hair to make it dark.


Yvonne is charismatic, to put it simply. She loves making friends, but also can be cold and calculating. As a child, she was always fascinated by the world and the way it worked with magic, and this curiosity remains in her teens. She can be sarcastic, and generally makes assumptions on the personalities of others quickly. She is rather naive.




  • Yvonne's face claim is Jennifer Lawrence
  • 'Yvonne Zwissig' is the name she uses at Hogwarts and in England, as it is easier to pronounce from just reading it. Her real name is the Swiss version, 'Iwona Zwyssig', pronounced exactly the same, except harder to read.
  • She signs her name the Swiss way.


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